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Maverick Or Top Thrill Dragster?

Which Ride Do You Think Is Better?  

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  1. 1. Which Ride Do You Think Is Better?

    • Top Thrill Dragster!
    • Maverick!

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I'm more sure about Top Thrill Dragster than Maverick.

I'll take a sure shot of getting pulled to the MAX, all the fire that goes with it than what I think is a weird coaster, particularly in the second half. I don't like the big S like section out of the second launch. Even though TTD lacks Kingda Ka's "Happy Hill" I still choose TTD.

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I liked Maverick a lot more than TTD. TTD is simply a gimmick, the only thrilling part is the launch; after that it's just up and then back down. Maverick actually has some meat to it in the form of weird elements and some good airtime, not to mention a moderately thrilling launch.

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I love both coasters a lot. They're my number one and number two favorites. However, speed is bred into my family (my dad races trucks, my brother and I race 4-wheelers) and for that reason I like Dragster just a tiny bit more. However, they offer two totally different experiences. On terms of layout and total enjoyment, Maverick takes the cake. But Dragster's launch is just amazing!

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