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Shawn's Worldwide Adventures! PTRs From My Travels

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Here is a list of the parks reported on in this thread and the corresponding page number of their update.


Dam Sen Park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam page 1 (below in this post)


Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Part 1 of the update focuses on the theme park and can be found on page 1 while part 2 focuses on the water park and can be found on page 2.


Cosmo's World in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - page 4


Universal Studios Singapore Construction Pictures - page 6


Genting Highlands Resort in Malaysia - Parts 1 & 2 on page 6


Hanoi Moon Park in Hanoi, Vietnam - page 7


Dream World in Bangkok, Thailand - page 7


Yoyo Land in Bangkok, Thailand - page 8


Wonder World Fun Park in Bangkok, Thailand - page 8


Pattaya Park Funny Land in Pattaya, Thailand - page 8


Siam Park City in Bangkok, Thailand - page 9


Fisherman's Wharf in Macau, China - page 9


Ocean Park in Hong Kong, China - page 9


Hong Kong Disneyland - page 10


Happy Valley Shenzhen in Shenzhen, China - page 11


Honey Lake Amusement Park in Shenzhen, China - page 12


Donghu Park in Shenzhen, China - page 12


Jing Ying Amusement Park in Guangzhou, China - page 12


Chimelong Paradise in Guangzhou, China - page 12


Wuhan Zhongshan Park in Wuhan, China - page 13


Sun Park in Beijing, China - page 14


Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing, China - page 14


Nairamdal Park in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - page 14


Jin Jiang Action Park in Shanghai, China - page 15


The Olympics in Beijing, China ALL 3 Parts - page 15


Vote to help send me to India on a Press Tour - page 16


Lunapark in Prague, Czech Republic - page 17


Parcul Tineretului in Bucharest, Romania - page 17


Zorky's Planet in Bucharest, Romania - page 17





I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia with my wife and seven year old son. Since I have had the opportunity to visit a few unknown theme parks, I thought I would post the trip reports here in this thread. Since I am still in Southeast Asia, check back often to see more parks added. The first TR is below. It is from Vietnam. More TRs from Malaysia and Thailand to come soon!



We are currently in Saigon, Vietnam and visited Dam Sen Park yesterday. This is the largest theme park in Vietnam and honestly is quite different than anywhere else I have been. Entrance to the park is around $2USD and then tickets for each ride run from $.50 to around $2.00. Unfortunately there is no unlimited ride ticket available. I visited the park with my wife and seven year old son.


RCDB states that the park has four coasters, but I looked everywhere and couldn't find the fourth credit. We did manage to feed some crocodiles, visit the seven wonders of the world in ice sculpture form and ride two freaky dark boat rides in addition to the three rather tame coasters. All in all the visit was a success.


I hope to upload my Malaysia TRs soon, but figured I would do this park now since it is so fresh in my mind. I also write about my general travels on my website, but you are here for coasters and theme parks so I will get onto the TR. If I have posted to many photos for your taste, let me know. Either way, enjoy!


Dam Sen Park Part 1:


My best Big Mike impression.


Very scary creatures. Actually we really enjoyed the ride because of how many times the animatronics made us jump.


The animatronic animals were quite basic, but they leapt so close to the boat it was quite scary.


For atmosphere they sunk a ride vehicle in the water. SCARY!


The last ride in this back portion of the park is the Amazon River Cruise dark boat ride!


From near the crocs we got another view of Roller Coaster.


The boat portion was closed, but fortunately we were still able to feed the crocs from land. (There was at least 50 crocs in the pond and they were very active and hungry!)


From the park map: With the safe condition absolutely, You not only fish on the bank but also fish from a boat to see lightning quick bites of crocodiles.


Following Roller Coaster we came to a crocodile farm. They have boats where you can actually go on the water to feed the crocs.


Simulated Greek ruins. Stairs and columns with no building! Fantastic!


A view inside of the station. The cars were so small that I had to actually lift my knees as high up as possible during the inversions to avoid the pain. They were designed for the smaller Vietnamese people not a 6'2'' American!


More Roller Coaster


I wasn't able to capture the car on the tracks since they were only running one cycle every thirty minutes or so.


Roller Coaster is a pretty standard double corkscrew coaster with a lift, drop directly into a loop and then a double corkscrew. Following the corkscrews it turns immediately into a brake run.


I think I see it. BTW the Vietnamese have come up with clever naming schemes. This coaster is named "Roller Coaster"!


The map says the roller coaster is located behind the Haunted Castle!


Hey, Mickey and Donald are here too!


Ah, Monkeys!


Before the coasters we had to walk through an animal enclosure. This is the scariest looking bird I have ever seen!


Oh, they allow fishing in the park!


Finally we found the lake and began to make our way to the back of the park for the coasters.


and on the other side, concrete!


On one side you have nicely landscaped gardens....


The park is laid out in a big circle around a lake. Off to the side is this warehouse full of flat rides.


And Pluto too!!!!!!!


Are those the seven dwarves?


Most of the flats are carnival rides.


A park map.


I guess it is?!? (Later we found out this is a secondary gate.)


Is this really the front gate?


Saigon traffic on the way to the park. I have been told there are 9 million people in Saigon and 6 million motorbikes!


Time to take the bus to Dam Sen Park!


Is this it? Oh no, just a carnival on the way to the bus stop!

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Dam Sen Park Part 2:


Cool Chinese bridge.


They have another nice garden as well!


Hey near the kiddie coaster we found the main entrance. It is much nicer!



Such a pretty face!


What a surprise the car is themed as a dragon.


The last coaster is a junior named Rong Bay. It is laid out in an oval shape.


An overview of the park.


Great views of HCMC. (Saigon)


Hey its the Haunted Castle & Roller Coaster


Before we headed back to the front of the park it was time to ride the giant ferris wheel.


Once again this ride had freaky animatronics that literally came right on top of you. This wouldn't work in the U.S. because people would probably destroy them. It was once again a lot of fun!


From the park map: In this park of 110 assorted dinosaurs, you will have the chance to discover unexpected and interesting things about the living of the biggest animals on earth.


The second dark boat ride is called Dinosaurs Park.


All that spinning made us hungry. Time for lunch. No one spoke English so we had to point. I got beef and rice while Jasmine and Shawn Reece had fried chicken and rice. It was actually really good.







From the park map: Spinning coaster is roller coaster with cars that are able to spin on rail.... The riders sit back to back and enjoy the extreme pleasure feeling when run over the tortuous curves.


Spinning Coaster is a pretty standard spinning wild mouse with cars seating four people back to back. It is rather slow as we felt several sets of brakes on the ride.


After thawing out, we headed to the second coaster in the park. The park owners did an exhaustive search and finally settled on the name of Spinning Coaster!


Hey, they even have a frozen bhudda!


Wearing my snow dress!


They have the Mayan Pyramids, Egyptian Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Roman Coliseum & Taj Mahal among others. It is really cool!


Description from the park map: Dam Sen opens the new Ice Lantern Arts Show every year with many ice sculptures that bearing hallmarks of both ancient and modern architecture. Sculpted ice works are elaborate, lively and magnificent, each of which is sometimes splendid and sometimes mysterious in its beauty.


Finally we have arrived at the Ice Sculptures!


Saigon Disneyland?


I'll start part two with a pic for all of you bikini lovers. (Look close at the banner!)


I guess it's time to go. Goodbye Mickey!


Getting crazy lost inside!


Before leaving we decided to do one last thing, The Mirror Maze! Of course they gave us gloves so we didn't smudge up the mirrors!


but it was closed.


They have a water ride....

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Thanks for sharing the pics!


This place is so far off the beaten path, TPR may not even make it there on a side trip!


Good Job!


BTW - This ATW trip you're taking, how long is this trip lasting? I don't remember if you had mentioned it in one of your other reports.


Again, THANKS. These are cool!




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Thanks for sharing the pics!


This place is so far off the beaten path, TPR may not even make it there on a side trip!


Good Job!


BTW - This ATW trip you're taking, how long is this trip lasting? I don't remember if you had mentioned it in one of your other reports.


Again, THANKS. These are cool!





We started the trip on April 21, 2007 so it has been just over one year. Currently it looks like we will be traveling another 4-5 months as we are starting to get tired. Traveling for this long is really hard work and can be incredibly tiring but is completely worth it!

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The Sunway Lagoon theme park is housed in a large resort complex about twenty minutes outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The resort consists of a large mall, resort hotel and the theme park. As for the park itself, it was built on the site of an old tin mine and is broken into four parts. High on top of the hill is the theme park portion, while down below in the old mine are a water park, extreme park and animal park. The animal and extreme parks were closed on the day we visited, but we did spend a lot of time in the other areas. The first part of the TR will focus on the theme park and part 2 will have some pictures of the lower level waterpark. If you have any questions please let me know. I hope you enjoy the TRs from Southeast Asia.


Sunway Lagoon Part 1:


A look back at the theme park. Look for part 2 where I will have a lot of pictures of the water park and lower area of the park!


Hello down there!


A picture of the beautiful resort hotel.


From the bridge we got our first glimpse of the water park.


The bridge goes on forever and crosses the entire park, passing over the water park, extreme park and animal park.


Finally we got a glimpse of the real reason for our visit. Sunway Lagoon is home to the largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world.


From below we got a nice look at one of Lost City's small airtime hills


Once we left the western area a quick visit to the Scholar Rocks was in order. They are housed in the building below the Lost City of Gold coaster.


Buffalo Bill Coaster train.


The second coaster is called Buffalo Bill Coaster. It is a junior coaster that wraps around the log ride. Unfortunately, this is the best picture that I got of it.


The log ride features a drop out of a snake's mouth. Unfortunately it was closed when we visited.


From Lost City of Gold we headed back into the Western themed section of the park. It houses a rapids ride, log ride and a junior roller coaster.




The coaster is built on top of a building that houses a cave stone exhibition. At one point the train goes through a tunnel where lights flash and a monster noise is played.


Going up the Lost City of Gold lift hill.


The Lost City of Gold Coaster is very small, but the backseat gives an incredible amount of air time.


Immediately after entering you come to the first coaster.


Sunway Lagoon park entrance.


This was by far the nicest mall we saw in Malaysia. It even had an ice rink. (Oh yah I forgot the mall also has KFC & Pizza Hut among others!)


The large mall outside of the theme park. It is called Sunway Pyramid and is home to such American favorites as McDonalds, Tony Roma's, Burger King, Wendys & Carl's Jr.


To get to the park we had to take the KL Monorail from our hotel to the train station then board a commuter train for twenty minutes, before catching a bus to the park.

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Dam Sen Park - wow that was interesting!


I have to admit that if I ever go there, I would be terrified to ride some of those rides. The park looks incredibly unique though- roller coasters, dinosaurs, ice sculptures, dragons, lakes, rip-off Disney stuff, crocidiles. The food at least looks delicious!

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Wow this is really interesting to read! I love seeing different parks in different cultures. Especially when the photo's are as good as yours!


Im looking forward to the Thailand section. When I worked at Universal we had a group of international students from Thailand and I would always talk to them about their parks! Should be cool to see!


Keep up the awesome work.

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Wood Dragon - The park actually looked to be pretty well maintained. I never felt nervous about riding any of the attractions.


Kingbooba - I don't remember there being a Top Spin at Dam Sen. What picture are you talking about. Maybe I can tell you what it is that you are seeing.


CoasterEric - Thanks for the nice comments. So far I have only been to Dream World in Thailand, but am going to visit Siam Park City when I return to Bangkok in a few weeks. First I will finish the Malaysia park TRs before moving on to the Thailand parks.


Thanks again!

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Sunway Lagoon Part 2 - Bottom Portion of the park including the waterpark. The extreme park was closed on the day we visited and I couldn't get any pictures of it. It was a shame because included in admission to the extreme park is: ATV riding, a zip line from the top of the bridge into the pool below and paint ball battles. I was so sad to see that it was closed. Oh well. I hope you enjoy the TR. (See pg. 1 of this post for the 1st part.)


My next post from Malaysia will be of Cosmo's World. Cosmo's World is located in a mall in KL and houses the best non space themed indoor coaster I have ever been on! Stay tuned!


Disney just had to make its way into this park as well! They sure do get around!


More random scenery!




More super lazy river.




Take that Big Mike! A hot bikini babe!


Pretty scenery.


The slowest lazy river ever. You literally had to swim or you would just feel a gentle pull from the water but not enough to move you. It was lame!


A car wash style shower.


Another view of the gorgeous hotel.


Wave pool and sandy beach.


Them theme park section high above.


At the bottom of the bridge. Nice signage.

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Can you elaborate as to what this waterslide does?


But dang, this is a really nice park! It seems to be quite successful and with all that terrain they could make some large, kick butt coasters.


A shuttle waterslide?!

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Sure. You come down from the tower out of screen on the left on a tube. Your tube reaches the top of the slide on the right and you fall back down to the middle backwards. The exit to the ride is in that flat section in the middle.


I also agree about great coasters. It is too bad they don't feel like building any. The park itself is well themed, but it really lacks any great rides. The Lost City of Gold coaster is ok, but it is quite small and the waterslides are all pretty generic. Overall though it was a pretty good day!


Thanks for the comments.

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Sunway Lagoon looks like a really nice park, it's a shame the owners didn't give Wonderland (the Defunct Aussie Park) the same treatment they give their Asian park.


Did you see or ride Pirates Revenge (the Intamin Looping Starship ride) when you were at Sunway Lagoon?

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Sunway Lagoon looks like a really nice park, it's a shame the owners didn't give Wonderland (the Defunct Aussie Park) the same treatment they give their Asian park.


Did you see or ride Pirates Revenge (the Intamin Looping Starship ride) when you were at Sunway Lagoon?


Yes we did. It was actually a really fun ride. At first they told us that eight people were required to ride. With my son not tall enough, we only had two. Fortunately after five minutes of waiting they felt sorry for us and allowed us to ride alone. It was great.


The park is very beautiful, but in reality doesn't fare very well as a standalone park. When you add in the value of the waterpark and extreme park it makes more sense. We spent a couple of hours down in the water park so it made the visit worth it. I still am sad that the extreme park was closed though, paintball shooting and zip lining over the wave pool would have been really cool!


BeemerBoy - Thanks for the nice comments. I am glad you enjoy the blog. We are having a lot of fun, but after thirteen months of continuous travel the three of us are starting to get tired. We should be heading home in about three months!

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Those tigers on the Amazon River ride look like the most lethal stuffed animals ever. But the T-Rex on the dino ride actually kinda friendly.


Sunway's huge bridge looks like one of the coolest walkways anywhere, I think.

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I just want to thank everyone for the nice comments.


Chuck: The bridge is incredible and certainly provides a unique theme park experience. FYI the bridge is 428 meters long which equates to around 1400 feet in American speak.


Sunway Lagoon is a few coasters short of being great. However, with Genting Highlands only an hour away, it fits in with its niche. (Genting Highlands is a theme park/casino resort with two theme parks located an hour away from KL.) Look for a Genting Highland TR on this thread in the coming future.


I will be posting pictures of Cosmo's World an indoor theme park housed in a KL mall tomorrow. It houses the best indoor looping coaster I have ever been on and certainly the best coaster in Southeast Asia IMO.

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