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Photo TR: Disneyland Resort April 18, 2008

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MAJOR EDIT** I obviously uploaded my pictures backwards so to view the report in the proper order start at the bottom and work up. I'm super sorry for the inconvenience.








So here it is, my first TR. We went to Disneyland and California Adventure on Friday April 18th. We arrived around 2pm, the park seemed extremely crowded and yet the lines somehow weren't all that bad. We had a really good time and I was able to get some decent pictures. We got on Calfornia Screamin' and I thougth we were going to be part of another Disney accident.


We rolled out of the station and around the corner to the launch area. As we came around there was already another train in front of us. I know the censors would prevent us from crashing but as we all know it's a crash has happened before. We sat there is it counted down to launch and as the orange train took off our train lunged forward an inch but the brakes stopped us and kept us in place. As we came through the bunny hops towards the end an empty purple train rolled by above making horrible squeeking noises. As we exited all trains stopped as they removed the purple train from the tracks.


Splash Mountain was great as always, we got on as the sun was setting. We got on with some really big people and got soaked! We sat in the back and the wave of water was so big that the water was hitting to top of the tunnel and just coming down on top of us. Then as the boat curved it felt as if someone through a bucket of water onto the whole left side of my body. Even though we got a little more wet than expected we had a blast. After we stood at the bridge overlooking the splashdown area and watched other heavy boats get soaked.


We finally got to see the new upgrades on Fantasmic! which were pretty cool, really nice lighting effects...or as the lady next to us said to her husband, "The lighting effects are orgasmic!' or so we thought she said. Regardless it made me and my boyfriend giggle like school girls everytime we saw a big effect happen imagining her orgasmic squeells of joy.


Enough talk, here are the pictures. I even threw in a couple of Hidden Mickeys for you hidden Mickey fans.


Just after I picked Corey up.


Finally on the freeway. The park is just 25 min from here, about 30 min from my house.


Eating on the go.


Looking out towards Cal Poly Pomona from the top tier of the Kellog Interchange on the 57.


Sandwhich surgery on the freeway.


What an unfortunate name for the company. I thought ICP and all that popped into my head was that HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BAND!


No lines to get through security.


And yet a pretty big line to get into California Adventure.


Back at Disneyland finally. It'd been a couple of months since we'd last been.


Nice sized crowds met us over in the New Orleans Square/Frontierland side of the park.


...and yet a beautiful day.


Pirates had a busier than normal line.


The line for Thunder Mountain said 25 min. If you look along the trees on the right hand side of the crowd you can see the HUGE line that disappears into the back of the picture. Crazy crowded to say the least.


A very crowded Main Street.


Hollywood Backlot fairly busy.


I mention TPR and this is what I get.


The gay robot look-a-like furnace sang to us in a awkward tone as we waited in line for Tower of Terror.

(If you haven't seen Gay Robot youtube Gay Robot Pilot...it's comedy gold!)


On the same schedule as Six Flags MM.


Almost time for Screamin'. Sit in the front for some good air time as you crest the first hill.


Crash Coaster


Signage for the California Food and Wine Festival.


Demo area.


One of the many food demonstrations going on in the resort right now.


Just after she demonstrated how to properly throw a pie.


My dyslexic friend insisted we stay for at least one song.


Hidden Micky #1 on the ground in Sunshine Plaza


The gravity defying Welcome Center booth.


Tiny Golden Gate. I wonder if there's tiny suicide jumpers?


Hidden Micky #2 in line for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters


My Buzz score. Not as high as I usually score but it's been a while.


New! This is in the shop as you exit Star Tours. You can make double sided light sabers


The building stations. Take note of the horrible new costumes. They look like they've been painting all day then went outside and got pooped on by giant birds.


Really pretty flowers lined the Matterhorn queue.


I hear Spiral Butt is really nice this time of the year.


The Rivers of America have sprung a leak.


Splash Mountain time! Only a 5 minute wait thanks to the magic of Fast Passes.


One eyed snake! The snake from Fantasmic peaked out at us from the island.


We watched other people get soaked for a good hour before moving on.


You can't tell but we were soaked.


Splash Mountain is tied with Space Mountain for second best ride in the park.


The best ride in the park!


Cool dusk shot!


...and another one


Your Mom only has a 20 min line! Score! (horrible photoshop)


Tea Cups of Doom!


A snazzy Fantasyland night shot.


Staking out a spot for Fantasmic...ARMLESS!


Fantasmic shot.


End of the night and the crowds head home.


Castle shot with Partners statue


Our chariot has arrived.


Escalors of doom!


Parking structure bathrooms - My friend who's a cast member said a large man was suctioned onto the toilet when it flushed automaticlly.


Finally back at my dirty car ready to go home.

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Cool TR. Love the hidden mickey's (I'm so bad at spotting those). I like how they have the make your own lightsaber station by star tours. Oh and the "your mom" pic...hilarious



Haha thanks. yeah, I was pretty bad at spotting them too but over the years friends and I would go to the park specifically looking for hidden mickeys. The lightsabers looked pretty cool. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but some of the lightsabers I was seeing around the park were very cool, specifically the double-sided ones! It almost made me want to buy one. They aslo had clear ones with a light at the base that would then change it from clear to green or whatever color you chose.

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