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PTR: GADV 5/18 with some Rain!

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Gabe Morales

Robert Molloy





- Super Teepee's Top is now next to Medusa's Break Run

- Best of the West is expensive but goooood.

- The Dark Knight's preshow audio seemed lower.

- The Dark Knight's flag has been replaced all ready!

- New sign for the Wizards golf thing.


Now to the pictures, of course!


NO WAY?! Not like I rode it all ready on Thursday!


The new dark light golf game got a new sign!


OUCH! TDK's line which Gabe made me wait in.


At least Nitro is lookin' pretty swell.


At least it isn't a eye sore.


Two Batmans? Which one is a IMPOSTOR?!


Time to photo-whore everything I see!


Gimme yo money, fool.


We aren't even in the queue yet! Sigh.


New speakers in the queue line which plays the Joker's laugh, car cashes, and occasion the theme song from Batman Returns..




Chica-chica wall waa!


Breaking news -- the audio has been turned off in the preshow room!


Evacuate! Cory has just laid a big one!


Two flags! More Flags, More Fun!


Turn baby, turn.


Cory has been marked by the Joker!


Every Photo Trip Report MUST NOW include this type of picture.


Welcome back Mouseateers!


Subway cars or Wild Mouse trains? You decide.


Jake approves!


And yum, Nitro goodness.


Those losers got to ride without us.


And Dan was operating today... at WIGGLES WORLD! XD


El Toro was doing mighty fine, if I do say so myself.


And yes, the palm trees have returned!


Thrill Coaster Tour's Ira came to say hello!


El Toro steals the photo how ever.






A train! 6 Flags! More Flags, More Fun!


Runaway Train! And some coolio riders in the front.


Cory wishes he tastes like Coke.


Best food ever! To bad it is so damn expensive.


I just noticed, I am the only one without long sleeves, WTH.


Uh oh, rain!


Batman and Rocky Balboa!


The peacefulness of The Best of the West.


And yes, only us would be dumb enough to ride the Log Flume at 50-something degrees on a rainy day!


Something is wrong with us, I swear.


OMG! Cedar Fair bought Six Flags?!


Nitro in the down-pour!


The Batcave has been flooded.


And the crowds head indoors!


And we finish off with the Log Flume in the rain!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I was there yesterday too! The rain was intense, your pictures didn't even cover the half of it. I was surprised at what stayed open, though. I got a chance to ride Nitro (hey, I liked Nitro in the rain), S:UF, and Medusa, while I saw El Toro and GASM stay open as well.


We wanted to ride The Dark Knight, but when we got on the line they said that it wasn't working and we decided it wasn't worth waiting in the rain (that, and on the way there, we heard some kids complaining, "They took Chiller out for THAT?!")


Plus, they closed Medusa so we could have mass, and wouldn't you know it, the sky almost totally darkened during it and we had to sit for almost an hour in the pouring rain, not fun.

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^ You should be ok with lines on either of those days. I went today and went on TDK twice, at 2:00 it was 30 minutes, 15 minutes before closing it was 10 minutes. Nitro, Batman, Medusa, GASM, Rolling Thunder, RMT were all under 5 minutes.

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