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NFL draft! watch it? Biggest bust?

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I want to know if anybody out there watched any of the draft and who your teams who they pick what you thing everything and whos the biggest bust.

I say anybody from michigan, yeah, go penn state. sorry about that.

But I will say Justin King (PSU) I think he might want to go back to college and wishes he did go a year early.

So hopefully this gets some replies, that be awesome!

I yeah one more thing, I like the Chicago Bears, I know who they picked, but did you ever hear there name before? I didn't. Theres so bust.

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yeah it might be to large, shhh. Colts argh lucky, my friend named colt likes the colts. Nobody I heard of except for the only Michigan player that I liked (when he wasn't so cocky) im surprised to him 6th round, well Mike Hart, wow 6th round I would of thought like 3rd but there was some good backs, and they all left early.


I just noticed the bob sanders thing, hes good but im defiantly not with you on that.

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I just noticed the bob sanders thing, hes good but im defiantly not with you on that.


I had a pic of Bob Sanders kissing the superbowl trophy. And requested the title fairy change my title to Bob Sanders fan or Colts fan. That is what I got.


Back to the Colts, they really didn't a lot of offensive people except a WR because all the starters, for the most part, are returning from what I last heard. They really need some defense people, but with Freeney back, that will help too.

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Yeah I just looked they did get some positions they needed, but I only heard of Kellen Davis, no QBs I guess they believe there do good, and they better.

As for Lions they got Kevin Smith who is one the best running backs.

For Philly fans you got DeSean Jackson whos killed people in punt returns.

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Booty and USC = Overrated


I think out of the QB's to watch is Matt Ryan, look at how he played at BC with no WR talent any where close to what many other teams had. Watching him was a lot like looking a college Tom Brady. I am not saying he will be a Tom Brady I am simply saying look at his ability to use what he had to win games.


Now for my team Big D. I like both picks but think Jones will have the big immediate impact on the field.

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