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Dogwood Lake Park

How nice of a park was Dogwood Lake?  

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  1. 1. How nice of a park was Dogwood Lake?

    • Best park I've seen!
    • Nice park, but could use some work.
    • Average park.
    • Nothing TERRIBLE, but nothing good either...
    • Worst park EVER!

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I never thought this season would get here!


As you all know, this year, the park introduced Screechin' Eagle to the world.


Now, I don't mean to over-hype the ride or anything, but... IT'S AWESOME! I love everything about the ride, the airtime, and laterals, the tunnels, the speed, EVERYTHING!


Here are some pictures of the 1987 season:


Cyclone was really busy all season! The crowds are starting to flock to the front-of-the-park attractions...


Woodland Dash and the Italian cafe did well, too!


Okay, enough of this stuff, lets get to what you really want... SCREECHIN' EAGLE!


The ride's station and (long) queue.


Look familiar?


Flying down into one of two tunnels!


The high-lateral turnaround!


I'll leave you with an overview of Screechin' Eagle and *most* of the park.


What do you all think?

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Well here we are in 1988!


Two new attractions have been added this year. Take a look:


The new ride this year is River Round-Up.


I think it looks nice and everything, but I don't have a very strong stomach, so I have yet to give it a try...


A new Mexican restaurant has also been added!


You can get some great views of SE from El Restaurante Mexicano. Speaking of Screechin' Eagle...


It has been voted the #1 Wooden Coaster in America!


Funny how the park grows so much every season...


See you soon!

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Well what do you know, it's already 1989!


The park had a very successful seasons, with attendance stretching slightly above 2 million visitors! The general admission for adults this year was priced at $20, the highest it has ever been!


New to the park is a family attraction, and many changes around Dogwood Lake Park.


Here are some pictures:


Woodland Roadway was added to the park this year.


The antique car attraction was tucked in between Screechin' Eagle and El Restaurante Mexicano.


Woodland Dash has been shortened to just "Dash" by popular request.


And finally, SE's trains have been shortened to just 3 cars each, because of extreme negative g's that were experienced in the very back of the train. I wonder how this will effect the coaster's position in the polls...?


What do you think?

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Hello everyone! Well, its been a busy off-season, so sadly I haven't gotten to share with you the newest addition to Dogwood Lake Park.


For the 1990 season, DLP has added Thunderbolt, a TOGO Stand-Up roller coaster! This concept enables riders to experience an inversion, helix, and plenty of airtime all while in the standing position!


Here are some pictures of the new coaster:


Thunderbolt's station and lift.


The first drop and vertical loop are VERY exciting!


Thunderbolt whips you around this highly-banked helix.





What do you all think about the new coaster?

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^Well, I see your point...


But the yellow & red color scheme is kind of redundant throughout the park.


Any other color suggestions? (I'd like to keep the supports red, if all possible...)

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