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Photo TR: SFA & Kings Dominion

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Your "artist rendering"s of the Taxi Jam and Rebel Yell POVs made me chuckle, so bravo!


Also some of the pictures have magnificently bright colours! Very awesome!


I like your TRs, you should probably make some more so I have something to read!


Edit: Also, does Volcano ever use two trains? I always figured that it was a single-train coaster thanks to the blasting of the trains... it was a one-train op when Nikki and I were last there, and I thought nothing of it.

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Great photos and captions!


Seems like Six Flags America is only just tolerable at the best of times. It always came across as one of the parks in the chain that was only worth the visit for two reasons. One because if you already hold a season pass, you don't have to pay to get in, and two because if it just happened to be your home park, at least the season pass won't set you back loads, so you can go upto somewhere like Great Adventure without paying there.


I've done the Superman hypercoaster at Darien Lake, so I imagine there's not difference apart from the mirroring.


Kings Dominion looks quite alright, seems to have some pretty good rides there (as well as some pretty bad ones) from the sound of things.


And yes, the symmetry of the generic Eiffel Tower shot appears has now been ruined by the new logo. But for me it's still a solid second place behind the trash cans at the front of Volcano's queue! Apart from that, it does look like quite a fun ride.

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Volcano actually uses 3 trains, but Kings Dominion has this policy to run 1 train on every coaster when it starts raining...


Oh, and the new KD sign is actually in the center. From the photo it just looks like you weren't standing at the center when you took the photo.

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Those are some really pretty pictures. Well done! Thank you for White Water Canyon pic too. It's appreciated.


They used those crazy colors so that it wouldn't clash with the Nickelodeon stuff nearby (or so I'm told). It didn't work. (Shockwave used to be green.)


Thank you Chuck! Been wondering why Shockwave's colors were changed.


Man I miss SFA (formerly Wild World WAAAAY back when) an KD. Had good times at both places, even if it was many years ago.

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Wait........Two Face is still closed from the accident that happened earlier in the year? The accident was way over dramatic.


Great pics Natalie! I really liked em'! You must have a nice camera!


Now that Astrworld is closed, the title of the "Armpit of Six Flags" has been passed over to Six Flags America.



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