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Fledgling Coaster Rider to go to SFMM..

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On what to do? What to avoid? I'm deathly afraid of things that invert but (sooner or later) I'll have to get over that.. right?

Anything good about the place? (Yes, I've never been.... :O )


Any personal faves and things? (I'm not just talking about.. Coasters..)


Thanks for any tips and things..

I'm both apprehensive but very excited about it all.


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Top Posters In This Topic

Tatsu and Goliath are definitely don't miss rides that are rider friendly.


Revolution is a classic that has seen better days. The OTS restraints really need to be redesigned. I stopped going to Magic Mountain for several years because I always seemed to have a massive headache after several hours. On my visit for WCB last month I purposely avoided Revolution and other "head bashers" and managed to go headache free for the whole day.

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Don't do the "let's start simple and work your way up" because some of the more "simple" rides like Revolution and Gold Rusher are actually rougher than some of the bigger coasters!


I would say to try the following:





Riddler's Revenge





Those are probably some of the "smoother" coasters in the park.


And then if you're REALLY daring go for -



Deja Vu




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^ Thats a pretty good list Rob. I would suggest starting with Ninja if the crowds are light but if it is crowded go to Tatsu first because I had to wait iin an hour and a half line to ride. Totally worth it though as Tatsu is my new favorite coaster. Watch out because it is actually pretty intense. The best ride at the park in my opinion to get over a fear of inversions is scream because it is not too intense but it is very smooth. Whatever you do do not hit Riddlers first becuase if you have a fear of going upside down I would not suggest breaking your fear with a standup featuring a 120 foot loop. Start with scream.


Also like Rob said avoid the Vekomas which both go upside down and are painful. The arrows you may be ok on as they are not as rough as the Vekomas ( of course Deja Vu is my only missed credit in the park) but avoid Deja Vu and viper and if you are not at all afraid of heights try Goliath because it is really fun.


The only disagreement I have with Robs list is that they fixed Colossus and when I went two months ago it was running pretty smooth and it actually gives a little air every once in a while. It is not that fast though.

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Think about this. What's the real difference between something that inverts, and something that doesn't? One coaster train is above, and one is below the track. Are you afraid that your shoes will fall off? Just tie them better. Don't be scared of something like that.


The two gigantic hill rides are Ninja, and Superman. I believe they put Tatsu on that gigantic hill also. I'm not sure where the entrance is for that ride because it wasn't open. This hill is what I call real exercising. I think Superman that Superman is slow, but that's because I'm used to 65 mph hour ride. I would say to do all three at the same time so you don't have to go up and down the hill. There is a backside of the hill though, if I remember right.


The rides I feel are the most intense are X (not open), Deja Vu (Try to get on an outside seats because I think it makes it a great ride.), Riddler's Revenge, Goliath, and I would guess Tatsu. I have never been on Tatsu, so I don't know, but I'm basing it on on how Superman Ultimate Flight is.


The rides I feel are the roughest are Viper, people say Revolution (I haven't been on this ride. It wasn't open when I was there.), and Colossus. I think that Colossus being rough has more to do with your behind than the side to side motion.


I would say that Scream!, Ninja, and Batman the Ride are more like medium intensity. Gold Rusher is less than medium intensity.

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^I'm pretty sure that by saying "things that invert" he is referring to rides with inversions, not just inverted coasters. Which, at Magic Mountain, is basically half the adult coasters.


Sadly, I have not been to SFMM, and thus cannot offer any specific advice. I can, however, reiterate Robb's advice. Starting little and "working up" isn't always the best idea. I didn't have much of a choice picking out two of my first adult rides (Rn'R Aerosmith in '05, then Millennium Force in '07), but I definitely found both of them to be much better in terms of ride tolerability than the smaller rides around them (Primeval Whirl and Corkscrew, respectively). Good Luck!

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Rides that invert? Don't worry about them. Once you ride a coaster with inversions you are never going to get enough of them! When you first get to the park I suggest that you ride Goliath, and then head over to Tatsu, after Tatsu head over to Batman! Goliath will be a great ride for you, but it will not flip you upside down. Tatsu will send you through inversions, but since you are in the flying position it will feel different than an actual inversion (At least for me it does.) Batman will take you upside down 5 times, with it being smooth and all, it is nothing for you to freak out about. Once you have been on Batman you will be able to ride everything else in the park without worrying about it going upside down. Just remember inversions are not as bad as you may think. Head out to Magic Mountain and enjoy yourself and Don't be worried about a thing! Good luck and I hope you make a photo TR after your visit!


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I was always afraid of upside down coasters because of what I thought it would feel like, I missed dozens of coasters over the years and would only ride woodies, (colossus rocks) but then I got talked into batman because it only had one loop so I stood in the queue line and realized it had two but by then I was kinda committed so I figured if I didn't think about it I would survive, even if I didn't like it I wouldn't have to ride more. Well I got off and I was a little light headed cause batman is a smaller loop and tighter but It wasn't like I feared, instead of 'hanging' I found it you feel pushed into the seat, so it's actually opposite of what I thought and was a lot of fun. Just don't think about it looping, just think of ice cream or the girl/guy in front of you that's cute, and sit in an inside seat your first time and you'll have fun.


Strangely enough, start with scream, it's the most fun without being painful at all. If it's too frightening get batman, but the loops are tighter and smaller so it'll make you a bit dizzier for a minute or two, just remember at the top of the lift hill take some deep breeaths because if I don't I get a headache, just concentrate on breathing and you'll be better than fine, you'll be a coaster rider.

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For many people, the "drop" feeling, negative Gs, losing your stomach, is the worst part of any coaster. Most of SFMM's coasters are actually devoid of that. The only ones that give that sensation are Goliath (of course), Colossus (a little bit), and...is that it? Sitting closer to the front will make things better, as the drop, and drop sensation will seem shorter.

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When I was 12 I went to SFMM with some daring friends... I recall on that visit I was very dismayed at the fact that there were no lines so I got stuck riding everything, when my idea of a thrilling ride was Gold Rusher. Within a few hours of getting home from that trip I was online looking at coaster sites, and now 10 years later I'm still on coaster sites.


Point being, basically it's not always such a bad idea to get on some of those bigger rides that scare you.

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