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TPR Photoshop Contest Ideas

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OK, it's been awhile since we've had a photoshop contest here, and I have wisely (I hope!) volunteered to run one. But first, we need a theme for the contest. That's where the rest of you come in. Post your ideas to this thread, and we'll pick one and then get the contest going.


For those that have never witnessed one of these, you can review one of the past contests here. These are always great fun, provide us with entertainment, and the winner gets a Bag Of Crap! But no crap can be handed out until we have a theme, so let's see if we can come up with a good one! Thanks!



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Top Posters In This Topic

^^ It needs to be a theme that you can adapt to a picture or graphic image and add stuff to in Photoshop.


For example this was one of the first ones we did -

"Other Uses for the Disneyland Castle"



I'm not sure how to visualize the Elissa Bingo or the "how you entertain yourself" theme as a photoshop contest. Any examples?



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^For Elissa Bingo, I imagine you would take a picture of Elissa and throw in some funny stuff like getting Elissa on a spinning ride and throw in some projectile vomit or putting Elissa in something like the Diving show at holiday world.


One Random one I'd like to see is Dolly Parton doing the famouse Elissa north/south pose, unfortunately there isn't a state line cutting through Dollywood.


I don't have photoshop so I won't be entering, and would never participate in Elissa Bingo on grounds of conscience.

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How about ride advertisements that failed, or examples of ride/park brochures that should have been rethought?


The park maps and brochures have been asking for it…


*Light bulb.. rejected new items for it’s a small world’s rehab… Be pretty easy to add some colorful scenes and endless imagination.

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A couple thoughts:


How about "Loose items floating by" - items that floated/were expelled from someone shirt/jacket/pocket, etc.


"Historical scientists get their first ride" Newton on a free fall; Einstein on xcellerator......


"Optional ride vehicles" - gurneys, wheel chairs, hot dog carts....

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we should do somthing with Big Mike. His huge trip report thread has tons of standard Bike Mike self shots that we can alter fo sure!. Maybe we can have him in wierd places , with people , old ladies in bikinis, whatever...what do you all think?

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