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Photo TR: Behemoth Media Day - Canada's Wonderland

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So today I got to attend Canada's Wonderland's media day for Behemoth. (thanks to Ted for the invite to represent CoasterFanatics).


Got in about 10 rides or so, snapped some pics, and even got a craptacular quality POV. Taken on a digicam, so the quality isn't the best, but hey, you take what you can get.


Overall I really enjoyed the ride. I think Wonderland was long deserved in getting a marquee attraction.


Anyways, on to the pics ...


(these pics and the rest can be found Flikr


Zipped for your pleasure


Digicam POV of Behemoth.


That's it from Canada's Wonderland. Thanks for reading, and thanks to the park for showing us a good time!


Some new signage


Empty train


Even a Myspace angle doesn't help Minebuster. ;)


Naked Sledge Hammer


Closeup of the drop.


Hammer head.


The twist in the drop looks pretty odd from this angle


Wheel shot for all you wheel enthusiasts.


View of Toronto through the haze. CN Tower is there if you look real hard.


Through the hammerhead, sideways.


Passing Minebuster


Nice view of the rest of the park


If you look REALLY hard, the 3rd train is there.


Helix, and finale


Approaching the hammerhead


Going over the top ...


I have this strange feeling I'm being watched ...


For all you lift hill enthusiasts


Peek a boo!!




Tilty pictures are all the rage


Poor Italian Job looks so small


New prototype trains


Behemoth towers over Minebuster


Queue line. I suspect temporary queues will be required for awhile.


What am I here to ride again?

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Thanks for the report and pictures! How do they have the station set up for the unusual seating pattern? Is it one air gate for every 4 sets of seats?

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Behemoth looks like a great ride and I concur that it was a deserved ride for Canada's Wonderland. A few questions though;


Were any of the trims on (excluding the midcourse)? How did the trains feel, especially compared to other hypers?


Excellent TR and POV, Paul.

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Good work, Paul, even if I couldn't resist watching the POV and "spoiling" the experience!


Always interesting to see how the park changes with a new attraction, and this is certainly the biggest facelift the park has received thanks to one in a long time...

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For all you lift hill enthusiasts


Paul, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Though it doesn't look like anything mind blowing, it still looks like a pretty solid ride! And I'm warming up to the new train style. It doesn't seem quite as bad as I initially imagined. Well done, man! Thanks for the sweet photos and POV.

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Thanks for the report and pictures! How do they have the station set up for the unusual seating pattern? Is it one air gate for every 4 sets of seats?


One air gate for each row. So two rows per car. It's real simple, and not confusing like the Deja Vu setups.


The trims were on very light on the early runs, only in the back seat could I hear it. They were off totally later on.


But most of these runs were with mostly empty trains, so I wouldn't expect the trims to be needed.


I think I might have been the only one on the train when the POV was taken. At most a handful of other people were riding at that time, spread between the two trains running.

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Can you please post an unzipped version because I have a mac=]


There's an unzipped version posted, but it's wmv. But you should be able to unzip, and watch a wmv on a Mac.


So how do you rate this ride? did it have good airtime?


It's a good ride. Maybe not #1 worldwide, but still very good.


I'd like to get some rides in after it warms up, and with full trains before I make a final decision on how it rates.

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Looks pretty sweet. Knowing CF, maybe KI is getting a clone next year. Was it just me or did anyone notice what looks like a camera mount on the front of the train? I swear it's there!! Anyway, looks pretty nice, should be a great family coaster as it doesn't seem too intense and no inversions. Hope you had fun!

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