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[Photo TR]Pleasure Beach Blackpool

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I run a small hairsalon in the UK and this past weekend my girls and I all spent the weekend in Blackpool.

The main reason for us all going was Christmas, December is just crazy busy for hairdressers do we decided to wait until now so we could do something more fun.

The weekend was awesome, the only part that sucked (and hard) was travelling up on friday as the journey which should take around 4 hours ended up taking 7 and a half due to traffic. Everything else was great, Pleasure Beach was pretty quiet so we hardly had to wait for anything, the only ride closed was Wild Mouse which was a shame but have ridden it many many times. Tom came to meet us for the afternoon which was great as the last time we did parks they weren't quite as excting as Blackpool.

Anyway, onto some pictures.


South Beach Musical, new show 2008, Amy wouldn't allow me to watch it though!! More to follow.


Big Dipper, lots of fun, lots of shaking


Heading north


but completely unsightly now they have blue'ed the water


River Caves is a good way to chill out for a while




Bling is a lot of fun but dwarfed by PMBO lift hill


I love love love this tunnel!


First up was PMBO which was running rough as hell! We only rode once this trip.


Wild mouse - still closed, looking slightly healthier now though


Getting in 30 minutes late they park was quiet


So now everyone enters through the main entrance to have there bags glanced at by burly security men. Also, I'm pretty sure the metal detectors are just props, little did they know I was very metal heavy


Pleasure Beach Blackpool south entrance which apparently is no longer an entrance! Bugger.


Piers and Amy Hairdressing group shot

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So after a stop for lunch Tom arrived (slightly late after a heavy night pole dancing in Sheffield) and we headed to Ghost Train.


I stayed completly dry appart from my feet due to my cunning clothing choices, after Valhalla we left the park and drank stupid amounts of alcohol back at the appartment, I still feel like ass but the weekend was awesome!


All pocho'd up we headed to Valhalla before leaving the park, it broke loads whilst we road it so many scenes were ruined with work lights but still a fun ride!


WTF? Pot Noddle snack bar, who even eats these at home? Rank!


Schelp't, i badly need a trim


Rollercoaster is still nice relaxing fun


A very grey view back from Rollercoasters lift


Rollercoaster, with 100% added seat belts, lame!


Gold Mine got its usual reactions


For someone who waited in the bar, Amy liked to think she could have worked the attraction


Although, Leatherface was having some identity issues and wearing a hockey mask


The brave ones of us headed out to Pasaje del Terror which has kind of re-found their motive and was actually a little scary again like when it opened.


Trauma Towers was a lot of fun, and very wet today. The staff on the ride were great and creepy, its just a shame they have to wear the usual staff uniform as it slightly breaks their charactor


A slightly more clear reaction, although all of the girls thought it was great.


Not intirely sure what the girls thought of it, I didn't think it was the worse slc but still ahted every second!



Sam was nervous to ride, Pleasure Beach was her very first theme park.


Blackpool was crazy busy with hen nights!


It just looks so pretty.


And we are waiting for this because?


Infusion - OutSouthport


Spot the employee


The 2 scariest things in there.



I love Blackpools ghost train, possibly because of the apparently real ghosts.

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This is one of the reasons Blackpool is my favorite park... I never noticed the train on top of the Ghost Train until just now, not even when I was actually at the park!!! So much random theming!


Great pics, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to get back to Blackpool... such great dark rides, and the Wild Mouse is insane.

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Great trip report Piers! I toatally miss Blackpool, that was my favorite park on the UK trip. I love all the old dark rides and walk-throughs. The spinning ride at the end of Trauma Towers was so weird but fantastic at the same time!

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^^They must use a toliet-cleaning tablet the size of a warehouse to get the River Caves' water so blue.


BPB is so cool on so many levels (particularly Valhalla, the Ghost Train and the Steeplechase).

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Piers, I'm flying over to have one your hotties cut my hair!


And no that doesn't mean you.


Thats not what you said at halloween dear!

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Is it just me or does the blackpool log flume have an uphill section followed by a lift hill?



Its just you.


The boat is coming towards the drop in the picture, thats the front your seeing. There is another boat just behind it. For some reason, some boats have low fronts, and others have the part sticking up. Thats classic Blackpool, really. I think some may be the old boats from Southport.


Also, the camera is angled down, the 'lift hill' you see is actually a horazontal tyre drive.


EDIT: Oh, and its the River Caves, not the log flume. Sadly the log flume is long gone.


I hope that didnt make me sound to critical or pedantic there. Cos Im not like that. honest!

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I didnt bother with River Caves, I last rode it when I was like 12 and it bored me to tears! There is way better stuff to do in Blackpool! (Like drink)

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I didnt bother with River Caves, I last rode it when I was like 12 and it bored me to tears! There is way better stuff to do in Blackpool! (Like drink)


Very true. You have to admit though that its gloriously random. Its good in the same way that the movie "Surf Nazis Must Die" is good. Where else can you float sedately into the Blue Grotto, only to find yourself looking up at kids staring down at you while eating their pie?


I think its quite cool that you can go to a park with the people you work with. The folks where I work just arent that sociable. It must make the days go quicker.

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If I'm ever go to the UK this is one of the places I'm definitely going to visit; BPB is just so different from other parks.



Toilet Disinfectant: The Ride

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