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Italy to receive Intamin Accelerator in 2009

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Found this on Coasterforce.com


Italy to Receive Intamin Accelerator

Submitted By: Hyde244

Published: April 10th 2008



Recently spotted on RCDB, Terra Dei Giganti (Land of Giants) will be a new Italian amusement park set to open in 2009.


Starring in this park will be a brand new Intamin Accelerator, measuring 1312 feet long and 59 feet tall. (400 m long and 18 tall)



Though it is not the largest accelerator (actually the smallest by length and size), there is still no doubt in the potential layout for this roller coaster.


The only question is, what will the layout be?


Taking a quick glance around, the two shorter Accelerators which are closest to this new coaster's length are Kanonen (1443 ft.) and Skycar (1476 ft.). Kanonen even has a comparable height at 79 feet.


But the height which is closest is that of Rita and Desert Race, both standing right around the 62 ft. mark.


With these given measurements, it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest a smaller version of the classic Rita layout, or even a smaller Kanonen design.


Track has already been spotted on-site, revealing a nice red track scheme.




Source: win.theparks.it/


The real tell tale sign for this new coaster's layout will be that of the statistics for its launch.


This will allow for a more accurate comparison to other Accelerators, and help for a more accurate guess on what this new Accelerator's layout shall be.



More info can be found here along with a picture...




Great news for Italy!

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On one hand, sure, but it's good for those people who currently have to travel long distances to get their adrenaline fix! Where I live, theme park enthusiasts are in the same boat with the proposed new Animal Kingdom/Busch Gardens Africa style park in the southern part of the country. Normally people living down there have to fly all the way up here to ride anything decent. But I don't want to derail this thread talking about that aside to say I can understand Italians being frustrated it's not going to be with the others.

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This could be interesting it may start with the Un-inverting corkscrew a standard Intamin cross over hill where it banks 1 way then switches and drops the other way, most seen on the S:Ros rides towards the endings.Or now it could be started with an over bank turn. Either way this will be neat.


Oh! and yes lol larrygator. I do find it funny and ironic about the "land of giants" and the smallest Intamin Accelerator.


Though I am not fond of the color use. I mean the blue looks a bit faded.

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I fthis is anything like Kanonen then this should be an awsome ride packed with some air time and inversions, maybe some nice high banked curves too. I've always thought the compact accelerator's were the best so if they have good operations this coaster could be a winner. And yes larrygator it is really ironic that the smallest accelerator is going to be at land of the giants. Should be great though, if its not like Gardaland!

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