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Top 5 wood and steel coasters

Guest Tanks4me

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Tell me your top 5 woodies and steels and why. You might just see you favorite parts of that ride (more or less accurate) in a NoLimits coaster some time in the future.

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Steel- (mind you, im leaving for a coaster trip TOMARROW, so this list may and probabley will change)

1- Superman: RoS (new england)- negative, positive, and lateral gs, not to mention awesome tunnels and its nice and long

2- mill. force- awesome floater airtime!!! awesome 1st drop

3- apollo's chariot- just plain fun, period

4- nitro- all three main types of gs again! also, great second drop

5- superman: ult. flight (SFGAdv)- how could u not love the pretzel loop?!


Wood- (mind you, im leaving for a coaster trip TOMARROW, so this list may and probabley will change)

1- Coney Island Cyclone- Classic wooden goodness

2- Lightning Racer- racing, dueling, woodie, add it all up, and u get LR

3- Hurricane (myrtle beach pavilion)- awesome helixes and drops throgh the structure

4- Comet (great escape)- airtime galore

5- mean streak- i dont know why, i just had a hell of a time on it thats all

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1-Shivering Timbers- What can I say?? This ride is simply amazing, King of Airtime!! Best coaster ever.


2-Viper- Its just so much fun, I cant' wait to ride it again this summer.


3-The Beast- It's a classic woodie, and ACE/GOCC celebrated its 25th birthday on the day of my 18th, so The Beast means a lot to me, plus it rocks.


4-Raging Wolf Bobs- As close as we'll get to the original Bobs. Plus it was good before but now that it has been retracked, it'll be even better.


5-Son of Beast- Many people don't like this coaster, it was close between this and the Wolverine Wildcat for me, but this ride just has that out of control feel, and its fun, Seat 6-2 rocks.




1-Raging Bull- This ride just took my breath away, and it's simply something else. This ride is packed with airtime which we all love.


2-Dominator- I rode this for the first time last summer and fell in love with it, Hopefully that park can actually use its capacity capabilities.


3-Magnum XL-200- It's Maggie, you really cant' say more. I'm just so honored to be able to call it my job this summer. Hope to see all of you guys there, make sure you say hi.


4-Millenium Force- So smooth, So fast, So good. This was Intamin's glory coaster and I think it always will be.


5-Phantom's Revenge- Morgan strikes back!! I rode this for the first time as well last summer and, WOW!! It's like riding on glass and those bunnyhills are the most intense moments of airtime I have ever experienced.

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#1: Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE). Just cuz.

#2: Storm Runner (Hershey). It rocks dude!

#3: Dueling Dragons (IOA). How could you not like this one?

#4: Alpengeist (BGW). Intense, gave me a headache...

#5: Apollo's Chariot (BGW), because Fabio got hit with a bird on it!



#1: Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce). Need I say more?

#2: Lightning Racers (Hershey). Just cool... Just cool.

#3: Comet (Hershey). Long, and old.

#4: Thunderbolt (SFNE). You know, this baby just has a lot of nostalgia associated with it. It was my first coaster ever.

#5: Cyclone (SFNE). Because i havent ridden enough woodies yet!

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#1 - California Screamin' (DCA)

#2 - Mr Freeze (SFOT)

#3 - Xcelerator (Knott's)

#4 - Poltergeist (SFFT)

#5 - Goliath (SFMM)


Funny that 4 out of my top 5 are launched coasters.




#1 - Rattler (SFFT)

#2 - Texas Giant (SFOT)

#3 - Giant Dipper (SCBB)

#4 - Judge Roy Scream (SFOT) just a fun ride!!!

#5 - Ghostrider (Knott's) pretty much by default


Gregg "Sitting at 78 Credits for at least the next few weeks" C.

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Hmm, this is hard because I change my mind daily! Keep in mind these are top 5, and all shift around these spots!




1. Phoenix

2. Colossos (Heide)

3. Grand National

4. Viper/Aska

5. Dania Beach Hurricane




1. Expedition Ge Force

2. S:RoS (SFNE)

3. Dueling Dragons

4. Storm Runner

5. S:RoS (SFA)


Elissa "god that was hard!" Alvey

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1. The Comet ( SF - Lake George NY )

2. Le Monster ( SF - Monteal Canada )

3. The Great Canadian Mindbuster ( PCW )

4. The Beast ( PKI )

5. The Preditor ( SFDL )



1. Superman Ride Of Steel ( SFDL )

2. Dragon Mountain (Marineland Niagara Falls )

3. Vortex ( PCW )

4. Vampier ( SF - Monteal Canada )

5. Mindbender ( Galaxyland - West Edmonton Mall )

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1. Gwazi - I just liked it, had sore head before going on it so it didnt give me a "Sorer" head!

2.Stampida - Good coaster

3.Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Can I put it down as wood?


Havent been on any other good woodies.



1.The Hulk - INCREDIBLE!

2.Montu - Great ride at night

3.Kraken - Love going underneath the ground at the end

4.Rock'n'roller coaster - Great launch.

5.Dueling Dragons - Amazing Near-misses

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I´ve only been on 3 wooden coaster:

Loup Garou (Walibi Belgium/SFB)

Bandit/Wild Wild West (Movie Park/WBMW Germany)

Robin Hood (Walibi World/SFH)



Expedition Ge Force (Holiday Park)

Goliath (Walibi World/SFH)

Winja´s (Phantasialand)

Turbine (Walibi Belgium/SFB)

Euro Star (Traveling)

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1 Tonnerre De Zeus - Parc Asterix

2 Megafobia - Oakwood

3 Big Dipper - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

4 Grand National - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

5 Colossos - Heide Park




1 Millennium Force - Cedar Point

2 Goliath - Six Flags Holland

3 Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

4 Katun - Mirabilandia

5 Nemesis - Alton Towers

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1) Thundercoaster, Tusenfryd: Wild, fast ride with lots of ejector airtime and a great second drop.


99 & 100) Magnus Colossus and Wild Wild West Madrid: Although I have only ridden 3 woodies, I dont think these coasters deserve a spot higher on my list.





1) Superman Attracion de Acero: Huge smooth inversions, lots of different elements and some fantastic floater airtime. The first drop in the backseat is the best.


2) Batman la Fuga: Very intense coaster that never stops before it hits the brakes. Its amazing how such a good ride can be built in such a small place.


3) Stunt Fall: Going backwards up the first tower is scary. Great drops, and some good, smooth inversions too.


4) Tizona: My first SLC and it was surprisingly good. Very intense ride with lots of cool elements in a small space. Crazy legchoppers entering the barrel rolls.


5) Supersplash @ Tusenfryd: It may be short, but the drop is great. Airtime all the way down and the tunnel seems way too small. And you get pretty wet in the front seat.

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Of the ones I have ridden.



1. Avalanche(Timber Falls)- This ride was incredible. Every seat had airtime on every hill and the laterals were intense.

2. Viper(SfGam)- What can I say about Viper? The whole ride is great and night rides can't be missed. If you like airtime and headchoppers, then this ride is for you.

3. Raven(Holiday World)- This ride was also amazing. I loved the out of control feeling and some great airtime.

4. Blue Streak(Cedar Point)- An oldey but a goody! The airtime was great on this classic.

5. American Eagle(SfGam)- Ok, you've heard moderate reviews of this classic staple at SfGam. the truth is Red is better than Blue. This past August Red was running some days will barely any trims. Can you say Amazing? There was nothing like it and you had airtime out of your seat. Then the helix showed what it could really do. It was a glimpse to how it must have run in its glory days.



1. Top Thrill Dragster(Cedar Point)- Height, Speed, etc. Even though Kingda Ka is soon upon us, it still won't be the same as Top Thrill Dragster.

2. Raging Bull(SfGam)- What an amazing ride. The great airtime in the back row on the first drop cannot be beaten by any other ride I have ridden. The ride is quick and had some great inclined loops and an intense figure 8 finale.

3. Raptor(Cedar Point)- This ride really surprised me. It was just an overall great, intense, and fun B&M invert.

4. DejaVu(SfGam)- I don't know if it is just great because it is never open and when it is, you fell honored, or if it really is that good. Whatever it is, I always come off this ride with a smile.

5. Mr. Freeze(SfStl)- Great launch, very intense, and awesome hangtime in the Top Hat inversion. It is just so great!

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1. Expedition GeForce ( Holiday Park)

Great first drop, incredible airtime,

2. Nemesis ( Alton Towers)

Very intense, beautiful location

3. Goliath (Walibi World)

Stengel Dive is great, nice Airtime.

4. Stunt Fall (Movie World Madrid)

5. Winja Fear and Force (Phantasialand)




1. Megafobia (Oakwood)

2. Colossos (Heide Park)

3. Loup Garou (Walibi Belgium)

4. Rollercoaster ( Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

5. Wild Mouse (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

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1. Expedition GeForce- Holiday Park

2. Superman: Ride of Steel- SFNE

3. Kumba- BGT

4. Dueling Dragons- IOA

5. Nemesis- Alton Towers




1. Phoenix- Knoebels

2. Georgia Cyclone- SFOG

3. Colossos- Heide Park

4. Grand National- Blackpool

5. Rampage- Visionland

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1. Viper (Sfgam)

2.Avalanche(timber falls)

3.zeus(big cheifs)

4.mean streak (cedar point)

5.cyclops ( big chiefs)




1. California screamin (DCA)

2. Millenium force ( Cedar point)

3. Raptor ( Cedar point

4.deja vu ( sfgam)

5.hulk (IOA)

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1. Superman: Ride of Steel - SFNE

2. Storm Runner - HP

3. Batman: The Dark Knight - SFNE

4. Superman: Ultimate Flight - SFGAdv

5. Nitro - SFGAdv



1. Phoenix - Knoebels

2. Twister - Knoebels

3. Lightning Racers - HP

4. Thunderbolt - SFNE

5. Cyclone - SFNE (You'd think that this would have gotten the 4th spot, but in reality, Thunderbolts smoother then Cyclone, plus Thunderbolt hasen't been destroyed by Six Flags.)

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1. Dueling Dragons Fire : Most intense Beemer Ive been on.

2. Nitro : Great airtime, love da floating

3. Dominator : Like someone else, said, fell in love with the unique design

4. Kumba : freakin sweet ride, especially for being so old

5. Tie: Raptor/Dragster - Both rides I love, but for seperate reasons





1. Shivering Timbers - No contest for airtime, amazing

2. Cornball Express - CCI + Buzzbars = heaven

3. Thunderhead - Relentless speed, G's in all directions and with force

4. LoCoSuMo - yes, I know its a wooden mouse ride, thats why it owns!

5. Viper - mmm, double down and headchoppers

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Here's mine for steel :


1. Top Thrill Dragster - I'd take 20 seconds of the most intense ride over 2-3 minutes of lesser intensity anyday (to be eclipsed by Kingda Clone?).

2. Millenium Force - The most intense hyper out there, not any many airtime hills as Ride of Steel or Nitro but more than makes up for it with quality.

3. Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE) - Great layout though not as intense as MF.

4. X - love this ride, totally unique and completely mind blowing.

5. Magnum XL-200 - still great after all these years, a bit rickety but that brutal airtime on the bunnyhops rules.


Wood (haven't been on many wood coasters) :

1. Ghostrider

2. Lightning Racer (Hershey)

3. Blue Streak (Cedar Point)

4. Wildcat (Hershey)

5. The other woodie at Hershey.

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Top Steel:

1. Top Thrill Dragster- yeah, its short, but it is one of the most insane and intense rides I've ever experienced. It's all about how much the ride thrills me and this one does that better than just about any other.

1. Phantom's Revenge- The twisting first drop is awesome. The second drop is incredible. Then, you encounter the most intense airtime I've ever experienced. It's downright violent.

1. Millennium Force- For me, its really hard for a coaster to be top-notch without having a great pace. This ride is the professor of pacing.

4. Raptor- One of the most intense coasters I've ever experienced. The elements are maneuvered at lightning pace.

5. Raging Bull- I’m more of a twister person than an out-and-back person, so I prefer this ride over Apollo’s Chariot. Once again, the recurring theme, it has a great pace. I love the turns. And since they turned off the final trims, the trains fly through the figure-8 finale. Stellar ride.


Top Wood:

1. Georgia Cyclone- This coaster has everything I could ever ask for in a woodie (or any coaster for that matter). It has amazing pace, is incredibly intense, and never lets up. Simply awesome.

2. Son of Beast- I love the sheer size, but the double helix is amazing.

3. Legend- Quite possibly the single greatest first drop I‘ve ever experienced! Ride it in the back seat and you’ll know what I mean. Overall just a great ride.

4. Viper (SFGAm)- Very similar to the Georgia Cyclone. Has awesome forces and a great pace.

5. Beast- I love the out of control feeling that you get as you go through the course and the train continues to speed up. The 18 degree drop off the second lift hill down to the double helix is possibly my favorite portion of any roller coaster.


To be honest, if Boss ran like it did opening year, it would be a contender for the number one spot. But, it doesn’t, so I can’t put it up there.

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