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Photo TR: Dominator Media day

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Opening Day Report 5-24-08


Well I would be lying if I said it went perfect


I will start with the good:


They have painted all the track and a lot of the rails too which was a good surprise (no rust spots in plain view)


1st 1000 riders got Free Dominator T shirts with "First rider" on it


They did a nice job with the Q and security, Also had a DJ entertaining

Also had a ride op on the stairs explaining which riders were waiting for the front.


Opened the ride 30 min Early (but that is normal with I street rides)


OK onto the bad


Bad dispatching times, Stacking almost every time and I noticed a common reason for this.

They will not let eyeglasses on the ride period! and there is nobody or sign telling you this ahead of time. Usually they would wait until the rider sat down or they were checking their restraint.

They really need annoucements and signs about this crazy rule. if they plan to keep it.

The employees were trying to be fast but kept having to unlock the restraints to send people to the bins.


Line for the front went all the way down the stairs (Seriously) and I constantly saw 2 empty seats on the front row.


not the parks fault but the ride had a serious shut down at about 2:30pm

and was down for at least 2 hours (they had to evac the brake runs)


Everybody thought the ride was awesome (that got to ride)


Th GP was really Jazzed about the ride and the ride seemed to be a very big hit.


I did not take any pics due to the break down (we left after waiting an hour)


Hopefully they can get these minor issues worked out but they really have a winner and a crowd pleaser on their hands.


BTW wait times were about 45min in the morning about an hour around noon and about 35-40min mid day



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I went today. I got in line for Dominator at 10:30 and got off at 11:40. I had to pee and it was so hot in line. Also, Dominator ran a few empty trains around, umm, 11:00 I guess. Overall, Dominator is my #2 coaster, with Griffon being #1.


Anyway, otherwise, Volcano's line was spilling out, The Crypt had a big line, and Avalanche was so busy they added a chain line to the queue to fit crowds. Berserker, oh my god, the line was spilling out past the sign for it! I was right when I said Dominator would attract crowds to Berserker.

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Was there today too, and overall had a great time. Weather was absolutely perfect. There was a pretty decent sized crowd, but surprisingly walked on several rides like Drop Zone and Rebel Yell in the middle of the day.


Unfortunately I planned on getting pictures later in the day and that happened to be when Dominator went down. Here are a couple shots I got right before that. I'm trying out a new program for editing... I can't tell if these are maybe a little too bright.







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I was there on Saturday.


I arrived at the park just past 10:30 am. From the parking lot I could see Dominator running with riders on it. After entering the park, I walked toward the Berserker to the path for Dominator. As I passed the Berserker ship, I crested the rise and looked down on the entrance plaza. The line stretched from the main ride entrance past the train storage shed and wrapped around the path leading to Scooby Doo. I joined the line where the final brake run is. My wait was 1 hour, 15 minutes. That was with the ride running 3 trains all day long


I rode Dominator once that morning. Great ride with intense G's. As the day went on, the line did shorten. It still was a 45 minute to 1 hour wait even then (still 3 train operation).


The ride did have some down time a couple times during the day, once when the station floor did not come back up. I assume that time, it was a mechanical issue. KD did have to E-vac the trains sitting on the transfer table brakes and the final brake run for that one. The 2nd issue happened when one of the trains overshot the lineup for the station floor to come back up. That time, one train was on the transfer table brakes and the other on the mid-course brakes. After maintenance came running, it looks like they just ended up pushing the train back and letting the advancing wheels align the train again. No E-vac this time.


Just curious, when was the last time Dominator ran a 3 train operation all day long at Geauga Lake? It seems most of the last TR's for GL had a 1 or 2 train operation .


Given that this was the first full day of operation, running at maximum 3 train capacity, for the ride and crew, I don't think KD did too bad of a job running the ride Saturday. I guess Dominator had to throw off the apparent lethargy it experienced at GL and now knows it will have to bust butt to earn its keep at KD.


I keep saying that if they build it (non-launching - non-gimmick) they will come. Come on 2010! (my fantasy).

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/\ KD4me- did you stay all day? do you know what time they opened it back up after the evac?




I was there in the ride entrance plaza for both, (I must be bad luck for this ride), down times. The first down time was when the e-vac happened. I did not hang around long enough to when the ride re-opened the 1st time. I left to see the new show at the KD theatre. when I got out of the show, I was walking past the Eiffel tower and saw the train going up the lift. I don't think Dominator was down more than an hour to 1 hr 30 min. max. The second down time was only 20-30 minutes.

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I was actually surprised at how fast the crew worked on the ride. The line kept moving when I was there. Very rarely did I ever see all see trains sitting. As far as stacking goes, you're always going to have at least one train stopped on the transfer track. You can't move people in and out that fast. It did break down a couple of times on Sunday but I didn't mind.


It's a very fun ride and I'm glad Kings Dominion got it.

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I know your always gonna have 1 train back there but with 3 train ops and such a long coaster with 4 employees working the floor, It is kinda crazy to stack all 3 trains everytime. Like I said this stems from them not informing the riders of what is a loose article (glasses). I passed 3 employees (plus a DJ) that were working the ride before I even stepped into the station.


They could have the employees tell people with glasses. or have the DJ make an annoucement other than "I cannot play lollipop!" whatever that song is.


The line did move fast, way faster than any Kings Dominion line ever has, but if it was Cedar point everyone would think the line was slow. I am just saying there is room for improvement, especially on Saturdays.



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