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Photo TR: The VEGAStastic Voyage


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Same thing goes for CES.


Ah, the memories of CES, the only time of the year in Vegas when playing a nickel slot in a TEAM SPORT. I swear, you'd get a busload of asians, following a flag-girl, single file, to a nickel slot machine, and one person would put one nickel in at a time. Histerical!

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"I wrote this song a long time ago, a real long time ago"


and this...


"Now you f**ked up! "Now you f**ked up! "Now you f**ked up! "Now you f**ked up! "Now you f**ked up! "Now you f**ked up! "Now you f**ked up!"


Are the effing GREATEST quotes of all time.


Awesome stuff dude, I need to get back there eventually.

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Another amazing installment. Where is that t-shirt store located? Any place that would have this shirt is so worth visiting the next time I'm there.



Seriously, whoever made this shirt should be given some sort of award. And should make the next TPR shirt.




That's been a recurring character on Late Night with Conan O'Brien for quite a long time. They should have trademarked it.

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Hey Wes, I know most others wouldn't be interested, but I would be interested in seeing some NAB pictures. One of these days I want to get out to that convention.


Joey is correct. NAB is well covered, overly crowded, almost too huge, and fairly boring (at least for me). It's overwhelming to the point of being draining. I'm not technically a broadcaster or in a broadcasting field, so NAB actually had very little the offer me. I hit up all the After Effects and Final Cut related things, but this is just a sliver of what's there. I'm sure anyone in the broadcast industry would find it fascinating, but little old me from my tiny web-based post production background found it hard to get excited about $50,000 HD cameras and high end color grading software. NAB is geared towards productions and budgets that are in a completely different galaxy than what I'm used to working with. Sure, seeing the RED Camera or the new Panasonic AVCHD cams is cool, but I'd get laughed out of a meeting where I suggested equipment that expensive. Plus, I honestly didn't find anything about any post software I'd like to purchase that I couldn't get looking around on websites.


Plus my feet are killing me now. Owwwwwww.

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Because I'm a completist and pretty bored todat, here's some photos from NAB (The National Association Of Broadcasters Convention). These photos aren't funny or even marginally entertaining, but I've had some requests to post them, so here you go.


Yeah, that was probably boring. Here's your reward. BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And then imagine it hooked up to this. 103" plasma. Wowwwwwwwww. Think how good "Roller Coasters In The Raw IN HD" (hint hint Robb) would look on this. :p


If you want to know the future of your set top box, this is probably it. IPTV was big this year, unlike this box, which was TINY! Imagine this instead of the bulky ass box you get from the cable company.




F**K THE FCC!!!!!


And the new big boy on the block, the EPIC. Shoots in 5k. Holy crap. This is what is going to kill film. A lot of big name directors have signed on to do stuff with RED (including Peter Jackson).


A new product from RED, the Scarlet. It "only" shoots 3k, which still craps over most anything. This is their "prosumer" level camera, but don't expect any of us to be able to afford it!


The RED ONE. It's shoots 4k. Imagine HD, now imagine the image 3 times bigger. I just got aroused.


RED Camera...They're like the Apple of the camera world. Insanely expensive, a tremendous amount of hype, really crazy products that everyone wants.


Another set up to promote "Ultra HD". They were showing the Pro Bowl as shot with their cameras. Again, eerily clear and creepy. Almost like being there.


This camera shoots ultra high def imagery. It's hard to tell from the screen, but the image was amazingly clear...like you could reach your hand into it.


NAB covers everything in the broadcast world, from cameras to antennas to helicopters. I really wanted to knock some people over and fly it out of there.


Sony's high end color grading machine for feature films. Very cool to see in action!


Sony...meh. I've had a lot of bad experiences with their products over the past few years to the point where I'm inclined to look at Canon and Panasonic before them. Cool booth though.


This is the video camera I'll be purchasing at some point this year. Canon, tiny as hell, shoots onto SD cards at full 1080 HD. Hotness.


This is a new Wacom board with an integrated 12" screen. They're much cheaper than the 21 inch screens. Mine! Mine! Mine!


HP was there, don't ask me why...They did give me a free luggage tag though! NAB rocks for scoring swag.


Many companies offered free tutorial lessons on how to make cool stuff. This was an After Effects class geared around chroma-keying and fire effects.


Most camera companies had these booths set up where people could test out the cameras as they would be used in a studio environment. Cool, but kind of creepy. You have to feel bad for the actors they paid to sit up there for hours on end, pretending to cook or reading a magazine.


Mmmmmm...me want. Not terribly expensive either, only $4,500. Think I can get Uncle Walt to pay for one? Haha.


Panasonic had a really big prescense at the show, and they were showing off some sweet stuff. This is a prosumer level HD camera that shoots onto SD memory cards. No more screwing with tapes or having to do real time logging, and SD cards are much cheaper than P2!


Here we are, NAB, the "Nappy Ass Bitches" convention!


If you're going to be walking around a gigantic convention hall all day, you better fuel up properly.

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Thanks for the photos


I thought my Grandpa's 40" lcd bravia would look good in my home, this would look better. How much did this cost, or did they say?


How many minutes of video can you record on say a 1 gig sd card?


Something I found on the net from NAB, Imagine this runnign to a news scene.

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Great TP Wes.....Vegas resident here...unfortunately...anyway, if you havent had the chance to ride SPEED The Ride, better get it in soon....the serious word on the street is that it and the Nascar Cafe's days are numbered.....as for Madame Tussauds, its nice, but the London version is better!.....and keep an eye out for a new coaster coming to the Adventure Dome....although Circus Circus will not say its definite, they are not denying it either.....and the work on the boat ride removal starts in a few weeks.....

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Here we are, NAB, the "Nappy Ass Bitches" convention!



Interesting that more cameras are going to SD cards vs. built in hard drives. Wish we had that at work. We're still using tapes and capturing the segments through Premiere. Tough when your camcorder at home works with SD and you just drag the files over from the card reader.


While this topic might seem a bit dry, it really did teach me a few things, particularly about the higher end gear. Glad you included this part. It really was a help.

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Wow what a coincidence.


Way too many pictures for me to look through (sorry I can't sit here that long), but believe it or not, I got into Vegas Friday night too. Was at NYNY Saturday morning (I too rode the Excalibur to Mandalay Bay tram), and went to the X concert at Mandalay Bay at the House of Blues Saturday night. Played quarter slots and blackjack all night long at Mandalay (because you get free drinks the entire time!!! F*** YEAH!!!) Got home Sunday evening after a stop at state line and my first ever ride on Desperado.


It was also my first trip to Vegas since I turned 21.


Twas a bee-yoo-tih-full weekend, wasn't even hot until Sunday.


I just think it's funny how I was there at the same time, at almost the exact same places, on the exact same days. If I would have seen you and recognized you that would have been super trippy for me!

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You guys don't have Kinley Lemon over there? O_o Strange. though yeah, we have lots of weird fanta flavours here. Like Shokata, and I think nobody knows what the f*** Shokata is.



Though WTF is Krest Gingerale? I don't think I ever saw that.



Great Tr, Wes! Viva Las Vegas!

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I thought Wes said BOOBS!!!, not TRAINING BRAS!!! It needed more boobs if you ask me. I mean, even man boobs would be okay.


Great TR Wes. Seemed really cool.

Two questions?

1. How much money did you win?


2. Where was that Mario Kart exhibit?

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1. How much money did you win?


2. Where was that Mario Kart exhibit?


1. Negative money.


2. The Fashion Something mall. It's the one across the street from the Wynn at the end of the good part of the strip.

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1. How much money did you win?


2. Where was that Mario Kart exhibit?


1. Negative money.


2. The Fashion Something mall. It's the one across the street from the Wynn at the end of the good part of the strip.

Thanks, I'm going to LV in a week for my friends Bachelor Party, I'll try the Mario Kart thing out since I'm staying at the Wynn.


Did you happen to see the Indoor Rain Storm at the Aladdin Indoor Mall, or is in not there anymore?

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