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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

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STORY TIME. Gather 'round everyone.


With our quick visit to SFA, a handful of us weren't going to bother with some of the infamous coasters and decided to check out the quirky water park. Overall, it's a really solid water park with some old school and unique slides! But this isn't just any water park, this is Six Flags America's water park.


There was only 1 Flash Pass station working in the water park out of 5 we encountered, and it took us over an hour to actually find it. We put the Tornado in the queue and went over when ready. The FP perk lets you go to the front of the "get your tube here" line, but the employee directing people to come get the tube is across the pool, leaving you to ....kindly ....cut the line/explain to the GP that you have a FP and you're next. You can imagine how well that's received!


Thankfully we got eye contact from the life guard across the way who waved us over to get the tube.


Well, this wasn't your ordinary ProSlide cloverleaf tube, it was a little....flat The guy shrugged it off when we asked if we're cool to use it and we weren't about to stand around and take more heat from the rest of the people waiting in line for tubes...so away we go!


(And we're still trying to hold it up in this picture, so just imagine it a bit more saggy)


Once Chase and I get to the top and set the tube down in the water, the guard up top looks at us funny and we burst out laughing. She says "When you get to the bottom, tell (insert guy at the exit pool's name here) that (insert girl at the top's name here) said 'PULL THIS TUBE OFF TO THE SIDE!'"


So, how did it go?


There was just enough air in the tube to keep me @$$ from riding on the bottom of the slide, but there were a couple points where I thought I might break my tailbone, haha. It was a great ProSlide Tornado and we got some serious altitude on the side of the funnel. It was slightly terrifying, but endlessly funny and absolutely one of the most memorable parts of the trip.


And yes, the guard at the exit pool laughed and put the tube out of commission when we got to the bottom and relayed the message.

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I wish they would have added a conveyor belt for The Tornado and Bahama Blast because watching 3-4 kids trying to carry them heavy tubes up is fun yet sad at the same time. I've seen some get almost pulled down the steps trying to carry them up.


Yeah, it would make operations on said slides easier.

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Here's the press release...






UPPER MARLBORO, MD — August 16, 2018 — Six Flags America, DC’s Thrill Capital, today announced that its stand-up coaster, Apocalypse: The Last Stand will close forever on Saturday, September 8, 2018.


Apocalypse has reigned as the only stand-up roller coaster in Maryland and since its 2012 debut, has given more than 1.6 million rides. Set among thematic elements that included a plane crash, fiery explosions and macabre zombies, the coaster features two high-speed inversions and numerous twists, turns and drops.


“Our wheels are always turning when it comes to new and innovative thrills and attractions to bring to the park,” says Park President Rick Howarth. “The end is near but saying good-bye to Apocalypse will allow us to bring an all-new thrilling experience to our guests in 2019.”


Guests will be able to say their final farewells to Apocalypse on September 8 with special ride times offered to Gold Plus, Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Elite Members and members of American Coaster Enthusiasts.

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RMC Apacolypse confirmed


So of course now we have the question of is it getting removed for good or just floorless-ified.


I have somewhat mixed feelings on this. On one hand, the ride was never that good and not worth waiting for unless it was a walk-on (though I unlike some never actually disliked this ride). On the other hand, it has the best theming in the park (sadly) and I have a great appreciation for it as B&M’s first coaster. Obviously Six Flags couldn’t care less about those things.


As far as what will happen to it I’m leaning toward the floorless option since it’s probably much cheaper than a complete new attraction. The optimist in me wants a raptor in that spot, but that’s not going to happen (I wouldn’t complain though). If they go floorless, it’ll be interesting to see how they retheme it (or if they try to at all). I hope I can make it to the park for one last ride!)

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Tell you one thing. Everyone's nuts are going to be happy. SFA young ones rejoice, you'll actually be able to have kids when you grow up.


I know what you mean, I won't be screaming "ouch! my balls" on the break run again (I did that once)

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I actually never had problems with the restraints. As long as you put some distance between your bottom and the bicycle seat and actually stand up during the ride, your children should be fine

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1.6 million riders over 6 seasons?


Jesus Christ. That's stunningly bad.


Millennium Force operated from the second week of May until the last week of October and it did over 1.6 million riders last year alone. Six Flags America operated from late March / early to April to early January (though 4 of the 6 years, late October) and it did less over 6 f*cking years. So it averaged less than 266,000 riders a season.


Honestly the thing must have averaged like 170 riders an hour. I wouldn't be surprised if more people rode the f*cking carousel.

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