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Six Flags Great Adventure Photo Updates and Discussion!

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Kingda Ka was only running 2 trains, which was kind of surprising as the park was really really crowded with all of those school children all over the place and it being TDK's opening day.


Advice on the Dark Knight, it IS a wild mouse but enclosed and with theming! People have come out of it disappointed because they were expecting an El Toro in a box, which its not. That being said, this wild mouse is insane as I don't remember the trims being on at any point. It really whips you around the turns and you even get a little ejector air coming down one of the hills.


Yeah, I'm not expecting El Toro in a box. Call me crazy but I do like to ride Wild Mice IF the line is short enough. I'm still looking forward to it though!

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Hey Everyone, I just have a general park update for you from Saturday, May 24th. They had debuted the new Glow in the Park parade on Friday, so I went out to see it. I hung out with my friends Amanda and Josh and saw a few things around the park.


First off, In one word, Glow in the Park is:




I was expecting a good parade full of lights and music, but it totally blew me away. The music was perfect, the costumes were awesome, the performers were energetic, and the floats were fantastic, and the public seemed to love it. It was very Disney-esque and as soon as they organize the route a little better, it will be perfect. I'll have a video up soon if my computer will behave. Pictures won't do it justice, you just have to see it!


Around the park, everything is going well. The staff is very friendly and efficient, they even greet you and ask how you are when you walk into a store. Even at the parking gates they seemed happy and smiled! The park management is doing a great job. They have kept the park clean and they are fixing the little things. Skull Mountain has Strobes, lights, it's original queue soundtrack, and music playing during the ride. Kingda Ka was running all 4 trains and dispatches were quick.


Now on to the Dark Knight. I really wish people would ease up on The Dark Knight, it really is a good ride. The public is really spoiled with our coaster line-up. Unless it goes 70 mph or upside down, they hate it. I really wish they would stop saying that it was a terrible decision. A terrible decision would've been just to plop down a wild mouse with no theming whatsoever. They took the time and effort to add a preshow, enclose it, and put different scenes around the different turns. I also caught a new scene at the bottom of one of the drops, Batman breaking through the wall on the Batpod. This scene was not there last week and I swear they must have just put it in. It's a great ride and I wish everyone would stop saying it sucks. At least it's not like Mulholland Madness so don't say Disney could do better.


Ok, enough ranting! Time for the photos!


Ads for Glow in the Park are up everywhere, Everyone should go see it!


Nitro was stuck here


Then here


Then it cleared the lift. Batman looks like a mess of steel in this photo


The Dark Knight has helped bring crowds into Movietown


Epic Fail


Good Wood


Medusa doing its thing


Is it really worth the wait to get a train in this shot?




Lift Hill enthusiasts rejoice


Intamin rocket


Scarecrows, ye be warned, you will be hanged from a games stand


My meory may just be really fuzzy, but I don't remember Granny's Country Chicken lights being on for years


Sunset Steel


LOOK! A marking for next year's Dive Machine with Gravy Splashdown effect, sweet!


Big Wheel all lit up


More Sunset


They have a truck with chains that hook onto the garbage cans. At least our garbage cans serve more than a purpose than just a scenery element


Here are some photos from the Glow in the Park Parade by my friend Josh (his camera actually takes good night pictures). To see all of the photos, go to this link(http://www.gadvonline.com/photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=40), but I'll show you most of them!


The parade begins


The first float with Drummers


Close up


It really is sight to see


You have to catch the dragon! you need more Heroin Hero training first!


It even has a fog cannon


Batman was the best


Gotham glows


The Wiggles had their own float too


A look at the parade heading down Dream Street


Don't forget the Looney Tunes!


That's all Folks! The pictures don't do it justice, so go and see it for yourself!

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Glow in the Park is the best thing Six Flags has added in a long time!


It blew me away, and is the caliber of a Busch or (possibly even) a Disney endeavor.


I posted a bunch of shots on my site, but here are a few of them as a preview:







This really is something you HAVE to see in person! Six Flags New England actually got lucky with getting Glow in the Park instead of the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is a fun family coaster, but it seems to be disappointing a lot of guests who were expecting a HUGE thrill ride instead of the themed family ride that it is. Glow in the Park was a great surprise, and leaves guests with a GREAT impression at the end of a day at the park. Everyone, MAKE SURE YOU SEE GLOW IN THE PARK IN PERSON! Pictures and video just don't do the parade justice.

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It was actually up and running today, though I hear it was getting stopped on the lift a couple of times!


I have a photo update from 5/27 for you to enjoy, I got tied up and wasn't able to put it together until last night!


My brother and I took a trip to the park on Tuesday, I'm only going to post photos and captions since I don't want to write a full TR, enjoy the captions!


Superman Sideshot


Nitro when it was working


Nanananananana Batman!


Uh-oh the Wiggles have lost popularity, time for a retheme!


Crowds were LIGHT


Where be the people?


Log flume was up and running!


Medusa, we got stuck on the brake run since someone got sick on the train in front of us and we had to wait for them to clean it up






It may not make sense, but at least its some sort of theme


I swear this looks like the head of a cobra, maybe they should call this element a cobra!


Where's the line?


I'm scared, there's no wait


3 Coasters in one shot, I deserve some sort of award!


For giving us your money!


I seriously think they can squeeze something in here if they wanted to


Gun Safety by Six Flags!






Arrows look good


So good


But they hurt!


Parking has limited cars in it


So many garbage cans, at least ours serve a purpose!


2 coasters and a flat, variety!


Dream Street


Out in the lot eating lunch


They did a great jobs revitalizing this little spot


Skull Mountain wants more attention, it will resort to eating babies if it doesn't get it!


Build a structure and put the bumper cars here, please!


Glue or secret alien message? You decide!




There you go!


Blue M&M strikes the BuddyChrist pose


Due to the collapse of the housing market, Houdini's sub-prime mortgage bankrupted him and he was evicted, he moved up north i think


Jon points out more fail!


I leave you with Scream Machine!

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^There are tons of garbage cans that run through Movietown, Fantasy Forest, Main Street, and Boardwalk to mark off the route for the new Glow in the Park parade! They have rings on the top so they can attach chains to each other and keep the GP from interfering with the parade.

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At least they got Nitro back up and running as it is an awesome coaster. Also, like Eric said, there are more trash cans there than I remember, but the park still looks as great as I remember.


When I went to SFGAM on Memorial Day, it looked as though Cedar Fair bought the park as there were trash cans all over. I think I counted something like twelve between the entrance and going along the right side of the carousel to the area where the path branches off to Hometown Square and the go-karts.

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Nice TR! There were some really good photos in there that really showed off the park. I'm psyched about going to this place later this summer. Can't wait to experience El Toro and get the third and final "Six Flags Arrow Mega-Looper" credit.


I'm now convinced that the coaster design process in RCT was completely inspired by old school Arrow rides like Runaway Mine Train:

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^^^^^^Nice Photo TR! Man I would kill to get to Great Adventure, I think El Toro is probably the #1 coaster I want to ride in the US.


Playing "count the trash cans" was great fun in that ariel photo you took; I had no idea this was a Cedar Fair park!

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I didn't want to start a whole new thread on this but I feel it should be brought up so I thought this was the best thread to put it under.


I was at the park monday and el toro was down and a few other reports from tuesday and today show that el toro is still down. At the ride entrance I was told it was struck by lightning and others seem to have gotten the same news. Rather discouraging that my favorite coaster seems to be down and I heard somewhere else it might be out for the season and I'm hoping that rumor isn't true. Just wanted to know what others thoughts on this are since I'm rather upset about it. I was hoping to get to ride it in september but if it isn't running I don't plan on making it back to the park at all this season.


Poor el toro I hope they get you back up and running soon!

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Before there was El Toro I made it down to the park the last day of the season to ride Medusa and NITRO. You think I'm going to stop now cause El Toro is down? I hope the elevator lift assembly didn't get fried. If VIPER was still there it probably would have got struck where the extending rod was. Those Togos seemed to have a lot of extending rods.

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I didn't feel the need to start a new one. I just have a few general questions that I couldn’t find answers to on the park website.


My family will be visiting the park on a Thursday in July, and I was wondering what to expect crowd wise? Would you recommend getting flash passes, and if so how exactly do they work? I understand they are $34.99, which seems a bit pricey, but we will definitely get them if they are really necessary. We will only be at the park for one whole day and would like to try and get on all of the roller coasters and what few good flat rides they have, if possible.


Also, I know that most of the major attractions now have lockers, but is it ok to keep things in our pockets? Since there isn’t a waterpark, we probably won’t carry around any bags, as to avoid dealing with the lockers.


Any other tips as to what rides to hit when, or where to eat would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Crowds will be moderate, and lines will be longer than normal because Kingda Ka is closed.


Get there at opening and get Superman, El Toro and Bizarro out of the way first as those 3 are going to have the longest lines.


Flashpass decreases as more people are on the unit, $35 is for 1 person, 2 people is $54 or $55 and so on. It is a virtual line system. If the wait for a ride is an hour, it tells you to come back in an hour and you go right into the station or up the exit (depending on the ride). I would see how crowds are before deciding if you need it or not.


You can leave stuff in your pockets, they don't need to be placed in a locke r. All coasters except the kiddie coasters and Rolling Thunder and the Runaway Mine Mine Train have them.

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