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Vffreak07's Ongoing Valleyfair Thread!

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Hey, I saw JZ's thread, and since I'm going to Valleyfair quite a few times this spring, summer, and fall, I decided I'd make one for Valleyfair. I actually went to Valleyfair today in the snowy nearly freezing temperatures (yes in April. . . ) to get my season pass processed! Here are some pics.

(Any and all updates can all also be found over at Valleyfairzone)


Well, it was snowing and almost freezing, but I got my season pass processed, and I got a couple snapshots of what's goin on around the park! (Outside of it at least) Lets get on with the pics!

(It was snowing so they aren't that good of quality)

*Pics above the captions*


Ahhh it's been too long!


It was pretty crowded today. . .


The entrance!


I got my permit!


They might wanna take those down by opening day. . .


Doesn't look like they've done much with the new ticketing system yet. . .




Couldn't find a parking spot.






Awww. . . Hi Steel Venom !


Your mom's available at guest servies. . .


Hi Antique Autos! Howyadoin?


VIP=Advance. Therefore, VIP Group Sales. Si? NON!


Another angle. (Taken outside the park. No worries!)


When did that show up??


Rock & Rollllercoasta


Well. . . it's snowing. . . so. . .


High Roller!


Yay for airtime!


In the mist. . . or fog. . . or snow or. . . ah screw it. That's power tower for ya.


Looks kinda creepy eh?


Picnic Cove I think is having some construction done back there. Didn't wanna get in trouble so I didn't take a look.


Yay. I like this shot.


Picnic Cove! Bye bye.


My Favorite Shot!


3,2,1, FREEZE!


Adventure Golf


Pretty tall eh?


No golf for me today.


Yep. I'll get better pics of it during the season and when it isn't snowing.




Wild Thang. . .


Yep. Picture.


I miss skyscraper.


At least PT is still standing. . .


Lotsa track.


I miss skyscraper.


Steel Venom!




Yellow colored thingys.




Not done yet. . .!


Steel Venom & Riptide were actually testing!




I see you!


I saw 2 testing cycles


Angle numero dose




Wild Thing through the trees


Bye bye Valleyfair!




Well, here's the Steel Venom testing video I got!



Thanks for viewing!

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Great Start. I may be able to contribute a few photos from one of my many visits this summer. I was acctually going to go get may pass processed today, but then it started snowing and I wanted to do a little walking around, but not in the cold. Maybe I'll run into you on May 10th.

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Update! May 10th!


Fun day! I had a fun time seeing Ryan there, and meeting Taylor (Valleyfair) there. I got a lot of rides in, and despite the rain, it was a great day! I think these are my ride counts.


Wild Thing - 1

Renegade - 2

Excalibur - 1

Ripcord - 3

Steel Venom - 2

High Roller - 2

Monster - 1

Corkscrew - 1

Xtreme Swing - 1

Power Tower - 1

Riptide - 1

Enterprise - 1

Chaos - 1


Anything I missed? How you would know I have no clue. Onto the pics! Kinda crappy but the rainy day didn't exactly help that haha.


Pics above the captions

Captions below the pics

Get it? Got it? Great!


New Gates. Yuckkkk.


Yay. Hi Wild Thing! How's the offseason been?!


Threw the yucky gates.


The crowds at around 15 minutes to opening. I was 3rd in the park!


Kinda blurry but Steel Venom. First train of the season!


Go Kartage.


Waiting for Ripcord. 3 Times Today! Woot for the upgrade already paying for itself haha


Yay. Not too many rules to ripcord. Just don't grab that blue rail once you get in the flying position.


Everything basically.


This is Chaos!


As well is this.


Enterprise. What is enterprise?


Wild Thing through the tree's


They pack fudge in there.


Scrambled Eggz..


Useless piece a. . . just demolish it already


New signage I think




Straight On!


Groovy place inside (see pics later)


New ATM's are nice eye candy.


Bumper Cars! I vote Bumper Cars ERT for next years Coaster Craze!


Not open today


Wild Thing through the trees again!






Aka Chateau Du Damne


I had strawberry


Two dark holes!


Takes like an hour. No thanks.


Yuck. *Pukes*


You make my heart beat. Not sing.




It's not this color really my camera's just retarded




Hellside Farm!


Where's Mister Scarecrow?


Mad Mouse. Closed today unfortunately. On a construction note, for the new haunt, nothing was seen. I even peeked over a fence. Nothin. Oh well. Interior work is going on though!


I love that show! Err. . . ride.


Okay just pointing out that those two don't really mix well.


Closed. Opens later this month though


Okay I thought this rotated but I guess not. At least the thumbnail didn't. . .


It's broken in! Yay.


It's been SO long. . .


Another black hole. . . that's 3.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel!




Hills & Trills.


For all you brake enthusiasts.


Not the same ride FYI.


New 3-point challenge over by High Roller.


Newly painted bridge!


I love this ride! When the jets are off at least. . .






Enterprise. Fun ride!


Rode it once.


Upside down pic. Or is it?


10 bucks says you tilted your head to look at that pic.


Okay this is just weird right here. Ryan pointed this out to me. Why is there this tree right there. I have no idea. It's something we're bound to figure out by the end of the season.


Chaos & Enterprise walkway


What the *(#& where'd skyscraper go?! NOOO!


*Wipes tear*


Yay Wild Thing!


Another 3-point challenge over by Steelie.




Kiddie ride 1


Kiddie ride 2


Ferris Wheel! So photogenic!


I always did wonder why there are vines all over the station. . .


Front part of the park.


High Roller through the trees.


Monster! Fun ride!


Yay for inside stories/jokes!


Nobody wants some thunder today.


4th black hole of the day!


TC's queue


What goes up must fall down I guess. Water this time.


Haha I just have to captionatatize every pic don't I?


Balloons. Jumbo. On sale for $3 bucks today.


No they're floating away!


Kiddie rides 3 & 4


Wild Thang


Exclusive Mild Thing pic!


Bumper Cars!


Good times!


Xtreme. One swing though. That bites.


Haha oh my god six flags is that you? (Thanks Ryan! = ] )


Caught the tail end of Wild Thing in this one.


Oink Oink.


See? Pretty snazzy eh?


Your carriage awaits.


Wal Karts.


Sure. Lol see the new caption!


This isn't funny. I mean seriously. . . take out the whole fricken thing if you're gonna go and take my baby away from me.


It was like aggressive street walking haha.


Fun fun. Did a walkthrough of this course. Good times.


Smelled like burnt something.




Noice sign!




Cave. That's 5 dark holes now!


Cool view from up there.


There's a dark hole in there so 6 now.


Same case here. 7.


After that I just rode ripcord once, ate at coasters, and left drenched!

Great day!

Kudos to all the great crews and ops on the rides!

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I was also there today. I want to say that even though it was raining most of the day, every ride that was open stayed open.




Wild Thing-3



High Roller-2


Mad Mouse-1 (the ride opened around one and closed again around two, so it was open at one point today)



Steel Venom-4



Xtreme Swing-1



Overall, it was a great day even though it was pouring most of the time.

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I agree! Hahahaha.


Here are the dates I plan to go to the fair again, so stay tuned!


June 6th (End of the year field trip)

June 12th (Just to go)

Some other time in late June Early July

July 25th (Coaster Craze)

And then after that I'll be leaving for me East Coast(er) trip (Not TPR) with my dad so I won't be updating for a while.

Sept. 27th (Valleyscare Opening Day)

Mid October (Valleyscare)

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June 6th Update!


Well, I headed out to the fair today with our school for our last day of school! It was crazy crowded (well I think it was at least haha) but it was overall a REALLY fun day! I don't really wanna blab much so I'll just get to the pics & ride count.


Renegade - 1

Steel Venom -1

Go Karts - 2

High Roller - 1

Tilt - A - Whirl - 1

Excalibur - 1

Flying Trapeze - 1

Corkscrew - 1

Power Tower (Blue) - 1

Mad Mouse - 1


Mad Mouse! Didn't see any haunt construction. Oh well maybe next time!


Exciting Transfer Trackage


My new favorite drink stop @ Valleyfair.


Two train operation?! SCORE!


Closed. I've never seen it open though. . . Chopping Block 09?


Monsta! What's crackin muh fella?!


Ferris Wheel Midway


Flying Trapeze


Brother & Sister. Awwww = ]


This is a REALLY fun ride!


Don't try to hide from me HR! You're my favorite woodie in the park!


Looks like they re-tracked the last little bunny hop recently.


Queue Line Shotage!


High Roller & All of it's amazingly awesome glory.


Good reviews!


Brake Runz! This had 2 train operation too! The lines went by amazingly fast!




The new 3 Point Shootout!


Half Pint Park. Okay, funny question, why is there only a half a pint in the park?


Guess my age! (I won!)


Pure awesomeness I'm tellin ya.


Dining Patiooo of DOOM!


Flume had moderate lines all day.


*Tilt Head* Too lazy to rotate the pics I need to rotate so yeah haha. Looping Starsh*t.


General Store. Had a lot of surfer apparel actually. . .


Newly added Dino's right by Renegade!


Hurricane Falls wasn't in ride operation today.


Rennie! Aww it's been too long!


X marks the awesomeness that is Renegade.


Still has some graffiti. = [


And some gum. = [


Good Reviews As Well!


They had a good selection of Excalibur Cold Drinks.


*Tilt Head* Excaliburger.


*Tilt Head* Yes. . . Lines. . . For Excalibur!


This dude was bookin it goin by Ex.


Good Ride!


Yay for WWC being open today!!




Ye Ol Drained Raging Rapids.


3 Lame Colorless Slides. = [


Speed Slides are amazingly fun, but they scrape up your back and give you a MONSTER wedgie.


Walkway to/from WWC


Wild Ocean is currently playing!




Carnage at Crimson Isle in October


But I already went to all 3! I'll go to High Roller.


Kinda cheesy but whatever.


I opted out. I'm just smart like that!


Northwoods Bar & Grillll


Mad tilts.


Live Entertainment! YAY!


Wild Brass was actually really good!


On the cob.


New Feature on Wild Thing! You go through the Ben & Jerry's tunnel.


They have two of these. Still don't really get it...




Go Karts were fast & wild today!


Attempt of a close up (Crap quality I'm so getting a new camera soon!)


Rules & Expectations


Run forest run!


Fly ocean fly!


I kept missing this shot haha.


Ripcord. Closed all day due to wind. = [


Corkscrew was running VERY smoothly today!


Very photogenic ride!


See caption above!


Shake shake, shake shake, a shake it!


We rode blue. Borringgggg.




I wanted to get closer = [




No jets today!


Mad capper? I think thats its name.


All those fricken school buses. . . (Oh wait I'm taking one home!)


(Out of order sorry haha)


Steel Venom.


Queue Shot!


Lean back... Lean back... Lean Back... Lean back...


Mad Mouse was surprisingly smooth today!


Stacking cars. Big no no!


Again. . . X marks the awesomeness.


Yep that's it! So a couple new things.


-Dino's by Renegade

-New Hellside Props (As far as I saw...)

-Corkscrew's On Ride Photos is Open Again!

-New flowers on that random steel thing by Enterprise



Not too much but still it's progress!


Thanks for reading and have a gareat day!

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Just got back from MN. Derek and I hit up VF yesterday. Renegade is still awesome, Excalibur still sucks.


Compared to Paul and my visit last year, there were a bunch of changes. The Skycrapper removal caught me by surprise.

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Well, this will be on the longer side so get your reading glasses on!

So I went to the park yesterday from 9:30-10 (ERT-Close). Got there to see a line of about 20 people waiting to get in, so being the cool season pass holder I am, I barged through, and walked right in. Taking a couple pics on my way to Xtreme Swing & Wild Thing, I didn't see anyone. No security, no workers, nobody! Kinda similar to walking to the front of the park after Coaster Craze. . .



So I quietly walked over to Xtreme Swing, looking around saw no one there! Thinking to myself "Okay was ERT another day?" 3 ride ops walk out of the booth and let me in. 4 rides all to myself! Very fun, but again kinda eerie seeing nobody through-out the whole park. So after 4 good rides on XS, I headed over to Wild Thing! At least there were ride ops here, but again nobody else was there. . . I got 4 rides on that, and as soon as I headed towards the exit after the 4th ride, I heard the national anthem playing, so I headed over to Power Tower. I got 2 rides on red, and one ride on blue.



After that, I was kinda hungry so I decided to go over to Coasters. I asked for a bacon cheeseburger with fries, but I got a cheeseburger with an onion ring in it, with fries. Oh well. Free onion ring! After Coasters I decided that since I had the whole day to myself I'd hop on over to the Hi-Test Arcade. So I go in, break a doller, go over to the game that drops the ball down the tube into the holes, and first try, JACKPOT! 328 or 329 tickets! (I can't remember exactly how many) So with my mass amount of tickets and little kids watching going googley-eyed over how many tickets I had, I cashed in and got a harmonica! Okay so think about this quick, if you're at Valleyfair, and you have all day to do anything, what would you do? I'll answer that later.



So after I won stuff, I decided to head over to High Roller. Got the way back seat on that, even though I had to walk way back to get to it (They didn't have their stopping stars on duty yesterday) After that I headed over to the Ferris Wheel to get a ride in on that, and that was great. So after Ferris Wheel, I headed all the way back to Mad Mouse to get a ride on that. I got on, and was paired with a family of 3. The mom & dad sat in back, and the daughter sat next to me. After going up the lift hill I look over, and the girl is staring at me. I'm like "Okay. . . " during the whole ride, she's just staring at me. Creepiest thing of the day. After the ride was over, I quickly left, and headed back to Renegade, which had about a 0 minute line which was nice. After that, headed even further back to Excalibur, and because I wanted far back car, I had to wait a cycle. (Yes. . . Excalibur had a longer line than Renegade)



Then I decided to head back over to Wild Thing. Now back to my harmonica story. . . So on the lift of Wild Thing, nobody was really on the ride except for maybe 10 other people. So I decided, hey why don't I bring out my harmonica? So I started playing! Very fun & funny. Got a lot of laughs. But I didn't have it out for more than a minute remember no loose articles are permitted on rides. After Wild Thing, I felt like riding Ripcord, so I headed to the front of the park. Signed up for a time, got on, rode it, and had a nice convo with the ride ops, got off. Then I thought to myself, "Hey that was fun! I wanna do it again!" so I signed up for another time. While suiting up, I talked to the girl who was on bird named Jenni(fer). She said the most rides on Ripcord in 1 day was 14. Me being the nut I am, thought to myself "Psh that's lame. . . I could go for 20", so I did. It was great talking to the ride ops, getting to know the ropes of the ride & such. Later, after ride 9, it started clouding over, and it was closed due to wind & lighting. I thought it was pass quick (it passed after about a half hour), so I waited it out. After only a minute of being down, 3 drunk guys from Duluth came up and started making conversation with the whole crew in the hut. VERY funny. I also learned that Anisha, (another Ripcord ride op) hated Valleyfair and that she was quitting next week. I told her to stick it out til August but she refused and referred to the park as Valleyf**k. Oh well.



So after the ride re-opened, I got in a couple more rides, and made friends/conersation with about every person who rode it. It's great to see how friendly most people are at the park. I constantly got stared/pointed at while I was up there, and then after, they would all come up to me and flood me with questions about it. My funniest experience with the ride was after number 12, two girls were riding next, so I did my little Q&A period. "Have you been on this before?", "Are you scared?" etc. . .

So I was up after the two girls rode, and so sitting on the platform, the first girl who looked to be my age (15+) looked to be like she was having a heart attack. I asked "Did you like it?" and she responded "NO! IT WAS TERRIFYING!" I just laughed. Then she said "Are you going on this again?!" And Jenni told her like she told everyone else that went "Yeah this is gonna be his 13th time today." and the girl screams "ARE YOU F**KING ON CRACK?!" I burst out laughing and almost fell of the platform. So anyways, I went back to grab some dinner, then came back, and got rides 14-20 in. It was really great talking to the crew and getting to know stuff about the park & such. Anyways, I went back to Wild Thing, got 2 rides on that, then came back to Ripcord hoping to get another ride in before I left, but Eric said that they were all booked. Oh darn. . . So I got front row seat on Steel Venom and went home. Hilarious, and really fun day! Okay, so now that you've waisted probably 10-20 minutes, let's get onto the pictures!


Oh wait. . . Ride count time!


Power Tower Red -:- 2

Power Tower Blue -:- 1

Wild Thing -:- 5

Xtreme Swing -:- 4

High Roller -:- 1

Excalibur -:- 1

Renegade -:- 1

Flume -:- 1

Ferris Wheel -:- 1

Bumper Cars -:- 4

Steel Venom -:- 2

Ripcord -:- 20

Go Karts -:- 4

Chipper Lowell Experience -:- 1


Okay now onto the pics!





*Pics are above captions, captions are below pics*


Very crowded. . .


Good morning Plaza Shopper.


Grabbed a quick shot of Scrambler on my way to ERT


Xtreme Swizzle.


Yep. Wild Thang.


SuperCat looks way cool at night.


Alrighty so for the first time, I tried to do some artsy shots, so I'll alert you before an artsy shot, such as this one of Xtreme Swing.


Xtreme Swing againnnnn.


Wild Thang testing/ghost riding.


Coney Cornair.


Funny Stuff!




Railroad crossing watch out for cars, try to spell that with out any r's.


These were scattered around the park. Yay for saving the world!


What a tank.


Umm. . . hell yes. It's ERT!


For all you brake enthusiasts!




Where'd the water go?


Peek A Boo! I can. . . stop now.


When you're on Wild Thing, it does not look like a 60-70 ft. difference.


Another failed amazing shot. . . Gah I need a new camera.








Honestly, I always thought this was "Kidworkz"


It all starts here.


Told ya it was crowded.


Random Renegade theming. . .


For all you brake enthusiasts part deux!










Yeah this was just um. . . yeah.


It all ends here.


*Chokes* WHAT?!




It all um. . . yeah this wasn't really open..


If you could fit 3 ACE members in that tub, now THAT would be a site to see.


Semi Artsy? Nah. . .




I found a penny in my shoe after I took this picture.


Does anyone else find the name slightly disturbing?


Sucky camera.


I wanted to. . .




Power Tower = Awesome.


Haha so Anisha, the girl who is quitting next week has never ridden this!


Back half of the park.




Or that leaf just got in the way. . .


I just didn't wanna get wet.


Props for the cool sign though!


Replacing Skyscraper. . . A midget house.


3,2,1, LAUNCH!


Somebody got 11 by the end of the day.


Most of the park.




Signature shot.




Solid Brass


"Yeah we call Steel Venom, VENOM!"


You make the Go Karts sing.


"We call the Go Karts, TRACK"


That car was FAST.




Aw no it's storming over.


Well then lets take pics of Ripcord!




Tree got in the way I swear. . .


Roof & Venom.


Failed Shot.


Pathetic attempt at hiding Skyscraper's leftovers.






Tilt head.


So yeah there's more pics but they're kinda bad or I just don't really wanna rotate them so yep, hope you enjoyed waisting most of your day!

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  • 1 month later...

Hey everyone! This was from the 25th, and I started my road trip the day after so I didn't find the time to post this til now. Anyways, Coaster Craze this year was alright. I had a great time hanging out with Taylor (Valleyfair) for most of the day, and it was nice to meet r78 & Jason (from Coaster Community) as well as many more people! The behind the scenes tour of Renegade was amazing, there was haunt construction, (Couldn't get pictures due to restrictions on picture taking) as well as 2009 construction! I don't wanna type a whole lot more so lets get onto the pictures! Speaking of pictures, I didn't get too many due to the fact that I was taking tons of footage for a VFZ Video, and so my camera ran out of battery. Anyways, here are the pictures I got! Oh also, I'd like to thank Rachel Onken & Valleyfair for giving me and those two other guys permission & the opportunity to go behind the scenes with Renegade! Thanks much!



Caption Below Picture




I'm gonna go backwards because I'm waiting for the first of the pictures to load, so yeah enjoy!


Flshhhhhhhhh. Even bystanders got wet so I had to stand back for this one!




Same one as above




Same one as above


On the way back from the tour!


New angle of High Roller!


Wow. You guys don't even know how amazing renegade looks from back there!


Close up!


Couldn't get the whole train in so I just got half.


Oh wait whole I guess.




I like this one


The whole turnaround!


The drop


Different angle.


It really is amazing to look at it from here. You guys will see some footage on the VFZ video I'm making!


*Tilt Head*


They had these random Chain Dogs/Spikes (The name of them escapes me at the moment) laying around, but nobody knew what they were for!


No one knew what those steel things were either! Oh well. Still a good looking shot!


Weeee it was grand watching the trains fly through here.


*Tilt Head*


Wooosh. It sure flies by!


I really love this shot.


Whole train!


The lift


I wish it was a 90, but I'm satisfied!


From the dirt road


Whole ride basically. . .


During Q&A


Prize Drawing! I won 4 shot glasses!


Decent Show, same show everytime, but still it's dece.


Wild thing. I lost my phone on this, or it fell out rather, and after I got off, it went through a cycle, but I still managed to get it back! It's kinda messed up with the flip part of it, but at least I still have it!


Stadium Arcadium


Dino's & Sidewinder


Marble fountain. Really beautiful picnic area behind Sidewinder. Great for pictures!


Small little creek




Leaf & Tower


Great place for a haunt I'm tellin ya. . .


No thanks. . . I already got 5-10


These things are FUN!


No idea why I took this!


Generally speaking, it's a good store.


Cool shot from straight on! Didn't care to ride this beast today though.


Renegade! Got about 15 night rides on this baby. Night ERT was epic. I loved it!


Same picture, no train!


Entrance to the lift hill



So much for morning ERT. . .


I remember that sign!


The ticket checking/scanning counter


Wild Thang from the entrance.


Well, Coaster Craze this year was great! I can't wait til next year's. Thanks to all those who came & made it such a fun event!

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