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New Street Show comes to Disneyland. . .

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Found this on LA Times. . . Sounds interesting enough. At least this sounds better than the Aladdin Show/Meet 'n Greet.


Indiana Jones swings into Disneyland this summer in a live-action stunt show timed to coincide with the fourth installment of the movie series, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

The Anaheim theme park is casting actors with combat experience for the Indy role, a duplicitous female archaeologist and a physically imposing bad guy for “The Summer of Hidden Mysteries,” a staged show to be performed on the balconies, rooftops and streets of Adventureland, according to the Disneyland auditions website. Park visitors would be enlisted to help solve mysteries and uncover ancient artifacts during the performance.

The stunt show ties together the highly anticipated movie opening, May 22, with the theme park’s Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction.

According to the casting call:

* The Indiana Jones character, a rugged adventurer in his 40s, tosses off comic lines, throws a punch and interacts well with children — all with equal ability.

* The female archaeologist, in her late 20s to early 40s with an English accent, starts out kind and helpful but eventually reveals a villainous side.

* The bad guy, a brute with physical agility and stamina, pursues Jones through the crowded streets of Adventureland before a culminating series of balcony and rooftop confrontations.

If the new Indiana Jones movie proves successful, the Disneyland stunt show could take up residence in Adventureland’s current Aladdin’s Oasis theater through Christmas, according to MiceAge’s Al Lutz.


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Indiana Jones in-The amulet of slutiness.


Plot outline, Indiana Jones goes on a quest to find out why all children working for Disney become sluts( Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Speers) all sluts.




^^^^ DBru we already have HSM in Californai Adventure

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