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JZ's Six Flags Over Georgia Photo TR!

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No way! SFOG is my home park and Goliath is amazing. It is my favorite coaster out of the 83 I have ridden. I rode Apollo's Chariot last October and while I did like it, it has nothing on Goliath. I rode AC 4 times in the front and back and it didn't make a difference. There was some airtime but not anything like the 3 to 4 seconds of air time you get on every hill on Goliath. I can't wait to ride other hypers besides AC to compare, but from what I've heard Goliath rates at the very top.


Yeah, that's pretty much the airtime on Goliath! Just every hill, floating in your seat for 3-4 seconds! Except for that last airtime hill before the brakes. Wow!

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Seriously, man those probably are the best Goliath/Mindbender pics I've ever seen in a TR (and the fact you took alot of them makes me ) Those two are the reason why I go to SFOG. Great PTR and I glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!

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^^^Completely different for me. AC is just bigger and better that Goliath. It has a lot more variety, and the drop out of the MCBR is insane. I was completely blown away by Apollo's Chariot. Much better than anything else in Busch Gardens, and much better than anything else I have ever ridden. Then again, I haven't ridden much. Don't get me wrong though, Goliath is pretty freaking awesome. And these are some of the best pictures I ahve seen of it.

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Over the pathways and through the woods, to the station we go!



Don't forget about that massive helix!



It's like this - a big pop of airtime, then thrown to the left! But in a good way.



It's probably the closest thing you can get to experience what it's like to be inside a tornado.



"Beavis, I have seen the top of the mountain. Huh-huh. And it is good. Huh-huhuh."



Purple and Yellow < Greenish Blue and Orange



This is that "over the highway" part!



We don't need a bridge!



Go visit Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia!

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Great vid! Coaster Palooza, thanks for putting this link up. I missed the original.


JZ, again, great Goliath pics. Gotta ask, was the pic that was deleted and joke about too much pizza showing somebody shouting at their shoes? Sounded like it, but wasn't sure.

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Ready for the missing adventures of the SFoG trip?



Superman! And the super slow operations...



Well, at least this is really comfy! Oh, wow...look at all that gum and spit!



Yeah...this part is just awesome.



It's like a sit down SLC! Try it instead of the inverted and you will be happy!



More to come!


I was there when it happened!


Hey Tomi!

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The Zero-G! Could be my favorite element! Too bad this one was sooo quick!


Hey lift hill guys!



I just wish KI would get these...



This is one of the best rides out there! Go ride it! And that's it folks! Maybe some other time I'll put up some Goliath pictures...but thanks for reading!



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Nice TR, Zach!

The next time you get a chance to come to SFOG, Make it a mission to find Monster Plantation. Glad you had a great time.

I'm not gonna lie. This Six Flags has a really good coaster collection! I've been going to this park since I was a baby (Being born in Atlanta, and living there for a few years). I think it was my first park.

I've just always loved the place.


Jamin "In the process of trying to plan an SFOG trip" Craig

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