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Photoshop Contest: X2 Effects That Didn't Make The Cut

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NOTE: I created this due to MattyD's idea of "X to the Future" and this is also my official entry..for now, at least until I think of a better idea but for now this will have to do.


Official Entry #1


The Simpsons kicked Doc out of his institute of future technology, but he's back and took over another ride in another park! hopefully this time he's here to stay.


When this baby hits 88 mph, your gonna see some serious sh*t!

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NOTE: I created this due to MattyD's idea of "X to the Future"


That's brilliant, good work!!! That's what it looked like in my head, but not when I put it in MS Paint!


I wish you the best of luck in the competition, my vote goes to that one! ^



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This looks like great fun! Ejector Seats, Twilight, Trench, Explosions, Halo... Love em!


Now here are my pieces of art. I can't decide which one is to be THE #1 Entry so... Maybe you can vote on your favourite and the one with most votes becomes my #1.


Also, not sure if these are the only ones or if I'm gonna have more ideas and make more pictures...




Oh, and I just had to play around with my video effects.

When Robb first arrived at X2 it had just come through the Portal from the 4D. The radiation from the portal played havoc with Robb's camera and the video was discarded... Until Now! :roll:


They had a thought of having this thing powered, and look fancy at the same time. But for some strange reason when they tested it, it never returned to the station... *insert mysterious whistling*


Hehe. We love explosions. Makes a good trailr... movi.. COASTER! :D


Ever wondered what it would be like to be wanderers in the 4th dimention?


Sadly, SF wasn't Brittish enough to use this... :p

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