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Six Flags Magic Mountain X2 Campout!

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HMMM.....what can I say?!

X2 is AMAZING! I lost my voice from screaming so much!

If you thought X was great

You have NO IDEA what X2 has in store.

Pictures and Video don't make up for it.

Not only do we get Night ime ERT, but we're also getting snacks and I'm reporting to you at the NEW Cybercafe!

Who EVER said $50.00 dollars was way overpriced, please, cry yourself to sleep, because this is an experience that NO ONE should miss!

X2 ROCKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I cannot believe the red carpet that has been rolled out for us tonight here at sfmm. The unexpected night time ert was a big surprise and x2 does not disappoint! I will have some photos and a trip report soon! A huge thank you to Six Flags Magic Mountain and all of the employees that stayed late for all of us! Again a huge thank you!



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LMAO to all of you who did NOT come to the campout!


We just got 90 minutes of ERT on X2 and OMFG the night rides were amazing.


I got to experience inside seats, outside seats, and YES, I rode the inside last row and I 100% agree with Tim. It was as smooth as Scream.


All of the FX were working for us, the fire, the fog, the colored lights on the ground, the music, etc. As for a complete package, it's going to be hard to beat X2 for the best ride in the park!


I have some amazing photos to post that show the train completely engulfed in fire. Be looking for those very soon.


Special thanks goes out to Six Flags Magic Mountain for giving us a once in a lifetime experience.


--Robb "Why aren't you here?" Alvey

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I am so glad I came to this......I'm writing this from the Cyber Cafe in Magic Mountain right now, enjoying the amazing hospitality of the park, as well as coffee and donuts. Just got off of five awesome rides on X2.


Had a nice trip up here, got here about 10:40 and got into the park, and made my way over to the camping area.....and that was when everyone gathered around for the announcement Jay Thomas surprised us all with: they were taking us up for nighttime ERT on X2! I was definitely surprised and extremely happy.


I will hold off on a very detailed report on the ride for now, but let me sum it up in one word: WOW. I didn't think they could make my favorite coaster better, but they did and it fully exceeded all of my expectations. The ride really seemed smoother to me; I rode back row outside and although it was turbulent, it was not "rough" to me at all. At one time I never would have ridden rows beyond 1-4, but now I can say that I would ride any seat on the ride and that not having preferred seating is not an issue to me in the least. (And after riding it tonight, I actually will agree with Tim Burkhart's comments from a while back in that the rides I had seemed at least as smooth as Scream).


Not only is the ride great, but the effects (fire, fog and mist) are impressive and work great, the audio is extremely well done, even the queue is put together better, and the crew seems full of energy and ready to tackle what are sure to be huge crowds when this opens to the public.


I wil post more tomorrow.....but I did want to say thanks to Jay, Neal and Tim at SFMM for putting on another world class event, one I am very glad I came to!

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Here's a few photos and a short video from tonight's campout!


So far it's been an amazing experience. Magic Mountain suprised everyone with 90 minutes of night ERT on X2 then donuts and coffee at the Cyber Cafe to make SURE we are all wired so no one gets ANY sleep at all tonight!


The ride at night was amazing. All the effects were working for us - The Fire, The Fog, The colored lights, The Audio, etc, etc.


As an overall ride package, it's fantastic! Absolutely exeeded my expectations.


Onto some pics of tonights event....


And some VIDEO of X2 at night including the awesome fire effects!


THANK YOU to Jay, Tim, Neal, the X2 crew and everyone else for an awesome night...and we still have tomorrow yet to go!!!


Don't you wish YOU had some of these awesome donuts too?


Time to go post to Theme Park Review about our night.


X2 is awesome baby!


Raven turn...AT NIGHT!!!!


Doesn't it look like the ride is actually on fire?!?!?






Going doooooown!


I'm ready for my inside back row "Smooth as Scream" ride!


Don't worry, Six Flags Magic Mountain has some ideas on how to heat things up! (Yes, that is a train emerging from the fireball!)


Did we mention that it was cold? =)


It's all smiles as we are about to be the first public rides to experience X2 at night!


Jay excited, Tim, get some sleep man! =)


John is looking just a little bit INSANE about riding X2!


Here we go, heading from the picnic pavillion over to X2.


Jay Thomas, Park President announces to the group that we are going to ride X2 - TONIGHT!


Zipped version of the video.


And the Turn o Ravens.


Back to the first drop once again.




More FIRE!!!


The Raven Turn.


Just in case you forgot what the first drop looked like in the past 10 seconds.




Uh, oh...you know what comes next....


Oooh, how pretty!


Geez, I really do LOVE that turn around!


First drop did you say?


Turnaround Madness Part Deux!


Turnaround madness!


And now for a LOT of X2 photos!

Going up the lift hill!


As an all day bonus to the campers, your wristband got you "All Day Flashpass" on X2. (NOTE - From the sounds of it they will be testing out how the queue operates and may be adding the ride to the Thrill Pass in the near future, and then if they are able to, eventually add it to Flash Pass.)


Time for a little more X2 ERT!


All the new queue monitors have been installed.




What are we waiting for? Let's go!


Neal says "Are you guys ready to ride X2 AGAIN?"


Now it's time to head back to X. It's always fun to be in the park before it opens.


A table full of TPR members!




Cold and a bit damp, the campers head over to Mooseburger Lodge


Dramamine for breakfast? C'mon man, we've got a real spread waiting for us!


In the morning everyone awakes to this awesome view!


Good night everybody!


William is proud of his tent!


"Is it even worth trying to get sleep?"


Others camped out under a roller coaster back drop.


After a great night of ERT, coffee, donuts, and internet it was time to get some sleep. Some threw sleeping bags on the tables.

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More photos...


And finally, we will end this update with MORE FIRE!!!!


Thanks again to Six Flags Magic Mountain for another event that exceeds our expectations!


CLOSE UP Raven Madness!




The new trains!


Did we mention that anytime a ride explodes with a giant fair ball we are impressed?

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The fireball effect has to look crazy from the side of I-5 at night. I'm pretty much convinced I need to get a night ride now to experince the full awesomeness of the new makeover. The effects and onride audio look and sound great.


Thanks for the pics and video. I can't wait to get down to SFMM later this year to check out the X2.



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(NOTE - From the sounds of it they will be testing out how the queue operates and may be adding the ride to the Thrill Pass in the near future, and then if they are able to, eventually add it to Flash Pass.)


I really hope they can deliver on that promise. That was one of the big suprise annoucements of WCB: three trains on X and flashpass. They (Jay/Tim/Neal) were pretty enthusiastic about it at WCB, so I hope they can deliver on their promise.


Looks like it was a cool event. Glad everyone had fun!

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I hope they can deliver on their promise.

Don't put words into their mouths. Was it a "promise" or was it the "plan" they conveyed to us.


Joey, you as a manager in theme park operations know that not all plans can come to fruition.


While they may not have Flash Pass integrated into the ride at the moment, from the conversations I had with everyone today they are all working VERY hard towards that goal, and if it makes sense to add Flash Pass in the future, they will.



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^ In the Raven turns. Sorry I didn't get pics of it. The fog is also lit up at night and it looked AWESOME!


EDIT: Actually, you can kind of see the fog in the lower left hand corner of htis photo -


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All I can say is WOW! I'm so glad Magic Mountain continues to push the boundaries when it comes to entertaining their guests for special events. An hour and a half ERT on X2 in the middle of the night sounds so gnarly!


Hope you're all havin a good time out there, I'm jealous I couldn't make it out to the event! X2 definitly looks like its now in strong contention for the best ride in the park!

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