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Photo TR: Dominator Media day

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Today Kings Dominion had their media day for Dominator.

Weather was calling for rain all day but the system moved through early in the morning leaving great weather (little cloudy) for the event.


Big thanks to Kings Dominion for a great event with food, discounts and freebies.


Dominator is just as good as it was in its old home, Even the familiar rattles from the Cobra roll and corkscrews were carried over. But the ride was running fast and furious and practically Brakeless.


There is still some cosmetic work to be done, and it looks like they will finally have nice weather to complete it over the next few days.


Here are some pics of her in action and I will try and get a video up by late tonight.



Dominates the front of the park



My favorite part


Q area with a DJ booth


another look at the trains


the fast flat spins


awesome view from the exit ramp









a very photogenic coaster




all smiles


expect lots of air in the back here



big wigs taking the 1st official ride





close up of trains at the top of the lift


Looks really good


Ice please


Awesome sign out front


Video showing how slow the last half is from a stop on the MCBR


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Great pictures Jeff.

Dominator looks really awesome!

It'll look even better once the landscapping and grass pops up under the track.

I was thinking the exact same thing because every coaster needs landscaping, except for scream.

Also is Kings Dominion ever planning on finishing its paint job?

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I enjoyed this coaster when it was at GL..glad to see it has a new home!


A good coaster fit for Kings Dominion, who desperately needed a new one. Still wish someone would purchase the Big Dipper from GL. That was a great little coaster which really needs to be adopted and loved!

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As stated in the other post, today was a great turnout, great shots pkdcoaster. Here's a glimpse of my TR photos video.







Very weird angle.


Too fast for my cam, lol.



The loop holds a lot of air.




The Backyardigans made a very friendly visit.



Down she goes.


Gift shop/Photo booth


Inside the station.


Storage area for all 3 trains.






Welcoming ACE Members.

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Wait...why is the loop yellow? Sorry if I missed this somewhere, haven't been following this coaster too much.


Just to change things up I guess.

I scoffed at first but I think it looks pretty good now.


The loop was repainted yellow so it is not 8 year old paint



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I haven't been watching this coaster much, but it has turned out to look pretty cool. It's great that it's going to be landscaped. I probably won't be able to ride it this year, but I might get to in a few years. It's great that it's just as smooth as it was at Geauga Lake. This is a much needed coaster for KD. They did a great job with it.

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Wow. Dominator looks much nicer at Kings Dominion than I thought it would. I'm glad to see that Dominator is still the same. I really liked it at Geauga Lake and I look foreward to someday reriding it at Kings Dominion.

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Great pictures to both pdkcoaster and pkd freak! This thing looks so massive...not a big fan of the loop color, but I think it'll grow on me!


Was there zero stacking all day? In the video that pkd freak posted, the second train was dispatching before the first even hit the breaks! Let's hope that continues!

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Painting hasn't finished yet because of the rain. They are going to push for getting the rest of the track paint completed by Saturday. I also had a talk with Ed Kuhelmann from marketing along with pkd freak and griffon on here and he told us they plan on painting the rails.

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They were dispatching very well today, the only stacking was when a media person was explaining the ride to the camera.


I noticed they have already begun painting the rails in certain spots but they are painting them Silver. Most of the run out rails were already painted.


I am very surprised they have got as much done as they have. It has been the wettest spring in the last 50 years here in central VA


It looked like they were going to resume painting immediately after the event cause a crane pulled up and they were prepping it at about 3, so we should see alot more done from now till Saturday.



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I'm glad to see that Dominator is doing well in its new home. It was my favorite Geauga Lake coaster along with Big Dipper. Did it get new trains? They looked new in the pics. As long as they don't have the ugly gouge in the seats where they cut out the Batman logo!

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The trains got a complete rehab, All new seats, pads, wheels and paint


They are the same trains though. There is no more Batman/burned off logo


The que area is not finished yet they still had alot to do with that. Today we entered through the emergency exit all day.



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Apparently I'm a little late, but I'll add on to the picture bandwagon while I still have a chance.... Looks like you guys have most of the angles already covered so I'll only post a small handfull. It was nice talking with Chuck and others I hadn't met in person until today (bpmitchell, pkd freak).


I also want to compliment KD on this event. It was put together nicely and they provided a great debut for this awesome coaster.


I'm sure the queue line and other minor items will be ready to roll on Saturday.


Final skyline shot



Another cool sign shot. Can't see enough of these, right


They even had a live band to entertain us - I swear they sang a song about Dominator


more spins


Chuck captures the official facial expression of Dominator


The nomadic coaster nerds blend in with the cedar fair theming


flat spins of greatness


The back section


Into the U-turn


sweet sign


view from the top

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All of these are great photos. I'm going to assume all of the work will be done by Saturday. The weather is supposed to be nice for the remainder of the week.


Saturday is going to be extremely busy due to the fact that it is Memorial Day weekend and Dominator and WaterWorks will be open for the season. Daily operation also begins this weekend.


I am so ready to ride Dominator. Looks like the framework on the trains also are not all assembled onto it yet.

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I'm glad Dominator found a new home at my old home park. All those Northern Virginians that I couldn't convince to travel the extra hour south to Busch Gardens will finally get to experience some B&M greatness. Part of the appeal for the Dominator when it was at Geauga was its marshy setting next to the lake. I was afraid this would be an ugly parking lot coaster, but it's good to see that the park is trying to landscape the area. I'm still not sure why they don't use all that land they own around the park.

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