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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

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A Giant Discovery is exactly what this park needed! Next on the wish list is either a Free Spin or a Raptor. Not sure if they can even do that with such a low budget, but hopefully corporate can find it in their hearts to send one our way in the near future.


They could easily put a Free Spin between Superman: ROS and Batwing.


And I'd say replace Penguin's Blizzard River (which doesn't operate in cooler weather and smells weird at times) with a Raptor.

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I'll write a trip report at some point. But here's a pic of the Superman:ROS queue at around 1:15 Sunday. Park had a decent crowd and the best coaster in the park was like this all day. SMDH. We rode 9 times in a row at one point without re-queuing.


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Looks like Six Flags America is doing a slightly different coffin challenge. Last year most people in the coffins on their phones. Six Flags America is placing a ban on technology, but you can be there with your significant other.


I can't think of anything more romantic.




WASHINGTON (SBG)- Would you be able to be with your significant other in a tight space without technology for 30 hours?


That is the challenge at Six Flags America near Washington, D.C. The event is called 'Six Flags 30 Hour Couple Coffin Challange.'


2018 was the first year of the coffin challenge at Six Flags across the country where people were solo in the coffin.


Any technology during the challenge is a no-no. No smartphones or, watches, earbuds or headphones while in the coffin.


The event will be held 4 pm September 27 to 10 pm September 28 during the Halloween event 'Fright Fest.'


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So I made it out to the park yesterday for Fright Fest.


Big crowds, especially for the Haunted attractions (I was actually in line for Hall Manor: The Return of Eleanor as closing time of 9pm approached, but I made it through. I actually liked Hall Manor better when it ran from the Gotham City arena and looped differently. You actually saw the ruins of the house. I know a couple of years ago, Eleanor Hall's gravestone was actually posted here. I couldn't tell exactly when she died. And how the heck was someone able to find a picture of it? I know that area is RESTRICTED access)

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This is a nice story.





Six Flags America sent the original stand-up lead car from “Iron Wolf” back to B&M as a memento (photo Credit: Six Flags).


Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) sends thrill ride fans (including me) literally and figuratively over the edge in fits of ecstasy.


The Swiss company is regarded as one of the industry’s foremost roller coaster designers and manufacturers based on its renowned roster. B&M’s legendary lineup of rides numbers well over 100 and can be found at parks across the globe. But it all started with one coaster: “Iron Wolf” at Six Flags Great America in Illinois in 1990.


After 21 years inciting howls of glee on the midway, the park chain moved the stand-up coaster in 2012 to Six Flags America in Maryland, where it was renamed “Apocalypse.” For the 2019 season, Six Flags America converted the ride to a sit-down, floorless coaster and redubbed it “Firebird.”


That meant the end of the line for the original stand-up vehicles. Except it wasn’t.


“A number of us thought it would be nice to return one of the lead cars to B&M,” says Dave Johnson, director of marketing at Six Flags America. “We were aware of the train’s historical significance and value as B&M’s first coaster project.”


At IAAPA Expo 2018, Tom Iven, Six Flags’ senior vice president, U.S. park operations, broached the idea with B&M founder Walter Bolliger. He was thrilled.


“‘Iron Wolf’ has a big place in our hearts and in the history of our company,” says Sophie Bolliger, Walter’s daughter and B&M’s vice president and head of sales. The vehicle will be prominently displayed in the company’s office, she adds. “We are extremely pleased and grateful to Six Flags.”


Johnson notes the park sent the car on its way to B&M on June 26—30 years to the day when Six Flags submitted the purchase order for “Iron Wolf.”


Sometimes essential artifacts end up in parks’ boneyards or are scrapped altogether. And that’s a shame. For an industry with such a rich, colorful, and important history, it’s critical to preserve and honor the past. Speaking of which, Six Flags donated the ride’s other lead car to the National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives in Texas, where it will be on display for all to enjoy.


I tip my hat to Six Flags for its thoughtful, wonderful gesture, and I encourage all of you to be mindful of preserving the legacy and history of your parks and attractions.


I’ll see you at the parks. I’ll be the one listening for that characteristic B&M roar and looking forward to being sent over the edge. 

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