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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

p. 337 - New Six Flags Hallowfest information!

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Can't they just get a crane with a big old paint brush, and use the levers to go back and forth to let the crane robotically paint the coaster with the big old brush?


Again, can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but cranes are not that precise. For robotics that would be precise enough, you're talking a lot of money.

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They are hand painting Firebird...lol.. that's great.


Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, but painting a coaster by hand (with rollers and brushes) is actually the typical way of painting a coaster. Baynum Painting is pretty reputable when it comes to painting amusement park rides and if you go onto their blog you'll see plenty of images of people painting the rides exactly the same way they are doing it at SFA (not sure if Baynum is doing the painting for Firebird or not, but Baynum did repaint the ride when it originally opened as Apocalypse).


Yes, sarcasm.

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I gotta give it to them - they are really putting some elbow grease into polishing this turd.


I mean they nailed the original Apocalypse theme. It looked like the apocalypse. Everything was worn down.


That's the type of theme Six Flags does best.

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I gotta give it to them - they are really putting some elbow grease into re-polishing this turd.


There - fixed that for ya'


All things considered, at least they are doing something and they've FINALLY added the bathroom in the back of the park that has been needed for so long.

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^ Agreed....

The recent addition of the Star Flyer, New Bathroom and removal of the Sky Coaster (making way for a possible 2020 addition). It makes me think there may be a re theme from Gothem City to a DC Universe area.


This is the former Sky Coaster area


The placement of the former Sky Coaster would be perfect for a Pendulum flat or a 4D Free Fly

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Interesting if they are wider. I've never found any B&Ms rough except for the stand-ups, but I always chalked that up to the reduced clearance between the OSTR rather than the track itself. For example, Patriot was considerably smoother than Vortex at CGA.

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We were in today. We noticed that the Firebird gift shop has been painted and renamed Inferno Gifts and they have added phone / sunglasses zipper bags to the Wild One cars. Two stations running on Batman. There are now some shaved ice stands that claim they will have churros.

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