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Mario Kart Wii

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Hey there!


I don't want this to get buried in the Nintendo Wii thread so I'm posting here.


I haven't had much free time to play the Wii lately, but I've made time for Mario Kart as I find it VERY fun! I've only tried the online play once, but it seems to work very well and I'd love to get a TPR Tournament going.


Let's post our friend codes, register everyone, then we'll pick a time to play!




KrakenKing (Kamikaze): 0387-9666-3307

SharkTums (Elissa): 1848-2463-9612

chmilo24: 2707-2130-5653

Homer (bgtbbum): 3007-8835-7237

Splash_Mountain (Matthew): 0430-8680-1036

Rusty Nail (Eric): 3351-4458-0497

kraken613: 2750-1507-3132

Billy: 4468-1374-1012

jamesissoocool: 2793-0857-9209

alanis: 5112-3823-8974

cedarpointfangirl: 3351-4609-1566

StealthFan: 3437-3341-7530

QuakerOaties: 3995-7316-5666

CTU Agent (ty): 3823-9354-5993

Erik Johnson: 4639-9791-6641

Jojo19799 (Jo): 3007-8509-6070

ginzo: 1805-3026-6382

Peejay: 1891-1310-6772

Bamaron21: 0516-7969-5487

TheBannedKid: 3652-1422-8279

KingBooba: 4382-2370-7686


Thanks KrakenKing!!!

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I played around with it a bit last night...


You'll go to the Online Mode, select race against friends, then it will give you the option to enter in friend codes. Once we have a bunch in there you can check and see what friends are online and stuff like that.


I played against other people from around the world yesterday and was shocked at how good everyone is! Although I'm sure they've played a lot longer than I have it was still fun using strategy and stuff that the computer players just can't do!


I'll add more people the next time I load up!

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it is amazing how smooth it runs againt people all over the world. im impressed with it. there are some people out there with crazy good skills. lol. they must be playin it too much... cant wait to race!

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