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Photo TR: Dorney Park 5/10/08

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Today was the first time I was aloud to drive out of state by myself!

My neighbor Joe and me got to the park at 11:30 a.m.


A look at Voodoo from the parking lot.


Dorney Park!


Off to Steel Force.


We rode Steel Force 5x in a row!


Voodoo was testing!


Can't wait to ride!


It wasn't going very fast today.


Watch the video!


Hydra! 2x today.


The longest ride we had to wait for was Wild Mouse!


Was not worth the 40 min wait.


Talon was worth the wait. 2x today.


Thunderhawk was painful.


Lazer was closed.


One last ride on Steel Force in the front. 6x total! I now have 62 coaster rides this year!


Watch the video of the trip!


Day Conclusion:

Steel Force=6x

Hydra: The Revenge=2x

Wild Mouse=1x

Talon: Grip of Fear=2x


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I don't understand why people think DP is crap. The rides are fun, and the atmosphere is great - very relaxing, riding stuff that is very fun, very little lines at all, just a fun day.


So, how was Hydra? (BTW, Hercules=awesome.)


Thunderhawk? Rough? Yeah, it was prevented from being a freaking awesome ride because of the trims at the end, but otherwise, it's really fun.


Laser... closed. Dang, that ride kicks butt. For some reason, Schwarzkopf rides are more forceful in the front.

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I always wonder why people are down on Dorney too! They have a great collection of coasters about to be made even better! Plus they have an S&S tower!


The only ugly thing about the park is the area by Talon.. but that's not even the desolate wasteland that most people make it out to be.


Dorney rocks! I feel like us PA people are pretty spoiled.


^PS.. I dont know what Hercules you're talking about! I was pretty close to suicidal after my last ride on that beast.

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^^I hope they will test it before the end of June/early July, which is when I will go. It isn't listed as SBNO on rcdb, so hopefully it won't be closed.


Speeddeamon, Wild Mouse (ironically) always has the longest lines in the park. But what is weird is that Wild Mouse got a 40 minute wait just days after opening day, when I almost never get a line over 25 minutes when I go, which is usually a week or less before the 4th of July. (I can often catch walk-ons or near walk-ons for several of the coasters.) But, yes, it is a weak Wild Mouse. They have those stupid trims on too hard.


CoasterEricHP, Hercules = awesome. I admit the first three (and only three) times I rode it were when I was ten, and I didn't pay attention to roughness that much, or I caught it on a good day. Although it was in its last season of operation, I didn't find it painful at all, and it was nice and fast, but I hadn't ridden anything of that size prior, so I didn't have much else to compare it to.

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I think a lot of people used to give DP a hard time because of the changes Cedar Fair made after they purchased it ... but now that a lot of time has gone by those changes have "grown in" (literally with all the trees they planted) and the park is a different place.



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