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Alton Towers 13.04.2008

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Well, the day started off promising, i went straight to Rita while Mackem and Lew were coming via horse and cart. I arrived at Rita, which was broken down and was to be the case ALL day. I then went over to Oblivion, which then broke down but we managed to ride it twice, but not without Lew going crazy and a slight change wanting mackem to hold his hand . The park was quiet, food was okay, bit expensive i could of done with a bit more as my stomach wasn't satisfied. It was a great day and very funny.





Repaired Cable Cars Station!! Testing today, not open yet though



Click here for Full Photo Trip Report of Alton Towers

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Why go on a Bank Holiday when you can go mid-week or on a off season weekend.


I don't do anything on any Bank Hols, it's not worth the hassle to Q for rides or get stuck in a traffic jam.


People who stand up on Rapids rides just want to show off to their friends, the waterfalls do not get you wet as the boat always travels down the centre of them.

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