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Photo TR: Holiday World May 21, 2008

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Hey guys. Jamin here to bring you another trip report.

Here's a weird back story behind this trip: My dad and I were planning on going to SFOG during this time. We had a hotel room reserved and everything. Then I found out that SFOG wasn't even in daily operation yet. I laugh at myself for not thinking ahead. We cancelled the reservation, and my dad had the idea to go to Holiday World instead. I said, "I'm in! Let's do it!"


Onto the photos!


We got on the Howler, which was a little painful. The lapbar was right on my stomach. I got nailed there on the quick transition into the helix.

My camera died after that. Long story short, I got on Liberty Launch, we went back to Voyage for a front seat ride, then Legend for front, then Raven for front, then we left.

Thanks for reading! Comments appreciated.


Jumping fountains are fun.


We stopped over here to get our Howler ride.


Had to get a ride on the flyers.


Still fun, though. (I got a little artsy with this shot)


HallowSwings. The program was way too short.


The water was COLD!!! I got into the wave pool first, and my whole body went numb after that. We got on all the major slides and several others. Overall we had a great time, but still. The water was freezing.


After Voyage we headed to SS. I only got 2 pics there. I couldn't carry my camera around, obviously.


I'll admit. I avoid rides like this. They make me sick.


Voyage dominates.


Loading. Voyage was running AMAZING that day! Lots of air, the trims were off, the speed and pacing were great, and the ride wasn't very rough at all! Way to go for keeping my #1 woodie in good shape, Holiday World!


On the home stretch.


Voyage had the longest wait of the coasters both times we rode. Big surprise.


Don't worry, I'm planning on getting a new camera this summer.


Since we were on a coaster run, what do you think we hit next. I you guessed Voyage, you're correct! (*sigh* again with the whole timing thing)


I tried to get the whole train in the shot, but my camera has a 1 and 1/2 sec. delay, so timing these pics was quite challenging.


Legend's lift looks rather big from the walkway I must say.


Next up, Legend, which was MUCH more ridable today. I had some bad rides on Legend last time I was here.


Quoth the Raven, Ride some more!


In Raven's station, and ready to ride! We went for the back, of course. Raven was running great today!


Raven! This is what happens when you take a picture while walking fast. It winds up off center.


The park opened and we were well on our way. My friend and I took off and headed toward Raven. Got a pic of Legend's helix on the way.


Snapped a self-portrait while waiting.


We sat here for about 10 mins. waiting for the rest of the park to open.


Hmm. Does this mean that Holiday World is a member of the Happy Hands Club? (Ha. Don't you just love bad humor.)


Suddenly, I heard a chain lift clicking. Raven started testing! I quickly ran over to get a pic.


I see you, Legend.


I found this wall of hats.


My friend found a funny hat.


We walked into a gift shop, because the park had about 15 to 20 minutes before official opening. I spotted this nice Voyage collage inside.


One more with me, then we moved on.


I pretty sure that's him.


Then, we ran into the REAL santa!

Isn't this the guy that has been working as santa at this park since the early 90's or something like that?


My friend hi fivin santa.


and then me!


Of course we HAD to get our pics taken with Santa! First my dad, and friend...


and Splashin' Safari

(We were in for a COLD day at the water park!)


Here we are at Holiday World...


Last Raven pic before going in.


What else can I say. Raven just looks cool.


Keeping the tilted picture thing going.


When I was right up next to Raven, I thought to myself, "I could picture this being a campground roller coaster from this angle." Anybody agree?


*Insert TPR cliche caption here*

(along with a Chevy Impala)


The Lake Rudolph turn, which is quite fun.


Raven! I got a little trigger happy with my camera after this shot. I have a LOT of pics of Raven from the parking lot, so bear with me!


Holiday World water tower.


Howler from Christmas Blvd.


Legend and Voyage.


Yay! We're here!

Funny story behind this pic. My dad took a wrong turn and wound up in employee parking. I told him to stop so I could take some pics of Voyage, then he turned out of there.


Before that, however, there is an awesome looking bridge to go over!


Crossing the Ohio River from the south, you pass a big nuclear plant.


On the way. There was practically NOBODY out on the road that morning.

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^^One thing about that. I used to not have the attention span to take a whole lot of photos. Probably because I started with wanting to make videos, and that takes a LOT of patience. I very quickly learned that to have a really good amount of footage (by my standards at least), I have to spend almost the whole day looking for locations and filming. It's still one of my goals in life to become an amateur filmmaker. I just have to wait a few years to get more opportunities to go to parks.


All that aside, Thanks for the feedback.

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