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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

p. 337 - New Six Flags Hallowfest information!

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I really have serious doubts about Justice League. Great Adventure just opened one and we're really close, not to mention that recent interview with the dude from Sally he said Six Flags was going to pause on these rides for now. If there is anything to this idea that they haven't used that arena or whatever in Gotham because something new is going there, maybe they're tearing it down to put your "new" hand-me-down Intamin impulse there*. Though I think we'd see some sort of construction if they were tearing that down by now.


*my pipe dream



Yup, I saw that too, but on many occasions, they buy rides ahead of time. They could take the pause after 2018. Who knows.


It would take nothing to tear that thing down. I've seen an entire library and surrounding structure pulled down, and ground leveled in one week. A stadium seems easier. Don't know. Probably wouldn't want to cause that big of a mess in the middle of the season.


Now, I agree that this is a long shot! Would have never thought about it if that arena was being used as usual.

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Middle of the month, so now I get cranking....lol..


1. Just like last year, I believe we are getting a water coaster next year.

2. From one discussion that I had with this lady (VP), that was walking with Rick (Pres.), the Mind Eraser trains. Of course, these will be in addition to the new ride.

3. V2 between SM and BW.

4. Justice League. ONLY because the arena has no scheduled events, and have seen extra cars and equipment there. Never have seen before.

5. A stinkin Spinsanity.

6. 4D...yeah right.

7. Wouldn't be surprised if they upgrade the two kid areas, which are actually in OK shape, but might want to compete with KD's kid's area.

8. A modern Enterprise.


I'll add one more,only because a friend of mine has been saying it. He says he keeps seeing big equipment in the woods by Mind Eraser that can be seen from the SM hills. I've never seen crap, but will look again tomorrow.



There are no JL's in 2018 according to Sally Corp, so that's off the list. Put your money on the water coaster, SF is going to make it the next thing that's at every park.

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Visited the park today to get my first ride on Lasso of Truth and all I can say is wow. Every park needs one of these rides. Definitely one of the better additions to the park.


Also while I was in the park I noticed that they ditched the tubes on Mako and Hammerhead and now they are being used as body slides.

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What's the program on the new star flyer? Does it go up, come halfway down and then back up before ending like GreatAdv's? Or does it just go all the way up and come all the way down?

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As freaked out as I was, I was a little disappointed SNFE's only went up and came right back down. I think we circled the top maybe once.

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In order of likeliness / order of implementation this is what I am hearing from this thread :


1. New trains on MindEraser

2. Hand-me-down V2 (I would propose theming to Aquaman since that movie is out winter 2018)

3. A path connecting the Coyote Creek to Batwing. A bathroom and maybe a tree or two.

4. 4D coaster (I dig the red and black Harley Quinn theming idea)

5. Macho Nacho! (Have to think the Mexican booth is gathering market data)

6. A Spinsanity

7. Convert Apocalypse

8. Battle for Metropolis where the stunt stadium is

9. RMC Roar

10. Replace JJ because at this point it will have stranded more people



Congratulations. We have planned out park improvements for the next ten years. Screw the waterpark. SF can fire the people that make these decisions we figured it out for them.


1. Heck yeah, new ME trains would be awesome. It would actually get people to ride an SLC

2. Wouldn't surprise me if that happened. If it does get named for Aquaman . . . . Aquaman's Whirlwind? (and yeah, right between BW and S:ROS)

3. Possibly . . .

4. But where to put it?

5. Nachos rule!

6. see #4

7. If that does happen, I'd expect them to make an announcement soon.

8. As for the stunt stadium . . . well, like I said, the only time I saw something there this year was back in May (a cheer/dance team competition). I remember back in the 90's, they used to do a Batman stunt show in that stadium . . and even last year, they had the Mr. America bodybuilding/fitness show, as well as the BMX show and a dog show. If they don't make use of the arena . . . that could be a place for a relocated V2 or 4D free spin. And I do see the maintenance crew have their cars parked there working on something . . . .

9. see #7

10. who knows . .

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^^ for your #8, that's what I've been saying. In no year, have I seen cars, crews, and now a cherry picker type of equipment back there. It takes less than one week to bring down a building like that. They would do it when the park takes a week off between labor day and FF.


Of course, it could be closed for anything. So, I'm just saying.

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These are all great ideas for the park.


- I personally LOVE the newer trains for ME - I thought the one at New England was awesome with the new trains/restraints.


- V2 is just an okay coaster in my opinion. Even though it would be great for this park. The general public would eat it up. I would rather see a hand me down Pandemonium since we don't have any around here.


- I have brought up a path from ME to Superman to management before. They just do not feel the need for it yet. At least that is reason I was given.


- I am over the 4D coasters already. There are too many. I have now rode the one at Great Adventure, New England, Fiesta Texas, and Over Texas. There are already two on the east coast. Lets get something we do not have have. If they did put one in there have plenty of spaces - between Batwing and Superman, the land behind Joker's Jinx, land in the middle of the park where there used to be a walkway, land behind Superman, the treed area being Rodeo/bumper cars/Mind Eraser, and the land where Roar/Apocalypse/Wild One/Superman come together.


- Which Spinsanity are you talking about - the one at Over Texas or Fiesta Texas? Both are pretty boring. The one at FT is just a Tilt a Whirl.


- JJ should not go anywhere. Its a great coaster. Its about maintenance. There not have been many issues at Fiesta Texas or Kings Dominion with theirs getting stuck.


- They use that old Batman stadium for shows, especially during Fright Fest.



I will go back to saying the park needs flats. Hopefully, it would be flats that are not common in this area. We also need a good family coaster like a custom mouse, Pandemonium, Laff Track type, Wooden Warrior type, Switchback (love this coaster) type, etc.

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Yup, I wouldn't doubt that the reason they got rid of those tubes is because some people kept making it to that wall.


Also, put a shade structure up at the fireball.



Shade structure?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



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The big arena hasn't been used during FF.


They used to. It was a monster bash/dance show. I do not keep up with FF anymore because its never scary. They send way too many people through at once in the haunts.


I said the exact same thing. Fright fest has so much potential, but they think it's a great idea to send 10+ people in a maze at once just to shorten the line. The hall manor maze is the woods used to be my favorite but it's not scary anymore because they combine groups together (and you eventually catch up with the group that went before you) and they never change the layout.

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