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TPR Compact Contest Track Poll

Which ride should we build?  

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  1. 1. Which ride should we build?

    • Pollys mess (Liseberg4ever)
    • Express (jarmor)
    • Black Widow (Dbru)
    • Intcompact (jamjar)

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Happytimes theme park has seen the rides and is very impressed with the variety of designs and peoples commitment. Now its up to you to vote for their perfect ride. Rules are simple:


-NO VOTING WHAT-SO-EVER if your taking part in the contest.

-NO VOTING WHAT-SO-EVER if you haven't ridden all of the rides.


I think thats all, now its up to you to decide the winner. All the tracks can be found on this page below.


NOTE- One ride worth a mention is Bandit by CCJared, unfortunatley his coaster was disqualified but its still a fantastic ride.

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I just got this in an email guys!!!


HAPPY TOWN, HAPPY (May 01, 2008) - A brand new level of thrill is coming to Happy Times Park for the 2009 season with the introduction of its single largest investment to date. Express will take its inagural run in march when the parks opens for the 24th season. This will also be the tallest coaster in the state of Happy when it opens.


Once guest board the 24 passenger train they make a U-turn then climb the 103ft lift. After reaching the speed of 53mph you take one a dizzy array of loops, tight spins, and non-stop fun. "This coaster was quite the challange," says Jarvis Morant, chief designer and VP of creative department of Bolliger & Mabillard. "When the park came to us and stated they wanted a thrill machine over 100ft and atleast 3 inversions we were all like sure, but when they stated they only had a little less than an acre for the site thats when we started stratching our heads," says Jarvis as he begins to chuckle.


The park also stated in a press conference that seeing the coaster finally come to life is something special to them. Happy Time zoning comission is a very strict one and the restrictions they placed on the coaster is what caused the challange. The council wanted absolutely nothing to go outside of the alloted space for the coaster and if it did the park would have had to get additional zoning permits that would have been costly and time consuming.


"We had alot of submissions but it seems that a majority of them had things like supports and theme elements outside of the area that was allotted for the coaster," states Dr. Gumbo, Park president and CEO. He also states, "the submissions we had were great but we decided to go with something a little more unique that didn't remind us of any coasters already out there and something more reliable".


Happy times will open in 2008 for weekend operation on Saturday, March 22. Daily operation begins Saturday, May 24. For more information, guests can call the park at (567) 248-6969 or visit online at www.happytimes.com.


Im soooo excited about this since this park is only 45 mins away from me! Oh yeah, the park even sent out some images and a video!


The park even provide the track to ride yourself in the meantime!






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And now I came home!



I'm sorry, but I don't have the time to do a meticulous check But of course I will say something about every coaster..



Liseberg4ever's Polly's Mess's

The coaster was mainly smooth; that's a plus, but I'm not a big fan of the layout - I think it would have suited a spinner better. And btw. great 3D's.



Jarmor's Express

Fantastic and fabulous are my only words! 100% smooth, interesting layout and ....... Yeah; just great!



DBru's Black Widow

Concept was great, though I got a little tired of all the inversions (never thought I should say that). The track itself was a little bumpy here and there, but mainly it was fine..



Jamjar's Intcompact

Track was fine, but the train went through the station 4 times or something like that + it also went through a support..

If you get rid of the going through things, it would be great.



CCJared's Bandit

Jubiiii a launched Vekoma! Layout was fun, and it was so beautiful to look at (I think I might have a Vekoma launched fetish).... It was smooth... until the hill into the brake run! That was a little harsh, I think.




Overall I have to vote for Jarmor's coaster. It was the most smooth of them all, the layout was great with variations, and I liked the colours too

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I have to go with Express by Jarmor. It had a solid layout, was very smooth, and I found the fewest flaws in this ride.


I'm not going to critique for now. If that's expected though, then I'll be glad to edit this post and critique the rides.

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