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Six Flags Magic Mountain X2 Campout!

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Hey Theme Park Review Members!


Want to be the first to ride X2? Six Flags Magic Mountain is putting on an "X2 Camp Out" Event on Friday night, May 23rd, 2008 and TPR members have been invited!


Six Flags Magic Mountain has put together a package deal for those of you who want to be the FIRST public riders on X2's opening day! If you do plan to attend the event, please drop me an email or post to the forum so we can put together "Camp TPR."


Below are the details from Six Flags Magic Mountain -




Be the First to Ride X2!

Join fellow coaster enthusiasts for an exclusive X2 Early Ride Time Campout on Friday, May 23 at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Sleep under the stars in the picnic area starting at 10:00 p.m. and get a sneak peek of X2! The Park will open one hour early at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 24 for campers to ride X2 (only X2 will be open at this hour, the rest of the Park will open at 10:00 a.m.).


Cost per person: $50 – Season Passes not accepted for this event.


The overnight package will include:

- Overnight parking

- A ticket to the private sleep over event and ticket to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday, May 24

- Breakfast

- Exclusive Ride Time on X2 on Saturday, May 24


Limited number of openings are available so signup now!


Bathroom facilities provided (no showers). Tents are allowed or sleep under the stars. No fires of any kind are allowed. Access to picnic area will start at 10:00 p.m. on Friday, May 23 (park close). All items must be removed from the picnic area prior to 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 24.


What to bring:

- Sleeping bag/soft bedding

- Tents are allowed or you can sleep right under the stars

- Warm clothes

- Flashlight

- Sneakers


Snacks and drinks optional


What not to bring:

- Anything expensive

- Grills, campfire equipment, etc. (no open fire permitted)

- No alcohol


Rules of participation:

- Must be 18 or accompanied by an adult or legal guardian

- Payment is required prior to event

- Six Flags is not responsible for any personal items that are lost, stolen or broken.


SPACE IS LIMITED! Call Six Flags Magic Mountain Group Sales to purchase tickets, 661-255-4500.




Please post here if you plan on attending this event.


Please remember to CALL GROUP SALES to purchase tickets as this is an event put on by Six Flags Magic Mountain.


--Robb Alvey



ROLL CALL!!! (Please post if you plan on going so we can add your name)

1. Robb Alvey

2. TheRealTinkerBell

3. Ryan King

5. Mr. Stratosphere + 1

6. Jhcbiinoc

7. Aaronkv

8. Johnathan

9. Marie

10. CarynJade

11. ajinaz

13. suave1226 & wife

14. ZipityDoDog

15. Jeff Wesson

16. wrs28330 + Katie

18. hollowman2212 + 1

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Thank you for the invite, but I have 1 question


i am going to busy all night on the 23rd is there a certain time that I have to be there at or can I show up right before it starts?

I'm not sure what you mean. When you say "it" starts, do you mean the campout at 10pm on Friday night or the ERT on Saturday morning?


My guess would be that if you're willing to pay the $50 and just show up on the Saturday morning, why not?


Since SFMM is putting on the event, I cannot answer for sure. I would call group sales at 661-255-4500 ask them the same question then post here what you have been told.


I am totally excited for this. I plan to make the event.

Just be sure to call Group Sales ASAP to reserve your spot!



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Will X2 be open to the public on the 24th or is it only for the campers and media?

I'm pretty sure the ride will be open to the public on the 24th.

Just out of curiosity, how many spots are there? Hopefully I'll be able to make it, chances are I probably will be able to.


They did not say how many people it was limited to.


I would give the park a call to confirm any answers to your questions, though: 661-255-4500.



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Ok, so apparently I'm the first one to call group sales over there because they totally transfered me three times because no one knew what the heck I was talking about!(They were probably talking about how crazy I sounded about me wanting to sleep in the park!) Ha! Until someone finally told me that they're not starting the sales till tomorrow. Oh well.

Robb, I am FOR SURE TIMES INFINITY that I will be going.

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Cost per person: $50 – Season Passes not accepted for this event.


I REALLY like what I have seen so far from the park under the "new management," and I would REALLY like to attend this event (the last campout was tons of fun!), but $50 is just too steep a price for what is being offered. If more is added to the event like nigh ERT on other coasters, Q&A's, dinner, etc. I would be much more inclined to attend.


As it is right now, I just can't justify the cost when I already have a pass that gets me free parking and flashpasses.


But for those of you who haven't been to SFMM in awhile and don't have a pass...this sounds like a great excuse to go back!

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Is this basically the same thing they're doing with the Dark Knight up in Jackson, NJ, just personally sending out an invitation to TPR people in this case? In any event, it sounds like a great time--camping and roller coasters are two of my greatest loves.


But alas, I live in the heart of Cedar Fair Land. I guess I'll just hold out till Kings Island does the same thing for their hyper in '09 or Cedar Point does this with their next biggun...yeah, right.

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Is this basically the same thing they're doing with the Dark Knight up in Jackson, NJ, just personally sending out an invitation to TPR people in this case?

Yes. Although it is open to all groups, not just TPR.



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Wow, SFMM is amazing me more and more! I had called earlier and they knew nothing. Within 30 minutes they already have everything up and running and everyone already is informed. In fact, the woman I spoke to actually called me back informing me that everything was already set up and asked if I still wanted to purchase and reserve my spot! SFMM....oh..I'm gonna say it.... I LOVE YOU.

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I totally could have gone, and got all excited till I realized that I wil be going to some random theme park on a school trip, and will not be back till like 1 in the morning. I will make it to the park though on the 24th during the day to ride X2!

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man, this would be heaven for me. please do a TR for this!


This would be heaven for anyone. I won't be able to attend because I'll be at my home parks coasters after dark event. Plus it's the opening of Tony Hawk. ^I agree though do a PTR from this event.

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I won't be attending. I wouldn't spend the night there with the baby and it's not worth $50 just to hang out for a bit. Too bad they didn't let us do something like our Tatsu Campout again!


Have fun Robb and everyone else! A few of us will be doing my 'Alternate X2 Campout'...we'll see you rested and refreshed Saturday morning!

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