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SFMM, Schools and Crowds

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Hello all,


I'm new to this board but am grateful for coming across it. Been a tremendous resource for me!


I just found out last night that I have to be in LA for some business the last part of the week of May 18th (21st through 23rd). I'm planning on staying through Sunday night the 25th.


Its been a very long time since I was last at SFMM (I think '99 or 2000) and am ecstatic to be able to go again.


My questions revolve around crowds and school schedule stuff. I'm definitely planning on hitting the park on Thursday the 22nd at least for a half day. Are schools still in session in California? Is there an extra day off on Friday for the long memorial day weekend?


I understand that X2 re-opens on the 24th. Do you expect the park to be crazy busy? Or just crazy busy for X2? I'm hoping that because its just a re-opening and not a new ride that the rest of the park won't be too bad (wholly unrealistic wish I bet). That was my experience back when I last went---Superman lines were insanely long but everything else wasn't bad.


Would you experts recommend staying away that weekend or just avoiding X2? Perhaps I should plan on doing some other park that day?


Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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I've only been to SFMM once, so I don't know how crowded it'll be. I went on a Saturday last month and it was pretty crowded, I waited nearly 2 hours for Tatsu, and a little over an hour for Goliath.


I used to go to school in northern CA and now southern CA, every school I've gone to has had its last day be around mid June, this year its June 18th. So schools will still be in session.


We also have the Monday off for Memorial Day weekend, still in school on Friday.


Regarding X2 just being a reopened ride, a lot of kids in my school actually think its a brand new ride, so I think most of the GP might rush in thinking that it has a completely different layout.


Hope that helped.

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Being a student in LA, I can offer some insight into the whole situation your in. Truthfully, X is amazing and should not be missed, however, going on a saturday in May is quite possibly the worst mistake you can make. Even though X2 will be opening up and because of the crowds it could draw, it would be a good idea to go on friday or even go to the overnight sleepover if you really want to go on saturday, but dont go on saturday unless you are with the sleepover because its sure to be crowded.


Most schools dont get out until May 23 and if they do get out before that, they are very small private schools so you should have very light crowds on a weekday.

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