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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

p. 337 - New Six Flags Hallowfest information!

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Aside from Holiday in the Park this would easily be the best addition to this park since Superman. Exciting stuff!


^^this.. Especially, since the way that'll probably be swinging. Let's all pray that no one will lose their lunch while someone on the ground is having theirs. Make for a bad day.

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The park posted a video on their twitter about the construction wall (in the style of a Gotham City "news report"). Nothing really new, but it pretty much confirmed that it will be a DC villain themed ride in case anyone wasn't already convinced.


Didn't the park file for the name Harley Quinn Spinsanity or something like that?

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40 ounce beer mugs


Why isn't a beer a snack option on the dining plan? There are other things at that price point and the mark up on alcohol is the most. And, once you have one, you are likely to buy another.


Dining plan beer. That would rival the Superman restroom announcement.

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With alcohol, my gut instinct is that local laws don't permit it. But even if that isn't the case here (zero familiarity with Price George County law), then the fact that people are willing to shell out $11 for a beer regardless means they don't have to work too hard to sell it.

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