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Photo TR: Fiesta Texas (4/18)

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Goliath officially opened today with all of the expected fanfare. Which would be none. I was on the second train of the day. The ride was silky smooth, even after all the trauma it's been through. They're definitely anticipating long lines for Goliath--the queue is ridiculously long. Alas, they already scaled it back to one train operation by midday. The park was absolutely dead. Saw a few field trips and out-of-towners, and that was pretty much it.


Rode everything once, except for Boomerang and Rattler, because I value my spine. I hadn't been on Tony Hawk yet... spinning is not my thing. But my first ride was pretty gentle. The worst part was when we were in the brakes waiting to get back to the station and the car kept spinning. Definitely a great family ride and a needed addition to the park. Goliath just put the icing on the cake. SFFT has a solid lineup of rides now.


Enough chat... onto the pictures!


And, as you can see, I ripped a hole in the time-space continuum by taking a digital photo of an LCD screen. Thanks for reading!




When do I get my Gleaming the Cube ride? (Thanks, Billy)



I'm Superman, and I approved this big ass loop.



Through the cliche.




I can has spine damage?


Why are we doing this?


Didn't ride it.


Poltergeist threading the needle.




For those about to get headbanged... we salute you.


Such a pretty ride. Such a horrible headache ensues.






In case you forgot.



It's business time.


The mass of humanity waiting to get in. And by "mass," I mean about 100 people.



Goliath testing before the park opens.

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Rode everything once, except for Boomerang and Rattler, because I value my spine.


I had always skipped Boomerang at Fiesta Texas because of the long lines and the reputation Boomerangs have among coaster enthusiasts. When I visited Fiesta Texas a few weeks ago I took my first ride on a Boomerang (yes, I've never been on a Boomerang period). I was expecting the worst but was surprised that, even in the back seat, I didn't experience any slamming or head banging etc. It was actually a decent ride, and with no lines would have been easily re-ridable. I was told by Texcoaster that this Boomerang is one of the better ones and that the restraints are of a newer model, perhaps this makes a difference, but IMO the Boomerang at Fiesta Texas doesn't live up to the painful reputation that Boomerangs in general seem to have.


The Rattler, on the other hand, is a totally different story altogether... Needlessly rough, slow and boring for 85% of the ride.



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^^ I've only ridden two Boomerangs---the one at Knott's, and the one at SFDK. The latter has the newer trains (like SFFT), but I don't see much of a difference.


In the last couple of years, I've finally learned how to ride without the headbashing, so the ride isn't uncomfortable for me.



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I'm taking bets on how long it takes for the Goliath colors to become dinghy.


I kid!


But the colors on the coaster look very bright! At least they aren't naming it Batman and are least changing the colors and name to make it look different from the Batman coasters.

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