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Photo TR: Kennywood Media Preview Event for Ghostwood Estate

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Today, DAFE members and the media were invited to preview the new Ghostwood Estate dark attraction. As a member of DAFE, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. I must say, I was blown away by the new ride!!!! The preshow is fantastic, animation is perfect! But by far the best part of the ride - every target that you hit activates something - whether it is a light, an air blast, a figure movement, anything!!! No cheap plywood cutout targets here. There are about 200 targets on the ride, and depending on where you sit - you have a better aim at certain targets. You would definately need to ride it several times to see all the targets activate, plus ride another time just to appreciate the scenery and decor. The trackless cars work wonderfully, and actually turn you around at one point. It may not be a high/fast/steep roller coaster, but it is definately worth checking out at Kennywood!!!


Oh, another thing - the queue line is covered and has ceiling fans - something we will appreciate in the heat of summer!


Well, we know you all want to see pictures, so here you go.....It was hard to take pictures while shooting the ghosts, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what the ride is like.


More things to get ready! Thank you for reading!!!


On our way out, we are reminded that they are still getting ready for opening day tommorrow.


Log rolling competition with one guy falling off the log!


We also got a short preview of the new lumberjack show.





Inside the ride


Kennywood arrow on the back of the cars


Trackless ride cars...


with decorative chairs


Preshow room


Side view of Estate.


Front of the Estate. Notice the loading platform on the 2nd floor.


Walking towards the Estate


Welcome to Kennywood

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While I will miss the old dark ride, Ghostwood Estate looks amazing! I'm glad it was presented as more "PG-13" than most other shooting dark rides that come off as kind of kiddish... you can never have too many severed heads.

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This looks great! I am definitely putting this park on my itinerary this year and may even check out Pittsburgh in the next couple of weeks.


Anyone have any suggestions on where to ride the classic woodies and Phantoms Revenge? Front, back, non-wheel cars???


Any other really cool places to check out while I am in the Steel City?

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Very, very impressive. Kennywood has really outdone themselves this time. Hopefully this ride will make Garfield's Nightmare look abysmal enough to prompt Kennywood to re-theme it again.


This is probably going to be the best interactive dark ride in Pennsylvania (or the multi-state area for that matter), definitely better than its competition from KD's Scooby Doo or Hersheypark's Reese's Cup Challenge. It also gives Kennywood something all-the-rage that Cedar Point doesn't have.


Only a couple more weeks till my school's Kennywood picnic, then I can try it out for myself!

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Any other really cool places to check out while I am in the Steel City?


I love Pittsburgh because they have just about anything you want! Some great museums like the Carnegie museum of art and natural history, Andy Warhol, and the Mattress Factory. If you have kids check out my old place of employment, the Childrens Museum and the Carnegie Science Center.


There's a ton of cool historical stuff too like the Inclines.


Plus if you like baseball you have to check out the best ballpark in the majors!

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We went back today (yes, bad weather and all) and still managed to have a good time in between the rain drops.


We also figured out that the highest score you can get is 9999, and it does NOT roll over to 0. A few people throughout the day were trying to see how high of a score you could get, and it stops at 9999. Red targets are worth 100 and the green targets are 50, and you can hit it multiple times.


Although when you are JUST focused on shooting targets, you miss a lot of the theming and props. Then you need to ride again to see what you missed

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It also gives Kennywood something all-the-rage that Cedar Point doesn't have.


Kennywood already has something Cedar Point doesn't have: charm. I honestly wouldn't want Cedar Point to install a dark ride because I wouldn't want to wait 8 hours to ride it.

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So I was at the park today (not for pleasure, more for work) and had the chance to go get this baby out while I was on my break. My first impression was the building looked really nice, and for it being opening day the line was really short (of course it was pouring down rain earlier in the day). Hopefully I'll get a chance to check the ride out soon, maybe on one of my days off or something.

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There's a ton of cool historical stuff too like the Inclines


Cool, thanks for the response! My partner and I enjoy a lot of the historical displays and had heard years ago that the incline and trolley museum were quite interesting. I also forgot about the Warhol museum and bet that would be worth a few hours, or more.


All I can hope for is that the weather will be nice in two weeks so we can get everything in over a long weekend. I know how iffy the weather can be in Western PA, Western NY and Ohio in May!


The main reason I want to go is to visit Kennywood. I have heard only good things about this park through this site, but have never visited. Plus, we will have a brand new 8MP camera to get lots of good photos of the park for a TR!

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I was there on opening day and Ghostwood Estate was WAY above my expectations.. not just after Garfield's Nightmare.. but it just BLEW my

expectations away! Great sets, no cardboard, an awesome preshow, long ride, and great throughput for a dark ride. Kennywood has a hit on their hands.


Rob "it was great to be riding a coaster again" Vaccaro

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