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My House Is Worth What? See me on TV!


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I watch that show occasionally, and it always drives me crazy when the real estate agent is about to inform the home owners of the house's worth. The dramatic pause and shots of the "worried" owners, and then back to the agent, and then to the host, and back to the owners looking at one another (with expressions not unlike that of yours)....it's all very irritating. They do the same thing on "Secrets that Sell" with the obnoxious mother/daughter duo telling people that they need to get rid of all of their junk before they can sell their house.


These type of shows drive me crazy, yet I constantly watch HGTV, TLC, and DIY for some reason.

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I am sure they are going to repeat the show. Just do a search on HGTV under the name of the show and the episode number. Here is the description for it:


Wayland, Dearborn, Ocoee

Did they make their homes too unique? See how changes big and small can affect your bottom line.


My House Is Worth What?

Episode HHWW-613


I got on the show just by going to website and filling out an application. They then called me and had me send a 10 minute video of us walking through the house and talking on camera. About a week later they called us and told us we got the show!


It was filmed back in October but didn't air until March 31st. There are a ton of pictures that I screen captured from the episode on my MySpace page. Here is the link:




And as far as the stupid faces go, yes! I had seen the show a million times, so we hammed it up more than normal. But they do make you wait forever before telling you the value of your home. Also, all of the reaction shots were done separately so we kept cracking up while they filmed us trying to look serious!

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