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Top 5 least favorite rides

Guest Tanks4me

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Wild Wild West @ WBMW Madrid: Slow, uninteresting and train are vibrating like crazy.


Magnus Colossus: Pretty much the same as above, but the trains shakes more.


Loopen @ Tusenfryd: Very short, not the most exciting coaster and somewhat rough.


Pinfari loopers: Very intense, but also very rough and brutal.

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The only ride that I've been on that had riders booing the ride ops was Psyclone at SFMM. It really is a terrible ride. The trains are too heavy and the track is too old. I hear it's worse than flashback. I haven't had the honor to ride Flashback yet. The first time I went to the park it was open but I didn't bother riding it. *Slaps head* Ever since the end of the 2003 season it's been closed.

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This one is ALOT easier than the top 5 best:


Bad: Serial Thriller (SFAW)

Badder: Revolution (SFMM) Just for the fact that it was once a GREAT ride but has been butchered

Getting more bad: Boomerang (Knott's) the worst boomerang I have ever been on

Worser than the one before it: Psyclone: (SFMM) again, another ride that was once great

Worstest Ever: Manhattan Express (NYNY) and Robb has the video to prove it

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WHY DO YOU INSULT THE MIGHTY HERCULES!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: IT IS NOT THAT ROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FUN!!!!!!!!!!! FUN I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ow, crap i hurt my thumb

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^ Dude, a few things:


1. While I really, REALLY appreciate you posting the boards, you need to calm down a bit with the constant posting, overuse of smileys, exclamations, and adding multiple letters onto words. Just make sure there is 'substance' to something you post, because otherwise it comes off looking like you're spamming the boards with posts just to increase your post count. And that could get you suspended.


2. There is no "Elite" or l337 or whatever it is speak.


3. There is already a "Worst Coaster" thread:



--Robb "Thread Closed" Alvey

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