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angrybeaver's huge KI trip report! Read from bottom up

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More footings


As the southerns call it, Vertex

Vertex through the trees

You can't forget about Firehawk..¿

More footings

footings from the sky

Is that, that Vertex ride again?

This picture came out bad

How to make footings look pretty




How many pics of the footings did i take?

Ill tell you all about why i hate this ride later



KI just loves nature!

I love this pic

Is that a Hawk on fire?


KI: i love trees!

Someone told me that TG's old theming was gone...


Very nice!


Great move CF! Seriously!!!


Have i showed this pic yet?

I think i already showed this pic?


Now for some highlights of my trip!


Delirium killed my back, but my love... SOB fixed it!

Adventure Express broke, we got stuck in the last chain lift for about 15 minutes!

As i entered AE i noticed some guy in the maintence road...

Maintence truck...

Regular pov of Adventure Express...? ...NO! And BTW: im not balled i just have natural blonde hair but die it black and some parts are now blonde.. it sucks!

Are you still broken?

Finnally 20 minutes later the ride got fixed

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Top Posters In This Topic

Get ready for alot of pictures! Sorry there not in order.

Slingshot from Oktoberfest

My new favorite flat ride!

I had to lay on the ground to take this!

Creepy Crypt theming


More DT pics


One of the AE stone gods kilt this guy

1/3 replica

Reminds me of St. Louis

Later that thing opened its wings and scared me!


I would not ride that

This is how KI celebrates Earth Day!


Those people are crazy!

Swan dirt pile

Invertigo is very photogenic, youll be seeing alot of pics of it.

Waste of space

Hellow B&M

Signature shot, and told you so!

Another signature shot

Waste of internet space showing waste of space: the ride

Buldozer things



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I agree that TR is a little crazy. After reading it I still don't have much of an idea of what is in that park and the captions and ordering were a bit off at times.


Thanks though. You had some nice pictures. I can tell you put a lot of effort into taking them.

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