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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

p. 337 - New Six Flags Hallowfest information!

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Was down in MD visiting friends this weekend and after making a quick stop at American Dream on Friday on the ride down (threw a couple pictures on FB), I started the ride back with a stop at American

I was at the park on that day, too. It was actually my first visit, and I couldn't have picked a better day to experience the desolation that is Six Flags America on a November Sunday. There's no way

I miss the Intamin reversing log flume. Better use of the space for sure!

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Any truth to the rumor that there will be special food items this year at Holiday in the Park themed to "Nutcracker & the Four Realms"?


Doesn't seem likely considering the film is Disney, but Six Flags has done crazier things in the past!

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Thank you! I love how they only change some of the names on their rides.



Very interesting. There is a need for a bathroom back there.

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On the food survey I just kept saying Mexican food on the dining plan.


Is there really a chance I get a dining plan burrito and a bathroom by superman for when it digests 10 minutes later?


All I want them to carry is real brewed unsweet iced tea. I do not understand why almost no amusement parks do not carry this. They rather carry that nasty Gold Peak brand. Which I get because its a Coke product, but it taste so processed. The one season they had Chick Fil A in the park was the best because of the iced tea.


The only park I have ever found real iced tea is Knoebels and only a couple stands sell it.

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Let's hope that this is a bathroom for Gotham.


Most likely not. Higher ups in the parks have said its not feasible due to plumbing and the environmental laws.

One thing I have learned is parks can say one thing today, and do a totally different thing tomorrow.

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All I want them to carry is real brewed unsweet iced tea. I do not understand why almost no amusement parks do not carry this.

Yikes. Unsweet tea? I didn't know people actually drank that stuff.


Its my favorite drink. It really depends on the brand. I do like sweet tea to though. I wish parks offered both options.

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Lol, yeah, I can't do it. I need some sugar in that tea.

Yeah but 99% of the time when I get a sweet tea ALL I taste is the sugar. I just can't do it anymore.


I personally really like unsweetened cold green tea, it's my go-to drink of choice these days along with flavored seltzer, but good luck finding it at any theme park in the States. At least most of the places that have the Coke Freestyle machines have one or two "Dasani Sparkling" options for the seltzer, but I've never seen any theme park that actually stocks the cold green tea bottles.

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