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This morning was the Tony Hawk's Media Sneak Peak. The park invited ACE to the event, and I was happy to be a part of it. I was excited as this was my first media day. We had 27 ACER's out for Tony Hawk. The day started off with all of us gathering at 9:45am outside the main gate right near guest relations. Once we all arrived we headed into the park for a nice continental breakfast the park had for the event attendees. They held it at newly renovated food court, "The All American Cafe". I have to say the park did a terrific job on the food court, it looks great!!

We finished eating, and at 10:30 we headed out to check out our new addition. We didn't really get to see the Media Day ceremony because they wanted us to be the first ones to ride, before we were ushered into the station we took a group picture and were greeted by park president Steve Martindale. Off we went, I was on the 3rd train out of the station!!



I really liked Tony Hawk. I loved the sharp, sudden turns. They have onride video's, it's a blast just watching the vids of people. The park gave everyone a free dvd of their ride. Great job Six Flags. The theming and position of this coaster is wonderful. It makes a great addition to the park.

I didn't get to many pics as my braniac self left my memory card at home and only had 15 pics of internal memory to go on!!


Here is one link from the local media:




Park President Steve Martindale(middle) greeting the sneak peakers as they exit!!


I'm so dizzzzzeeee my head is spinnin'!!!


Look, who's that I see....Jeremy Murphy!! :-)


2nd train out of station, I was happy to be on the 3rd one out!! :-)


Local media awaiting us to get our impressions of our first ride.



Yeee haw, im a member of the big hat club.


Awaiting our ride..while they test and test. :-)




The ride really has a nice setting. I heard numerous people say they like the setting better than SFFT's.



You can't really see the ceiling of the station from here, but I noticed that the ceiling fans actually match the same grain of wood they have on the ceiling. It makes the fans almost seem transparent, a small detail, but it just shows Six Flags attention to detail.


Tony Hawk's video screen, I like the countdown timer they had for the Sneak Peak preview.

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Very nice trip report.


I am surprised how popular these rides are becoming. I will have a chance to finally ride one this summer at SFOT. I'm looking forward to it. I really like the big screen counting down until the ride opening. IDK why but I always thought countdowns for major ride openings were pretty cool.


Not having really looked into the coaster, I was wondering if it has any special effects during the ride?


* On another note, has Tony Hawk himself been to any of these coaster openings? It would be pretty cool to have Tony Hawk doing the ribbon cutting ceremony

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I still cant get over the fact that I rode the same ride 4 years ago.


It just doesnt look right, at MOA and WOF, it looks good with the pillars and in the way stuff at MOA, and the creek and fountain turnaround at WOF.

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The media day was a blast, even though it was TAKS Appreciation Day (the Texas standardized school test) and there were literally 10,000 students in the park.


After riding THBS multiple times, Guru and I headed to Freeze (looooooong line) and decided against it. Went to Batman, saw the line, and said "nah." Wanted to try out the new trackwork on Judge, but that whole section of the park was super-crowded, so we headed for Giant. An hour and 20 minutes later, we were in the front seat. We could see that the train is jackhammering pretty badly from the queue line, so we made sure to ride the front. Best ride I've had on Giant in YEARS. It was flying through the course and the front was fairly smooth. The finale rocked like the old days.

After that, we waited 1:15 for Titan, which was also rocking pretty hard. Gone was that stop-n-go business on the midcourse, just a bit of a slowdown and off we went. Made a big difference in the centrifuge, and the G's were insane. Luckily, my boyfriend was a fighter pilot and had taught us the secret to handling sustained G-forces like that.


It was a good day.

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