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Mario Kart Wii

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I love Rainbow Road... Don't use those boosts near the two holes and when you're making the first left turn... they do nothing and they'll likely make you fall into the holes.

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I'm adding everyone in a moment. Please add me back!


I updated KrakenKing's list with the new numbers. You can steal it once again Elissa.


Wrebbit (Thomas): 1118-1694-4937

KrakenKing (Kamikaze): 0387-9666-3307

SharkTums (Elissa): 1848-2463-9612

chmilo24: 2707-2130-5653

Homer (bgtbbum): 3007-8835-7237

Splash_Mountain (Matthew): 0430-8680-1036

Rusty Nail (Eric): 3351-4458-0497

kraken613: 2750-1507-3132

Billy: 4468-1374-1012

jamesissoocool: 2793-0857-9209

alanis: 5112-3823-8974

cedarpointfangirl: 3351-4609-1566

StealthFan: 3437-3341-7530

QuakerOaties: 3995-7316-5666

CTU Agent (ty): 3823-9354-5993

Erik Johnson: 4639-9791-6641

Jojo19799 (Jo): 3007-8509-6070

ginzo: 1805-3026-6382

Peejay: 1891-1310-6772

Bamaron21: 0516-7969-5487

TheBannedKid: 3652-1422-8279

KingBooba: 4382-2370-7686

AllenA07: 1547-6123-7236

DegoRed: 2664-3003-7636

bigstevet07: 2148-9360-7993

trustkill22: 3136-8015-3615

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Hey everyone! I'm a relatively new user and I ADORE playing Mario Kart Wii! It's one of my favorite games and I hope I can participate in a tournament if one can be staged. My wireless router isn't working, but I'll give my Wii #: 6302-4005-6330-6282. That isn't my actual MKW#, but as soon as I get the router working and an internet connection established, I'll be able to get my number out. BTW, my name is Patrick C., so if you'd like to register me please put me under that name.


Yay! Can't wait for lots of people to do Mario Kart Wii tournament!

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