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Photo TR: Goliath at SFFT


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Howdy ya'll! As most of you probaly know Goliath finally opened at Six Flags Fiesta Texas this weekend. I was there from open to close on Saturday, and got 22 rides in. Of those, 10 were in the front seat, which is easily the best seat on the ride. The view the drop gives you is amazing! Not to mention those incredible night rides...but lets get on to the photos.


My other favorite picture. I'll go ahead and end with this one too, thanks for reading!


The ride was badass at night, and looked badass too


Bummed by the crowds, I just waited for night to fall upon Goliath!


I decided to check out the queue, but the ride was stuck on the lift...


I thought this part looked pretty sweet, so I took a pic...dunno why I didn't wait for a train.


I've never realized how visible SKC was from all over the park either


I can't go to SFFT without taking a pic of Scream, but the ride was only running 1 tower. LAME


What didn't look good was the 100% full queue


Boom looks good in it's new paint!


I decided to make a loop around the park, but all of the damn school trips kept me from riding anything else


And about that Goliath name...I think the park made it work very well and the ride dominates over the area of the park it's in.


The queue goes right by the first of the two corks, providing some pretty sweet shots


Other than the drop, the 0g was easily my favorite part of the ride.


Goliath upskirt!


One of my favorite pictures from the day


Alright, back to the ride in action!


And yeah, here is that other pic I mentioned


Hopefully this pic (and the next) can help you see exactly where the ride is located


Lol I just found this too funny! This guy had no friends and I guess I can see why...


Obligatory lift hill shot!


The queue provides many awesome angles of the ride!


After the entrance the path splits in two directions, withone leading to the normal queue and one leading to the station for single riders and flash pass users


The sign on the station roof was cool, as was the support beam cutting right through the station floor!


I really liked the entrance area, it looks really nice and is original! Thank you Six Flags!


The park teased us by running test runs right before the chain was dropped.


30 mins before park opening and there is already this line! Ugh.


The reason why I am here, to whore myself to Goliath!

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I'm glad that they have produced "themed" signs for things like Single Riders/Flash Pass, etc, instead of your typical paint department stuff. It really adds to the area and to the ride.


Thanks for posting the pics.



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I was expecting Goliath to be a ride just ploped down, but is it far from that or what! I'm glad that it has good things like grass under the ride and themed signs. It's nice to see that all the Six Flags parks a getting some love. Great Photo TR.

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It looks to have a layout similar to Montu down at BGA. Am I right or has it been too many months since I've driven down I 4 for free beer and coasters?


If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is just Six Flags New Orleans refurbished Batman.


So it's not like Montu.

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I was at the park today and noticed that the policy is working extremely well with one exception. It defeats the purpose to have everyone not bring things into the station and leave them when they still walk to the otherside and leave their shoes. It still held the line up especially on Superman. I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 98 and their policy was u cant leave ur shoes not even thongs. I had to SIT on my shoes and guess what it worked and I have adopted that policy when i ride all floorless coasters and it made the loading time flawless. I was just hoping that management at the park actually read this and take it into consideration,


One good thing, the customer service and load times were tremendous for the first time in years.






If u try the sit on the shoes policy u will see how much faster it goes

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Eh, I think forcing people to sit on their shoes would cause a lot of problems, too. I didn't think people taking their shoes off caused too much of a problem on SKC, it's just that the crews were a little slow. I know on Goliath they could not even stack the trains at all even with the people taking off their shoes, but the higher ups in the park were operating it.

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