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Cedar Point - Photo TR - 7.29.07-7.30.07

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Cedar Point prepares to kick off its 2008 season in a couple weeks, and I’m sure many TPRers will be visiting the park - some for the first time. In anticipation of the upcoming park opening, I wanted to share this Photo Trip Report from my last park visit of 2007 before it was too late:


I have been going to CP about every other year for as long as I can remember and never thought that I'd make it up there this past summer, but I ended up meeting some friends in Sandusky at the tail end of my Ohio Park Tour and reveled in their first experience at CP.


We spent two days at the park but, seriously, two days is not nearly enough for me at CP! I could stay there an entire week and not get bored or tired. The first day was girls' choice; I rode what they wanted (after we rode Maverick first {my choice}).


Unfortunately, though, as soon as we got in line for Maverick, it went down. I was expecting this, so I wasn't worried. But when we saw a worker and a security officer wandering the grounds underneath the coaster, I was concerned. Turns out some chump lost his wallet on the ride and they were attempting to retrieve its contents. Now don't get me wrong, it would suck to lose your wallet at a park but, I'm sorry, don't shut down the ride for 30-plus minutes to retrieve it! There are signs that the park is not responsible for lost items and they demand (nevermind that logic just demands) that items be placed in a cargo pocket/fanny pack, etc. I've seen people lose items (including car keys) on/under rides and the same response is always given: "Come back here when the park is closing and we'll retrieve it for you"; simple solution to an inconvenience the rider/guest caused, not the ride/park. Rant over. On to the ride.


Maverick was a lot of fun. It was way more intense than I had expected! Having studied the ride for months, I knew the layout and elements pretty well. This helped me prepare for which way to lean and what to brace for at certain times, but the inexperienced rider could receive quite a lashing from the unexpected (as some in our group did). The LIM lift gets you up to the drop rather quickly but the lack of hesitation kills any building anticipation, IMO. From there, the airtime hill is really the only place in the first half to catch your breath as it's off to tight turn, corkscrew, tight turn, corkscrew, tight turn, tunnel. Our time in the tunnel was rather brief; as soon as we saw the lights and heard the train we were off. The second half was quite enjoyable even with the brake at the top of the second launch hill. The canyon portion is, not surprisingly, too quick and intense to either notice the water bombs or complete a heart-line roll (as first installed). Thank you Intamin and CP for removing that!! The two Stengel dives are unique and fun if you know they are coming. If not, prepare for whiplash. And then, you're done. Actually, the ride itself goes by so fast that you really don't notice what path you took or what has just happened. You just know that it was different than anything you've ever been on. Ever.


As far as re-ride-ability on Maverick, I didn't and I don't really see it. Although it's a great little ride, it didn't blow my socks off and it didn't justify my two-hour-plus wait. Personally, I can't imagine riding it again unless the wait was an hour or less; I know, good luck with that one. To me, it's no Millennium. In fact, I think that Raptor's pay-off is much more deserving of its wait. So, I guess I'd place Maverick as CP's 3rd best coaster.


After Maverick, on the first day we got rides in on about half of the coasters (Wicked Twister, Disaster Transport, Corkscrew, Magnum {still one of my favorites}, Gemini, Woodstock Express, Cedar Creek Mine Ride,) and almost all of the flats (Matterhorn, Scrambler, Trioka, Chaos, Ocean Motion, Witches' Wheel; maXair and Skyhawk {btw: my third different ride in three days with the word "hawk" in its name} ruled even though their programs were way too short and one of the girls cried like a baby on both).


The second day at CP was the best day I've had at a park ever! I got to the park early, hit up Dragster first, and then rode Millennium (still my Number 1 coaster, period). I wandered around taking pics and vids while the girls did their thing (including Mean Streak; no thank you) until about 3:00. Then I headed to Raptor (possibly my favorite stand-alone invert; i.e. not Dueling Dragons) and Blue Streak (perhaps the best woodie ride of the entire OH trip!). I then met up with the girls for their Millennium Force initiation. They wanted to try out Mantis but I passed since they added the trim brake on the first drop and having been on Chang (> Mantis) this year. So I scored a ride on (launching) Power Tower and continued to enjoy the park while the girls wrapped up on Wildcat (the only ride I should've ridden and regretfully didn't) and Raptor.


We then met at Dragster for a nitetime ride and the closing ride of our two-day stay (and last ride of my four-day trip and probably the season). Just as they were getting to the line, of course, Dragster broke down. But no worries, CP had half-an-hour to get it up again before they'd stop letting people in line. Needless to say, it breaking down was the best thing that could've happened, as people fled the queue line by the bunches. 10 minutes later Dragster was up and we had a much shorter wait than if it had been running the entire time; i.e. much more than 10-minutes-worth of riders left the line while it was broken down.


The girls were a little apprehensive about Dragster, especially at nite. Two of them cried before even getting on (one was hysterical just entering the line {which, btw, we got to see the fireworks display from} although I'm proud of her for doing it in the end). The girl riding with me didn't get scared until we were ready to board. Her expression as we were descending the spiral was priceless: terrified screaming with her hands on her cheeks! Hey, at least she didn't hold on! Not bad for a 10 year-old, if I must say so myself!


After that, I meandered back to the car but not before I scored the last Elephant Ear of the nite from the last food vendor that was open.


To me, that is a perfect day!


Overall, what can I say?!? Cedar Point is still my Heaven on Earth!!


Thanks for reading! Pics are posted in multiple parts below.


(Note: My computer hasn't been getting along with TPR's server tonite. Some pics needed to be compressed well below 150 KB in order to post. I apologize for the [lack of] quality.)


Even Wildcat had a pretty long wait... Speaking of wait: You're gonna have to wait for the next installment...


With that section of the park conquered, it's time to fight all the peeps to the "popular" rides.


Time for everyone's favorite: Scrambler. (Insert sarcasm here)


I skipped on Ocean Motion while the girls all rode. Non-inverted swinging ships just don't do a darn thing for me.


Chaos is about the only flat that makes me a lil whoozy. Come to think of it, we had to wait while they cleaned up some kid's puke... Why didn't I get a pic of that?!?


Thankfully those stoppers are at the end of the track!


I can't figure if I prefer a twisted backward spike or a holding brake one. Has there been a TPR poll on that yet?!?


Up, up, & away...


I love how the ride ops counted down but launched you before they finish. "3, 2, launch, 1..."


Although, I can't think of a cooler place to stick an impulse shuttle.


Walking thru the queue on the way to the station, you might think its name is Wicked Wind.


Where'd THIS come from?!? I never noticed it before...


Yeah, Wicked Twister's more like it!


Yeah, sure, they're having fun on the lake on a beautiful day but I prefer something a lil more intense...


Seagulls hiding from the sun on the beach under Disaster Transport's shadow; aka the best DT pic I took.


You can see Dragster from all the way back here. Aw, hell, you can see Dragster from Canada on a clear day. Or is it the other way around?!?


Giant Wheel's pretty, er, giant & you couldn't pay me to ride it. (Hey, that kinda rhymed)


Troika's still a fun flat. It makes me giggle the whole time.


Please don't vomit, please don't vomit, please don't vomit...


Please don't spit, please don't spit, please don't spit...


I enjoyed maXair more than Delirium at KI two days prior. maXair's cycle seemed shorter but higher. I dunno...


There. That's better. maXair with no Disaster Transport. Can't we wish?!?


Lots of rainbow colors on this isde of the park. Too bad Disaster Transport mucks it all up...


Ah yes, back to the rides. maXair took time to pose for the camera. Thanks maXair!


There's even a porcupine/peacock fountain thingy.


There are plenty of gardens that accentuate the trash cans.


Not to mention, the midway is pretty well-manicured.


Back to the midway. The most exhilerating & exciting midway I've seen.


For all the hating Blue Streak gets, I thought it was one of the best woodies in Ohio. Wait. That's not saying much... But it still gave a great ride. Oh, nevermind.


Thanks for the info CP but I have one question: Where's Blue Streak's ACE plaque?


Next up: Blue Streak. I never noticed how cool the logo was before.


Man, do I miss the old Pirate Ride! Anyone know what happened to it? Seems like forever since it was here.


Speaking of intense: the double helix finale makes my entire body feel like exploding!


Raptor's post-loop layout is pretty intense & photogenic.


...and a lil more.


More loopidy goodness...


Beautiful B&M invert loopage!


I love how the drop swoops over the midway (at least it feels like it's gonna).


Raptor: my favorite stand-alone invert, I think. (Depending on my mood; Montu's up there too)


There's the beach side of the park but I've got business to take care of first...


1st Gen Freefalls like Demon Drop are still the best tummy-losers, IMO. I hope the never take this out! (Wishful thinking, I know)


That's more like it! Let the fun begin!


Finally reached the gate. How much longer til I get in the park?!?


Let the Maverick hype begin.


After going to CP for years, I never noticed this view... until now.


I got a pretty sweet parking spot!


What a lovely sight! How many credits can you count?


Last park visit of 2007. Almost there!

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Part two:


More corkscrew love!


This is for all the coaster wheel fanatics... More coming soon!


More of the same.


Corkscrew love!


Intense airtime hill!


This is one of my favorite shots of all time! I hope you enjoy it.


Down the 90+ degree drop!


Too bad the right lane was blocked of with garbage cans. And you thought they were only used for decorations...


Wow! "Themeing" at CP. Who woulda thunk it?!?


Now, to make it thru the rest of the queue...


Hooray! We're back up & running!


A part of me felt bad for the guy but a part of me wanted to beat his brains in... Guess what part won...


What the ______?!? What the _____ is going on?!? Someone lost their wallet, you say?!? That's a load of ______ _______ !!


Wait! Why is the train empty?!? Shut down, you say?!? Why?!?


For some reason, I was expecting cast members to be running around shooting at each other. Then I remembered where I was...


OK, you've made it THIS far. Here's your reward: Maverick!


Wave Swinger which isn't really located by any waves per se.


People are fixin' to get wet...


Oooh. Pretty.


Time for a lil rapids action!


Oh! (Ok, I'm spent)


And, yes, my a$$ doesn't come in contact with my seat til we hit the tunnel.


Hooray! Another airtime hill before the tunnel!


See prior caption. (Ok, I'm running out of MF captions)


Sweet high-speed over-banked turn-around. (Hmm, three words with dashes in a row)


Ok, I'm even scaring myself with all the MF pics...


Yes, there's MORE MF pics...


Kind of a hard angle to get the train in the pic but, hey, I tried.


I like the way this shot turned out. You may feel differently...


I, for one, float thru the entire thing.


Airtime hill that some don't get air on.


Sexy Intamin track.


X marks the spot.


Warning: Coaster Porn ahead!






The girls really enjoyed MF, especially when I made them ride in the front.


MF's drop thru the trees. (Who says there's no trees at CP?)


Dang! MF looks HUGE from down here.


Words can't describe what I feel plummeting down that drop.


Favorite drop.


Hooray! Time for my favorite coaster!


Inclined loop goodness. Why aren't there more of these?


I always feel like I look dumb trying to hold my hands up on a stand-up. Guess what. I do.


I love this shot! B&M's are so very sexy!


Stand-Up dive loop heaven!


Mantis loopage thru the trees. (Sorry, it had to be said)


Hey! Two-train shot! Sweet!


I never thought I'd ever pass on a B&M beauty like this but it really is lacking a lot with the trim on, IMO.


Good. Coz I'm not.


Ready for the pain that is Mantis?!?


One of the 10-year-old girls in my group decided that Wildcat would be her first coaster ever. She hated it!


Wildcat's a great lil ride. I have no idea why I skipped it this time around. I regret it.

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Now that Robb has been so kind as to fix my pic issue, on to part three:


I have fond memories of Witches' Wheel. It was the first ride that turned me (relatively) upside-down. Nowadays, I will never turn down a ride on an enterprise! If I do, shoot me on the spot.


Everyone always complains about other parks not racing their racers but no one seems to commend CP for actually doing it. (Just an observation)


Gimini was my first big coaster when I was five years old. I lost a tooth down the first drop. True story.


Yep. I'm still at CP. No other park could get away with Gemini's 70's shag-carpet, wood-paneling station.


This shot almost makes me question if I'm still at CP.


Speaking of nice shots... I've always liked the surroundings here.


However, CCMR did provide one of the nicest shots in the park.


"Goodness"? Erm, mediocrity is a much more accurate description.


On to some good ole Arrow mine train goodness.


The program was WAY too short but my first Screamin' Swing was a ton of fun, nonetheless.


...like take pictures of Skyhawk! Mmmm. Yummy.


It provided a good drenching to all but me. That's coz I didn't ride. I had better things to do...


Next up: Snake River Falls. I guess you could tell that by the sign, eh...


I remember when Mean Streak was a bad-a$$ woodie. Now it's been robbed of its manhood & I won't bother riding it anymore.


The girls wanted to get their Mean Streak credit but I passed this time around.


2nd Stengel dive & thus the conclusion of the Maverick love.


1st Stengel dive. The trains were dueling at this point for the majority of the time.


This is where they removed the high-speed heartline. You'd be able to see that if the rock wasn't there...


Bombs away! Seriously though, you're going through there so fast that you don't even notice the water bombs.


The brake after the 2nd launch & before this dive was a lil weird. Still provided thrills, though.


Time for a quick dive into the canyon. This shot makes the track look like a continuous circuit (drop-to-canyon). It's not...


This shot make it look like the train is uber-long...


Here they come!


The corkscrew before the tunnel.


Where were we? Oh yeah... More Maverick corkscrew love!

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Part four:


All three visable cars are visable. That seems rare...




I love the launched side of Power Tower but have never ridden the freefall side.


However, this pic of ID turned out to be perfect. Too bad I wasted a good pic on ID...


Don't worry, I won't bore you with many ID pics. Just note that the fog machine was kicking it in high gear. (Yes, the fog is more interesting than ID)


Time for one of the lamest rides in coaster history: Iron Dragon.






Yes? Too bad. There's a couple more Corkscrew pics...


Have you been 'screwed enough yet?


See?!? "Eh, what's going on over my shoulder, eh" (I don't know why, but I gave the seagull a Canadian accent in my mind)


The seagull sitting there didn't even move when a train came whizzing by.


Whiplash. Not from riding but from taking this pic.


This pic, eh, not so much. But I still like it for some reason.


This pic is rather picturesque.


Ah, that's more like it. I love how you can walk under Corkscrew's corkscrews.


Here's Corkscrew's loop. Hey! Wait a minute. I thought there's supposed to be corkscrews?!?


Time for an Arrow classic: Corkscrew.


Speaking of intense: The successive triangle bunny hills still throw me out of my seat all the way to the finish.


The climb to the 2nd drop still manages to provide me with an intense feeling of euphoria.


Tasty shot of Magnum's lift & drop!


I still find it to be a very exciting drop, even though it's "only" 200 feet.


Magnum's lift still gets to me a little. I have to sit on the right side by the stairs! No ifs, ands, or buts about it!


I remember waiting HOURS to ride Magnum its 1st year. This time we waited about 10 minutes for the 2nd seat.


I'm not an ACEr but I felt obligated to take a picture of the plaque.


Next up: Magnum!

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The end is near. Part five:


The Best Summer Ever Tour has officially come to a close.


Goodbye Cedar Point - my Heaven on Earth.


...coz I want shots like these to be crystal clear.


Yeah, I think I'm gonna upgrade cameras for this summer...


Too bad I still can't figure out how to get good pics at nite...


Don't fret. My riding season may have come to an end, but my picture-taking season still has a lil bit of life to it.


And with one last crest of a tophat, into a speeding vertical spiral descent, my riding season of 2007 has come to an end.


A co-worker is using this shot as her desktop image. Thanks for the props!


And what better way to cap off your Best Summer Ever Tour than with a nite ride on TTD. (Notice the train speeding by?)


As the sun set, it kind of hit me that, for all intensive purposes, summer was coming to an end.


After riding TTD almost every year, I failed to notice this themeing before now.


But, hey, if a couple people appreciate my efforts, I'm more than glad to do it. (Ok, I'd do it anyway)


Yeah, people thought I was a lil weird laying on a bench & taking pictures of a coaster & all.


I had to lay on a bench to get these shots.


I love virtual symmetry.


TTD was to be our final ride of the weekend & my final ride of 2007.


That's what I'm talking about!


Are YOU ready?!? I know I am.


Last stop: Top Thrill Dragster!

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Bonus Feature:


And, finally, a lil tribute to Maverick. Thanks for making it thru this trip report. I'm looking forward to 2008!






And now for a lil feature I like to call Photoshop Phun...


So I get back to the hotel & had to chuckle at my friend's inability to park a car correctly.


Where'd it go?!?


What's this?!?


So I leave the park & go to get gas but wait...

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Wow, MF really needs a new paint job. I knew it was getting to that point, but man that's worse than I thought. It has been 8 years already since MF opened, though.


Awesome pictures (can't stress that enough)! This is one of the best PTRs I have ever seen, and just in time, too, to get me psyched for going back to CP, as I'll be there in 3 weeks! Thanks!

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Wow I think that was one of the largest photo TR's i've sat through in a while, but some of those photos were amazing thanks for posting them!


I really wanna get out to CP this summer, I'm crossing my fingers to hope it happens.

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^ Agreed!


The one thing I want to stress after seeing this Trip Report is that even if your TR is from MONTHS ago, if it's GOOD it doesn't matter!


So don't let the idea that "Oh, I missed the boat, who wants to see a TR from 10 months ago...." stop you from posting a really good report to share with the rest of us.



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^ Yeah, I agree. I always go early in the season when the park is fairly empty, and I haven't raced in a few years either. They used to always race no matter what. I even remember times where there weren't even enough people in the station to fill both trains, yet they still raced. Times have changed.

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I don't know if you're just joking about where the ACE plaque is for Blue Streak but the reason it's not there anymore is because it's an ACE Coaster Classic anymore because they changed the restraints on it thus losing its ACE Coaster Classic Status here's a detailed list of what it takes to be an ACE Caster Classic http://www.aceonline.org/CoasterAwards/?type=1 if CP wanted to keep that Coaster Classic status they shouldn't have changed anything about it. btw great photo tr!!!!

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Wow, MF really needs a new paint job. I knew it was getting to that point, but man that's worse than I thought. It has been 8 years already since MF opened, though.


Awesome pictures (can't stress that enough)! This is one of the best PTRs I have ever seen, and just in time, too, to get me psyched for going back to CP, as I'll be there in 3 weeks! Thanks!


Holy shee-ot! I can't beleive Millenium Force is already 8 years old!!! I feel like I just read about it in the news and rumors last summer...

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I really like it! Pretty long but who cares it was neat! What is it with some of Cedar Points coasters. Iron Dragon can go but don't hate on me, it is in my top 10, in 2007 i rode it 20+times. Mean Streak needs work or go to he** but it is my 2nd top coaster ever! (i rode it 25+ times.) Disaster Transport should be... wait perfect idea!!! Indoor and A/c que but outdoor coaster for Diasaster Transport. And Wicked Twister needs some love because in my whole life, WT is my NUMBER 1 COASTER!!!!!

Sorry but Cedar Creek Mine Ride has got to go!!! Replace this contraption with a GCI wooden coaster so CP can claim a good woodie. Once again Nice pictures

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Really nice shots, I especially liked that forest and water shot that didn't look like CP at all.


I wonder if they still have the cruise from the CP Marina, I went on it in 2003 and got some great shots of the park from on the lake, I'd love to see what shots you would get from that perspective.

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