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A Man gets Trapped in an Elevator for 41 Hours!


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Nicholas White was coming back from a cigarette break when he got trapped in New York's McGraw-Hill building. The video shows him pacing, trying to climb the walls, lying down, and prying the doors apart.


"After a certain amount of time, I knew I was in pretty big trouble because it was the weekend" Nicholas White said Monday on ABC's TV's "Good Morning America"


White said he understood why the video has captured peoples attention: So many have wondered what they would do if that happened to them.


www.stupidvideos.com/video//Trapped_In_ ... new#144558

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It looked as if the doors closed really slowly every time he let go. I would have thought he would put more effort in trying to find a hatch or something in the ceiling. I would really hate to be stuck in a lift for that long, i get a bit claustrophobic so that would be HELL. What did he do for food and water? And you know they say smoking kills.

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I was stuck at JFK airport for 24 hours because my flight was canceled and I thought that was just pure torture! But at least I could walk around the airport and go the bars and whatnot... poor guy! Trapped in a space on par with a closet must have been just awful.

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