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My Valiant return to RCT2 is...a Six Flags Park. This one is built on a small plot of land in vermont. The park will only have 3 or 4 big coasters, many flats, and a kitty section. The coasters I am thinking are a B&M Hyper, A B&M Floorless, A Intamin Woodie (similar to Balder), and Chiller Why Vermont? it seemed like a cool states and I may go to college there, it seemed like a fine canidate.


There isn't much so far, jsut the season pass parking lot, The Entrance, and a gift shop, (that isn't finished yet).




My current RCT2 situration rests that my computer w/ RCT2 has no internet or ability to write to discs, USBs, Memory sticks ETC. (Challenge me i'll prove you wrong) THe pictures are taken with my camera, ATM they're blurry and said computer is turned off, you won't see much. Next Week or even tomorrow (depending on my mood) I will have clearer pictures. Just comment on what you can make out thank you.


Entrance and season pass parking lot (it's pretty close).


Ticket Booths and Gift Shop. It's about 99% done I jsut need to add some detail.

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It looks pretty good right now. Just a tip for using your camera to take pictures, turn off all the lights in the room first. With less glare on the screen from the lights, the pictures will be clearer. I can't wait to see you extend on this idea. Oh, and welcome back to RCT2 .

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Excuse the double post but I have better pictures. And some Announcements:


First off the big one. The Parks first big coaster was announced: Batman: The Ride a B&M floorless with 4 inversions and a new layout for floorless coasters. Part have already been see next to the season pass parking lot. The ride will be located in the parks lower left corner. All thats left of the entrance plaza is the VIP experience building, and another Bridge that will lead to a eventual rollercoaster.


I'm also sorry that I cannot upload the files to the site i'm trying and they're all too big.Next update they will be I know why they won't upload and I can't be asset to take the picture again.


Less Blurry Gift Shop


This modern looking building is the guest services building and is my favorite building i've made.


The Rear of Said building.


Flash Pass Building.


Entire Park, Batman will be in the lower left. That will be where I start.


Batman Track, and even a train are already on site. A month before the ride project is scheduled to begin.

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lol, you must be really dedicated to do this. I could never take the time to take pics with my digital camera, import them, and post them for every update. But I like your architecture!

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It looks good, and just so you know there is a screenshot button.


My current RCT2 situration rests that my computer w/ RCT2 has no internet or ability to write to discs, USBs, Memory sticks ETC. (Challenge me i'll prove you wrong) THe pictures are taken with my camera


people need to read the inital post.


The next update will include Batmans Layout and the completed entrace plaza.


Pufferfish: I wanted to do a small park...I will msot likely have only 2 or 3 major coasters. But i'll stuff it as much as I can before it looks like shit.

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With the park running ahead of schedule ( A First for a Six Flags park) They went ahead and started building the gotham city section of the park. The following was announced today:


Join the dark knight on our new coaster Batman: The ride, though 3 intense inversions after a 105 ft drop be preapred for the ride of your life. Part of the new Gotham City sectino of our new park, this section will also include; Gotham Water Works a splash ride set in the sewage palt of gotham city, and Mr. Freeze a 200ft tall intamin drop tower. Mr. Freeze will be the flagship ride of the park being the tallest structure.


I'm surprise after the accident in kentucky they're putting in a new intamin drop tower...


Station, loop, and dive loop.


Batmans First drop and corckscrew.


Batman, How they plan to squeeze 3 rides in baffles me.

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Batman looks pretty good for such a compact B&M. Oh, one little thing, The idea of a water ride splashing down in sewage just really isn't appealing to me . Also, that drop tower is going to stick out like a sore thumb being 200ft high. I guess that's what you're wanting though isn't it. Can't wait for the next update. I would love to see Batman's completed station .

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Excuse the double but update time.


Dissappointment seems to be the Six flags name, as they cancelled Both Mr. Freeze and Gotham Waterworks. Mr. Freeze for new hieght restrictions placed on the park, setting the height limit to 150ft. Gotham Water Works on the toher hand was cancelled becuase of complaints of the themeing. Instead a Upcharge Sky coaster was added where Mr. Freeze would have been. The sky coasters name is Batmans Flight. The ride charges an outrageous $20 per rider!


In the Meantime the rather dissappointing Gotham City Section is complete. Batmans station themed to the Gotham City Prison.


Just for laughs, Somehow my peeps end up in this corner of the parking lot and cannot escape.


Gotham City Overview


Batmans Flight. The horrendous Sky Coaster








Batmans Queue

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After a LOOONG period of nothing form this park you won't believe what happened... CONCEPT ART only it's not as good as you think.


Im sorry for the long absense I have been pretty busy but im back with this and it's staying until it's done!


I know it's not much to start with, but I didn't want to wait another few days to finish the area and restart this park.


Lets hop the concept art only remains concept art.

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