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Some Six Flags Great America Questions

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So next weekend I'll be up in Chicago with my band and Saturday we'll be at Six Flags. I checked the weather forecast and it said that there will be showers that day. Is Six Flags like Cedar Fair when there's a light sprinkle they shut the whole park down? And another question is where should I go if I want to purchase a Flash Pass, is it where you get your tickets, or in a separate building? And is there a set schedule for each ride on them? Thanks a lot to whoever answers!

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From what I recall being there for a couple days in 2006, I don't think they had a Flash Pass system. I could be wrong, however.


We managed to get all the credits with ease on the first day of our two-day stay, with no flash pass on a "school trip" day. Since your band will likely be playing during park opening, it'll be tougher for you guys to get all the credits in one day [if that's what you're planning to do], but it shouldn't be impossible.


It rained a bit the first day we were there but the rides weren't shut down at all, despite the clouds seemingly saying, "Dudes we're totally going to burst furious lightning all up in your business". But, outside of a quick shower and dark clouds, there was nothing. So kudos for Six Flags' weather service provider I guess.

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I know the park likes to run what it can when it can.


Wind and lightning will close the coasters faster than anything else. Rain will only really stop them from running if the ride ops think the ride will valley.


I've gone to SFGAm a couple times on rainy days and the only rides closed those days usually ended up being the taller ones.

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I went on a Friday in August and got all credits, played in the water park for a couple hours, and got in some other rides. Granted, I did have gold Flash Pass, but I only used it on I think 4 rides. I highly recommend buying your Flash Pass in advance if you are going to use it. That way, in the park you don't have to stand in the Flash Pass line. People weren't too happy that us with printed Flash Pass vouchers skipped the line. But it was easy and fast.

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Wind and lightning will shut the big stuff down, but they're more hesitant to shut stuff down in heavy rain than CP.


My visit there in August 2006, it started to POUR around 5, and I got the last rides on Iron Wolf, American Eagle, Raging Bull, and Viper before they were shut down for rain. Viper was a FANTASTIC ride, albeit resembling a car wash.

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The park was the first Six Flags park to use the new The Flash Pass system in which you purchase the pass in the sales center next to Grand Music Hall and are able to reserve your ride from the device. Next Saturday shouldn't be too busy in my opinion to necessitate the use of The Flash Pass. However, if it gets busy, it is a good option.


Weather. If winds exceed 30mph, many rides will close. These will include Raging Bull, Giant Drop, and many flats. If the wind gets even greater, even more coasters will close like Superman: Ultimate Flight.


If there is lighting in the area, all coasters and many of the taller flats will close. Rain. It seems that Whizzer, Ragin Cajun, and Spacely's Sprocket Rockets are the first to go down for any rain. Then if the rain picks up, the rest of the coasters will go down.


Hope that helps!

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You will NOT need to buy a flash pass - since the weather won't be all that great, it should be very empty. However, if it does, go to Whizzer, and you'll see a building across the path that has "Flash Pass" signs all over it. You won't miss it. As for the weather, just ride rides when you can - SF closes the rides if the tracks are "too wet" for it to function. It took a downpour to shut Viper down, and lucky me - I got stuck on the brake run for 6 minutes two years ago. Check weather.com on Friday and go to the Hour-By-Hour forecast for Gurnee, IL. It'll show you when it will rain and when it won't be raining. From all of my visits to SFGAm, the site has been very accurate!


Don't worry - a day at Six Flags in the rain is still a fun one. The park has plenty of indoor things to do, so don't freak out if it does rain.

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