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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

p. 337 - New Six Flags Hallowfest information!

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Yeah, I think JJ has gotten a bit slower this year. When I got on Flight Of Fear at KD, coming off of the launch and into the cobra roll, I felt super intense positive G's. On Joker's Jinx this past week, I barely felt any G's compared to last year. I do agree with Fright Fest being less scary too. I guess the Haunted House burning down didn't help either.


I'm still glad someone agrees with me. I also noticed with Jokers Jinx that there is a beep sound under the platform where the train is that continues to beep when the train is being locked down. And then beeping stops when the dispatch button is pressed and you hear the faint sound of the launch noise before it takes off. Then when it finally takes off you hear the actual launch sound. The ride never use to do that before. Either way, they need to put the ride inside and make it faster. Top speed of that ride should be a comfortable 70 mph. But the bottom line is, its not thrilling anymore. Also to add something, I have spoken to a technician that use to work at the park, and he told me the settings for the launch are suppose to launch it faster when it rains. We definitely did not feel that last night, as comments from the riders were being made while I was on the ride.


Second, there are so many areas that they could have used for haunted attractions at Six Flags America. They could have used the whole area where Two-Face use to be and built some huge maze. Another big area, that they could be using is the Gotham Arena. They could use the whole entrance and ground level as a maze. If they were lucky enough, maybe they could have called in some experts and theme it really well. Maybe even gotten permission from D.C. Comics to call it (Arkham Asylum). You never know, it may have became a great thing sense (Brutal Planet's) removal, which was another bad decision.


Any thoughts?

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I never said thank you to those of you who replied with the status of Superman, so thanks guys, I really appreciate it! We visited the park this past Friday 5/21 and had a decent visit. It was my

Wow. It is hilarious that Six Flags America is opening a whole month early, and BGW is now year-round, and Kings Dominion isn't opening until MAY? I think I'll join Coasterbill in laughing at Ced

Eh... Superman being closed would totally be a dealbreaker for me on SFA. It's not that great of a park and it's clearly the best thing there.

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Wow....looks like a great update to the park. Hopefully this is going to be enough to keep people coming to the park. I like the fact that they're trying to appeal to the families however I am hoping that SFA will be getting a new major coaster sometime soon. Once that happends, then I'll make sure I visit.

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So, nobody's talked about JJ in quite some time, but from what everyone remembers from Fright Fest, was it overshooting the brake run? I don't think I've been since the school year started up back in August, but the one thing I remember about that visit was that the first brake run wasn't slowing the train down much at all, and so the block brake (after that tiny turn in the track) was being overshot by the length of a car or car and a half. Did they fix that by Fright Fest? It was slightly worrysome!


Also, on the contrary, last year my cousins and I also got E-stopped (or something) at the beginning of the final brake run. That was not an enjoyable experience!

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Well it's 11am here on the east coast...


SFA's Facebook page stated earlier this week that they are still planning on making their announcement today at 11am.


The national SF page has a link for SFA's Thomas Town however there is no new content once you follow the link.

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This sounds like a good addition, and it is something that Six Flags America definitely needs. The park seemed like it was forgotten about for the past few years, and it is nice to see Six Flags finally invest some money in it. I know the park has some problems, but if Six Flags can turn the park around, it can be a nice regional park. It is also nice to see Six Flags build a true land instead of just having a train ride, and hopefully other full sized Thoma Towns appear at some of the chains other parks.

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Maryland theme park to be home to North America’s largest permanent destination based on Thomas & Friends™


Bowie, MD (February 10, 2010) – Six Flags America, the Nation’s Capital of MORE FLAGS and MORE FUN today announces details of Thomas TownSM, a new family entertainment area based on the popular Thomas & Friends™ brand. Thomas Town is the park’s largest expansion in over a decade and will feature eight rides and attractions and a new retail store and a new character. Opening this summer, Six Flags America’s Thomas Town will be the largest Thomas Town in North America.


"Thomas & Friends have entertained and educated more than three generations with messages of teamwork and friendship," said John Winkler, Six Flags America park president. “Now families who visit the park will have a new, permanent, place- the largest in North America- to enjoy and interact with these wonderful characters. We are delighted to welcome Thomas Town to Six Flags America and offer our guests more ways to experience family-friendly fun together."


Gary Krakower, senior vice president for consumer products and live events at HIT Entertainment, parent company of Thomas & Friends, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Six Flags theme parks, as they have an outstanding reputation for providing quality family amusements. The wholesome appeal of Thomas & Friends comes to life at Thomas Town and allows children to experience the themes of discovery, perseverance and friendship that are synonymous with the Thomas & Friends brand.”


Encompassing more than three and a half acres of the popular theme park, the cornerstone of Thomas Town will be a train ride on a Thomas the Tank EngineTM replica that will take guests on a journey through Thomas' mythical home on the Island of Sodor. Other new rides and attractions in the all-new Thomas Town include:


· Harold the Helicopter- Kids can control how high they can fly through the air above Thomas Town in their very own helicopter.

· Cranky the Crane Tower Ride- Guests will enjoy high-flying family thrills on this unique, 3o-foot drop tower on Cranky the Crane.

· Bertie the Bus Ride- Bertie the Bus takes riders on an unforgettable trip as they go round and round and high into the sky.

· Diesel Derby- Guests join the parade of train cars moving through Thomas Town.

· Sodor Carnival Ferris Wheel- Guests of every age will experience Carnival Fun on the Island of Sodor while riding this classic Ferris wheel.

· Thomas Town Play Structure- This multi-level play area is themed with Thomas & Friends character images and features slides, climbing areas, and interactive fun!

· Thomas Town Pop Jet Fountain- Children and children-at-heart can take a break and cool off in this delightful pop-jet water feature.


In addition to these fun rides and attractions, Sir Topham Hatt, Controller of the Railway- a new character at Six Flags America- will greet visitors and pose for photos throughout the day. The Knapford Station Shop, the park’s first retail location since 2005, will feature themed merchandise, including the popular Thomas & Friends die cast trains, apparel, and storybooks.


The addition of Thomas Town will nearly double the number of thrilling family attractions at Six Flags America. The park is also home to Looney Tunes Movie Town with rides, shows, and attractions; and Crocodile Cal’s Caribbean Beach House and Buccaneer Beach, both located in Hurricane Harbor water park.


With more than 100 awe-inspiring rides, games, shows, and family attractions, Six Flags America is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier destination for family fun. The park boasts seven thrilling roller coasters – headlined by the hyper-coaster Superman: Ride of Steel, one of the tallest coasters on the East Coast and Batwing, Maryland’s first flying coaster. Hurricane Harbor features slides and splashes for thrill seekers of every age, including the six-story funnel of FUN Tornado and Hurricane Bay, one of the largest wave pools in the United States. Six Flags America theme park opens Saturday, March 27 and is open for Spring Break through Monday, April 5, then weekends in April and May, with daily operation resuming Memorial Day weekend. Hurricane Harbor begins its season on Saturday, May 22.


Six Flags America offers family-friendly value all season long with a 2010 Season Pass. Passholders enjoy unlimited admission to Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor Water Park as well as receive exclusive benefits, including free tickets for friends and more than $300 in savings on in-park food and fun. For a limited time, Season Passes are just $49.99, a $20.00 discount from the regular Season Pass price of $69.99. Visit sixflags.com to purchase Season Passes online and learn more about park hours and special events.

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i think this will be a good move for them, they need more kid rides and kid themed areas (atleast they wont have a 42" roller skater ).


(Kidtums will love this or i think she will from what ive seen from the thomas land at SFMM)




Cranky the Crane Tower Ride- Guests will enjoy high-flying family thrills on this unique, 3o-foot drop tower on Cranky the Crane.


that seems a little tall for a ride for kids.

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I'm pretty disappointed by today's announcement.


All of the items mentioned have been mentioned before.


The attraction number was slashed from ten to eight.


They got those of us that live near and go to the park often all excited about today and have teased us for weeks that all the details would be revealed and the PR turns out to be a fluff piece.


Way to go SFA.

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^I just don't see how you can be disappointed? What were you expecting? It's a Thomas Town, one of the biggest (or biggest) of the Six Flags Chain. It obviously isn't meant to appeal to you, so what were you expecting that would have made the announcement better?

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My little family is very excited about the new Thomas Town! Kelly doesn't know it yet, but I'm getting us all SFA season passes for Valentine's Day (thankfully, I have a practical fiancee who would rather have something like that than flowers--which she says are fun for about five seconds).


During one of the power outages we've endured during the past week, we all sat around and discussed potential day and weekend trips for this summer. Lauryn (age 5) was the first one to shout out "Six Flags!" I've shown her pictures I took last summer of the Thomas Towns at SFDK and SFMM. She's pumped!

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^I just don't see how you can be disappointed? What were you expecting? It's a Thomas Town, one of the biggest (or biggest) of the Six Flags Chain. It obviously isn't meant to appeal to you, so what were you expecting that would have made the announcement better?



I'm not disappointed in the addition or any of the attractions.


You're right.


Not having any children, TT is of no interest to me.


However all of the information that was in the Press Release had already been made known in the last 10 months since this expansion was announced.


Location in the press release for starters would've been nice as well as new artwork.


NewsPlusNotes posted this content later in the afternoon. Looks nice.



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^I just don't see how you can be disappointed? What were you expecting? It's a Thomas Town, one of the biggest (or biggest) of the Six Flags Chain. It obviously isn't meant to appeal to you, so what were you expecting that would have made the announcement better?


Many people were probaby disappointed because big thrill lovers would want them to save their money for thier "one day" B&M coaster. Though it would make me laugh if they got Iron Wolf if SFGAM dismantled it and built Chang instead.

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