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Hey everybody!



Ok, so for a while now, Mike (Mr.Six) and I have been entertaining dear baby Kristen with some "baby ride simulations". It all started with our interpretation of "Baby Indiana Jones Adventure" and has evolved into a wide variety of baby attractions, including Baby Star Tours, baby Rockin' California Screamin, and even Baby Golden Dreams! Today, we thought it would be cool to share a baby ride with you guys!


So enjoy--Baby Tatsu!

Baby Tatsu.wmv

Baby Tatsu!!!

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That's awesome! I get a kick out of her random giggles.


I cracked up at Pretzel Loop.


I just hope you don't do Baby Dive Machine or Baby Drop Tower.


Oh, it's already been done! Last time I saw her, Robb demonstrated Baby Intamin 1st Gen and she loved it!

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^ We've done Baby Haunted Mansion! It just takes freakin forever to do!





But you all know that we can do the full-narration.




No worries there. You're not the only one. Though I have good reason, I heard it all the time!









Who am I kidding? I knew it before I worked there.

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