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Little Photo TR: Toverland (The Netherlands) 26 March 2008


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Edit: Guys, I'm sorry... I did something wrong and now the pictures are in the wrong order! You have to start at the bottom, although I started with the last picture when I was making the thread... Can somebody tell me how that happened?



Okay, this photo TR is not gonna be fantastic but since it's my first, you gotta give me credit...


Here's the setting: we went on a family-holiday in The Netherlands (in Sevenum, to be exactly) where we rented a house at a Landal-resort. We do this almost every year but this time we also went to a theme park with the whole bunch (yes, I admit: under my pressure).


The kids (5, 3 and 1,5 years old) loved Toverland, so did I (three credits!). Although I spent most of the time watching the kids, I found some time to ride the rollercoasters and also some other attractions. Boomerang was fun (for a Vekoma) and riding indoor was new to me. Booster Bike was also fun, again a good coaster for a Vekoma. Maybe a bit rough in the turns but not that bad. Troy was fantastic! Good work, GCI! Really fast, this one (IMO). And it doesn't lose his speed at all!


Overall the park was really great. Nice atmosphere, friendly people, good food. The weather wasn't good, it rained almost the whole day, but as you all know (or don't know) this is an indoorpark (except for some rides) so that wasn't such a big deal.


Anyway, I'm not much into words, I'll let the pics to speak for themselves. Not much pics, I know. I was too busy watching the kids! Next week I'm going to Phantasialand without kids, I'll try to make more and better pics...


Comments are more than welcome, good ones and bad ones!


Our not-so-little house at the Landal-resort, less than a mile away from Toverland =)


Let me introduce to you: my family!

They may look normal but I can assure you, that's only for the picture...


Here are two kids: Myra on the left (5 years old) en Liam on the right (3 years old and a Disney-fan =)


Another kid (1,5 years old)!

Everyone, meet Ella! Everyone: "Hi Ella!" Ella, meet TPR! Ella: "Leave me alone, I want to play!"


The fun already starts at the resort!

ERT in the ball pit for Myra and Liam! =)


"Gotta concentrate to get these thingings at the other side!"


Here we are at Toverland and this is a rollercoaster. Thank God it's a rollerskater and not a boomerang, although it's called Boomerang... Strange name but pure fun!


Over the applecore it goes! Wheeeee! The kids loved the applecore ride better, btw =)


This thing goes really fast for a kiddie coaster! Myra came out crying, she was scared to death! Eh, maybe that was because it's a Vekoma...


Luckily she recovered soon. Here she is at the Miracle Route, although she keeps calling it "the forest where Snow White lives" =)


Ah, Booster Bike! Quite good for a Vekoma. But remember kids: always take a good stretch before launch!


Tracks, turns and grey skies as far as you can see...


Bunny hops! And still stretching... Yes, you have to be in good shape for riding Vekomas =)




Back Stroke log flume and GCI woodie Troy!


All log flumes go "SKLOOOOSH!"


Swampie the crazy mushroom is all "Uh-oh, another empty boat... I'm outta here!"


Our day at Toverland had come to an end! Back at the resort, Ella's practising her TPR-skills at the arcade =)

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I did something wrong and now the pictures are in the wrong order! You have to start at the bottom, although I started with the last picture when I was making the thread... Can somebody tell me how that happened?


I had the same trouble the first time I tried posting pictures to the site. When you look at the pics in "preview" mode, they actually run in reverse order; when you post, they're in the correct order.


I'm looking forward to seeing Toverland in June--thanks for the TR.

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Thanks for the comments and the tips about the order-problem, next TR will be in the right order! I'm gonna work on my Phantasialand-TR this afternoon so stay tuned...


^yes, somebody new from Belgium! Small country but great coaster enthusiasts!

Btw, the new attraction at Toverland will open this week-end!


^^the second building isn't part of the house, it's just another one. I said "not-so-small" because this was the first time that we had such a big house at a resort. Last year we went to Center Parks, and their 8 person cottages are a bit too small... So we were all stunned with this one!

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